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Thursday, March 4, 2021

 Hi Everyone 😃

Happy March! Hope you're all well!

March came in like a lion for us! We had very high winds and white out conditions. The highway that is close to where I live, was closed down. 

Some of the images, from our news. 

 I finished my painting! Lots of progress pictures to show you! 

Finished painting. 18" x 24".
"The Blossoming Lotus"

Click on the images, to see the details.
Big Hugs 💖


  1. Adoro tu pintura el loto floreciente y en mi país tambien esta haciendo frio. Te mando un beso

  2. I like the new painting with its positively majestic crow!

  3. Your crows are regal and majestic!
    Stunning artwork my dear friend!

    Wow! What a pile up!

    Love your new look on your blog!

    Hugs and Love ❤❤❤

  4. I hope you were able to stay safe and warm. And I LOVE your finished painting. Of course.

  5. I love your header on your blog. It's absolutely fabulous. That new painting is beautiful. Stay safe and warm, darlin.

  6. Your painting is absolutely fabulous! LOVE it! Glorious colours, too. But your weather, oh dear, stay safe and warm! BIG hugs, Valerie

  7. New painting is beautiful.
    That is a scary amount of cars in that accident.

  8. That painting is wonderful. Just like you. So interesting to see the progress. All those colors are so lively.
    Gosh, what a terrible weather. Glad you are safe❤️❤️❤️ Sends lots of hugs and love 💕

  9. Wow Stacey this is simply magnificent. You have such a beautiful way with your art. I saw those photos on our news. Very sad indeed. Glad you are doing well and creating like never before. Brilliant.

  10. Its a beautiful, blossoming lotus, this crow. She brings love.

  11. Your new painting is spectacular!!! I love the name too! Wow that pile up looks super scary. Stay safe and warm Beautiful Soul!!!Big Hugs!

  12. We just got the roaring winds not the snow. What a mess on the highway! I hope everyone was ok. Your painting is just spectacular and so full of hope. Take care and stay warm!

  13. oh wow, i love that painting! so beautiful!
    love, kisses & magical wishes!

  14. That looks to be a bad crash, hoping folks were ok.

    Many thanks for sharing such wonderful pictures of your art, it's FABULOUS.

    Happy Weekend Wishes.
    Stay safe, well and warm.

    All the best Jan

  15. Wow, that's some traffic jam! Thank you for sharing your world and beautiful art. Be well, dear Stacy! *HUGS*

  16. I always love to see how you layer your paintings - really beautiful work Stacy!

  17. I love to see pics of the snow, but it's sad when it becomes dangerous on the road. Awesome artwork, as always. Hugs, RO

  18. I hope the weather/traffic conditions have improved. The whole thing looks very scary. Love the spiral you added to the painting, and the heart--I always love your hearts.

  19. I created a poem last year using a set of prompts, and one of the prompts was a picture that you had painted. I am now gathering my poetry into an anthology and was hoping to obtain permission to use this picture as it is integral to my poem. I would have emailed you but could not find an address.
    This is the link to my poem as it appeared online.
    You would, of course, be credited for the picture and I could include a link to your Etsy store as well. You are welcome to email me at chartley65 at gmail dot com or you can leave a comment on the post. Even though it's an older post, I always moderate comments, so I'll see it.
    Thank you,

  20. Oh my. Dare, I mention it's in the 60s here?
    LOVE the painting.

  21. Oh my goodness! That accident looks terrible!

    Your picture looks fabulous! Absolutely love it. :)

  22. Hi there, I have been away from blogging for awhile but have decided to get back to it. So I am here checking out my fav bloggers, I am glad to know you are still doing well. Hugs Janice

  23. oh this blossoming lotus is breathtaking dear Stacy!

    i am lost in the magic of your bursting enlightening creativity :)
    this fill one's heart with deep joy and sense of peace :)
    hats off to you !

  24. I love your painting! The snow looks wild!

  25. Are you selling your painting or just for hobby.

    1. Yes, I do sell my art Tikno! Thanks for asking!


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