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Saturday, May 15, 2021

"Be The Paint Brush"

 Hi Everyone😊

I hope you're all well! 

Just to let you know, for the past several days, I haven't been able to get on blogger. I kept getting a big red screen and a warning. Then, when I would try to go to other blogs, through my server, I would get either a warning for your blogs, or I couldn't comment and get a warning. So, I wrote to my blogger friend Debra. She checked and said my blog was there and looked fine. I think she gave me some good mojo, because after she did, I was able to get onto my blog. Thanks Deb 😁 When I was able to get on, I went through my "comments" list, I had several spam comments! I went back to January and deleted them all. These comments don't get published, but they are on the list. I guess these people were trying to do something and they didn't succeed! Happy for that! My question to you is, for the people who use comment moderation, do "all" comments get sent to you? I might have to do this. 

I finished my painting!! Yepee! 

Just to remind you, I will show again, some of the progress pictures. 

Now, before I show you the finished painting, I would like to share what I wrote. 

The painting is called "Be The Paint Brush".

"Be The Paint Brush"

I will listen, but never tell, spreading love and wishing them well. 

I am the validator and approval of self, being the paint brush of love, freedom, safety, peace and trust. 

Not stuck anymore, feeling the fear, choosing freely from inspiration. 

Releasing what's under my patterns and reaching to my higher self. 

I'm the answer to me. 

You are the answer to you. 

No co-dependency, being honest where we are at. 

I am the validator and approval of self, being the paint brush of love, freedom, safety, peace and trust. 💖

-Now for the painting

Big Hugs 💗


  1. Oh, I just love your new painting and the affirmation poem that goes with it! Glad your blog issues got resolved -- that was very mysterious! I have comment moderation on my blog and yes, all the comments come to me via email so I can delete the spam ones easily. Some comments just sit in the "comments awaiting moderation" on the blog itself and I moderate them there. I think the ones that don't get sent to my email account are not gmail comments but other things like yahoo emails.

  2. OMG Stacy! The colors! The words! The finished painting. I am awed. I am loving your love of crows and painting them. Never stop! Why dont you have them in a gallery?? Do it, you must. xoxo

  3. I agree OMG Stacy! This is your finest piece of art to date. The words that go with are, I know, right from your heart. I can't stop looking at this one. Big hugs say hi to mom for me.

  4. Absolutely fabulous art and words, I love it! Up till now I have had no problems, I just delete all spam. Hugs, Valerie

  5. LOVE your words and that stunning image. As I do each and every image you share. All are reflections of your big hearted wonderful self.

  6. Great painting an affirmation. I use comment moderation because of the spam comments. Yes, you see everything. Your computer problem sounds more like a virus issue or malware. I suggest you run a virus scan. Then scan for malware. I use Malwarebytes which has a free version for you to use.

  7. Reading several blogs it seems quite a few bloggers have experienced problems recently.
    We had one of our posts deleted by blogger yesterday and then reinstated.
    I don't know if it was due to blogger glitch or something else!
    Anyway for the moment normal service has been resumed (we hope).

    I do like your words and painting.

    Take care, my good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  8. A mi Tambien me paso lo del virus hace unos días pero pase antivirus a la web. A mi me sirve la moderación en los comentarios es muy bueno para librarte de algún comentario mal intencionado. Me gusto tus pinturas te mando un beso

  9. That’s so amazing dear Stacy. A painting from you beyond. I love it. Those colors makes me want to dance💕
    I use comments moderation as spam is a huge problem. I get emails every time I get a comment and I publish each that are not spam. At some point there were so much I had to turn off comment completely for non members for a while. That helped and it’s better now. Good luck with it🙏🥰 Big hugs💜💜💜

  10. Explosive painting!
    Blogger used to email you when a comment needed approval but they stopped doing that. Now you just have to check your comments on the dashboard. I have mine set to require moderation after a week.

  11. I am happy to see you could bet back onto blogger Stacy! Stunning work and words! It is wonderful how we can be the paint brush when we focus. It is not easy, but we can do it! Comments on Blogger changed for me too so now I just open Blogger and check comments each day to keep up.

  12. I love the new painting, and the words behind it. The combination is like an explosive party between spring, rebirth, and becoming.

    On the comment moderation bit, I have the same answer as Debra. I get all my comment notifications on email (and in the Blogger "Awaiting Moderation"), and then I choose which to approve.

  13. I strongly recommend Blogger moderation by email.
    Your "Be The Paint Brush" painting and the accompanying words are just fascinating!

  14. What a beautiful painting. And beautiful words to accompany it.
    Glad you got squared away.

  15. Your work is amazing...truly inspiring

  16. Beautiful work & words. I'm glad the gremlins got run off.

  17. What a beautiful painting! I always have comment moderation on, there are often spammers writing silly ads for their products and such.

  18. I'm glad you were able to get the Blogger stuff sorted. I have it set so that comments on older posts get moderated. It works well enough for me, but I have had it on tighter controls during periods I got hit with spam a plenty.

    I love the picture and the words you wrote for it! There's something so sweet about the gentle way the crow bows its head to present the flower.

  19. I'm sorry it was difficult with blogger. I love your painting and the words are so beautiful too.

  20. Well that is a wonderful painting and beautiful words and I love the title!!
    glad you got back on okay. I've noticed a few glitches here and there, like the banner photo at least on my blogs when i try to change them can't be changed except to a very small photo.

  21. Such an amazing piece, Bothwords and art, I love this, it’s you!

  22. Wow, what a lovely painting! It is gorgeous and so are the words. _ I have always had comments moderation on. I also do not allow anonymous comments - for a while I got quite some crap through those, but then I turned them off. Every now and then I get annoying comments like ads, sometimes I report them, but most times I just delete them.

  23. Beautiful painting and poem. Someone told me that it is safer to put https:// rather than http:// for you blog address. I would check with Debra first because I am not at all au fait with computers

  24. The poem and the painting are both inspirational and healing! The circle made by the wings to me means the circle of life and an inclusive hug! Beautiful work Stacy!

  25. Wow, your painting is SPECTACULAR!!! And the poem fits perfectly!!!! What a beautiful way to describe the Divine artists and creators we all are of our very own lives!!!This is truly a brilliant combo!!! Super hugs!!!!

  26. SPECTACULAR indeed!!! WOW!!! What amazing talent you possess, Sweetie!😊😊
    Love your words of great wisdom true, that no one else can make us what we are. 😊😊
    So sorry to hear about the trouble you have been having on Blogger. This sort of thing has happened to me before too, but thankfully not for some time now. I do hope it is solved for you now too!
    And my most heartfelt thanks for your kind words of support and comfort on my blog...I truly appreciate them so much!😊😊
    Have a lovely day, dear friend!

    Much love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  27. oh your poetry and painting are DIVINE DEAR Stacy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i am touched and moved with your poem ,you are answer to yourself ,no truer words can be than this :))) hats off to you and your incredible talent my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    sorry for the blogger trouble ,how grace of lord that they could not succeed !
    thank you for being such inspiration always!!!


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