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Monday, March 15, 2021

 Hi Everyone 😊

Hope you're all well! 

I thought I would make a little post to tell you, things are going well here, but I have been busy. Between work and trying to prepare for taxes. Also, I wanted to tell you, my health is good! No word on an operation, yet! I know I am behind in seeing you in blog land, but I will be around soon to say hi! 

Mom just finished her puzzle! I love it! I think I will be keeping this one 💘

And, even though it's cold, the snow is melting! We have a BIG bunny visiting us. I tired to get some good photos.

I got new glasses. I needed them. It was getting hard having more then one pair of glasses, especially at work. I wear my older ones for my computer and my art, because they are my "strong" ones! LOL! These glasses are a a lot bigger, but I'm getting use to them. 
I did manage to put some paint on a canvas. Progress pictures 😀

                        Big Hugs 💗

Thursday, March 4, 2021

 Hi Everyone 😃

Happy March! Hope you're all well!

March came in like a lion for us! We had very high winds and white out conditions. The highway that is close to where I live, was closed down. 

Some of the images, from our news. 

 I finished my painting! Lots of progress pictures to show you! 

Finished painting. 18" x 24".
"The Blossoming Lotus"

Click on the images, to see the details.
Big Hugs 💖