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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

A Little Bit Of This and That

😃 Hi Everyone! Happy August! 

I hope you're all doing well! I've been working, gardening, painting and playing with my bunnies! LOL! 

The Rose Of Sharon are blooming! 

Mr. Cardinal and Bunny. 

Mr. Cardinal flew away. 

Then Bunny ran away. 
I think Bunny sees food! 

Bunny is going in! 
I got some new acrylic paint colours and some new panels to paint on. I have never used this type of panel before, and I am loving it! The way the panel takes the paint, is amazing! 

Some progress pictures! 

This is where I am now. 
Big Hugs 💗


  1. Hey beautiful lady it is good to see you. Some good action in the yard. Those flowers are simply gorgeous. Ohhhhh what magnificent start to your painting. I love the fiery colors. I have never tried paste board ether. I will have to send for some. Glad all is well with you. Big hugs N

  2. Bellas flores afore a tus conejos te mando un beso

  3. It is lovely to see a post from your beautiful, talented self. a big hello to Mr Bunny and the Cardinal family too.

  4. Very vibrant colors!
    Good action shots with the critters.

  5. The rose of sharon are beautiful Stacy! The rabbit photos are so cute! It is very entertaining watching nature do their thing, isn't it? The new painting is looking quite awesome! The paint seems like a winner.

  6. Bunny is so, so cute! Your captures of him are awesome!
    Your Crow header is just mind blowing!
    I live in the Sharon region where every woman sees herself as the rose of Sharon.
    Wishing you luck with the new paint colors!

  7. Lovely to see this post.
    I think The Rose Of Sharon flowers are so beautiful and such lovely colours.
    Nice to see Mr Cardinal and I love the bunny pictures.
    You seem very pleased with your new paints and I do like the look of your new painting.

    Happy August Wishes.

    All the best Jan

  8. I haven't visited your blog in a while and gosh I missed a lot. Are you sure it's a bunny and not a hare?

  9. I love your crows Stacy. :) And MR. BUNNY!!! Love that he hangs out in your yard!!! :)

  10. Is that bunny standing on his hind legs like a kangaroo? Oh my gosh, how cute is that!!!! Love your flower pictures and the cardinal is beautiful too. Super great start to the art. Big hugs!!!

  11. The Rose of Sharon are so pretty. so nice to see the cardinal. I miss seeing the birds in the yard. I hope they can figure out the cause of the disease soon. Your bunny is so cute and cheeky. Love the paintings

  12. Your garden looks vibrant with life and beauty around. And your painting...magnificent! Love the colours in the background. Be well, Stacy and enjoy the season! Big Hugs, always. <3

  13. I was doing the same thing this morning--pruning and cleaning and such in the garden--no bunny though. 😁

  14. LOVE the bunny pics! And that new painting is going to look AMAZING when you are finished with it! HUGS!!

  15. Such a lovely walk in your garden dear Stacy💐 Love that new painting. Gorgeous as always. Fun to try out new equipment too. Big hugs to you sweetie 💕

  16. ahh cute bunnie. Enjoy those acrylics. I love working with them like i did back in the day - haven't done much in awhile. Anything you do will be exciting to see.

  17. don't you just love new art supplies?!?
    love, kisses & magical wishes...

  18. The crow looks like it is waving at someone or something. I can't wait to see where this painting will take you. I love the Golden acrylics, they are so rich.
    Cute bunny! Good thing that it finds such tasty food in your garden!

  19. The rose of sharon is stunning!

    Love the cute bunny shots too.

    Have a great weekend!

  20. Thats going to be an interesting painting. Love the bunny antics. xo and more xo

  21. you have such a beautiful garden dear Stacy !

    sharon flowers are gorgeous indeed :)

    oh i loved the bunny shots ,he is super cute and you captured him so well .

    i bet your art going to be mesmerizing once again :)
    hugs and blessings !

  22. All sorts of wonders today. I love everything. Your painting looks amazing. The bunny makes me smile and your Rose of Sharons are gorgeous.
    Take special care.

  23. Your garden looks beautiful! Such a cute bunny, they are fun to watch. We have a few that dart around our yard. Glad to see you are working on more art, it's such a joyful expression and you are so talented! Take care friend... Diane & Guy sending hugs your way!

  24. Darling Bunny and beautiful pictures!

  25. waving hello - i love your banner.

  26. You have such a magical garden AND I love the colors in your current piece.


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