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Sunday, January 31, 2021

 Hi Everyone 💞

Hope you're all doing well 💓

We had lots of snow come our way. ⛄ We haven't had a good snow storm, since Christmas. It was beautiful!

Since then, it's been sunny and cold! It's so refreshing! Love it! 

Here are some of the progress pictures, from the painting I just finished. I was thinking of sunset colours.
Finished painting, 8" x 8". 
"More Love, Not Less"
"Baby Crow Hugs"

Big Hugs 💖

Thursday, January 21, 2021

 Hi Everyone 😁

Hope you're all well! 

Last week I was looking outside my window. It was in the morning. I glanced over to one of my neighbour's. They still have their Christmas lights up, but they weren't on. I see a spark, large flame and then smoke. It happened so fast, I thought I must have been dreaming this. I ran into my mom's room and woke her up. Explained what happened and she said, get on your coat and get over there. It was 8:00am and I was still in my pj's. I thought, what if I was just seeing things? But, then as my mom said, what if I wasn't? 

So, I got on my long coat, with my toque, pj's still underneath and ran over. 8:00am in the morning, I am pounding on their door. My poor neighbour! LOL! They asked if I was taking any drugs! LOL! I knew they were joking and they promised they would look. 

I had to go to work, to pick up some papers. When I came home, they were outside. I rolled down my car window. Before I could even speak, they yelled out, thanks for saving our home and our lives. The coating on the outside of the extension cord was melted and the wires were showing. Wow, I was so grateful that I had seen what I did!!!! This was the family I was telling you about, who is pregnant with their third child. 

I have many progress photos to show you! Sometimes, you just have to keep going, till it all clicks! LOL! 

Finally, everything started to come together!
The finished painting......... "You Are Love" (11" x 14")

Big Hugs 💗

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Stepping Into The Light Of Your Potential

Hi Everyone 💗

Hope you're all well! 

A lot of unsettled feelings were going through me, when I created the painting, I'm about to show you. It's so interesting to come to a point in your life, to realize, the way people act, has all to do with them, not you. Even if they blame you or tell you, you are this type of person. But, I didn't realize, if you feel that pain, there is something inside of you, that needs to heal. So actually, they are doing a great job to bring all these emotions up! LOL! Not to say, that I don't hurt anymore, but now, I send them love, hoping they heal. 

For the first time, this past monday, I told someone (that is very close to me), I loved them. I told them it's ok, I understand. They made a comment, that I knew it was their way of thanking me. Even though it wasn't a I love you back, it felt really good! This person, before, I could say, I had a lot of hatred towards them. 

Heal, Love, Grow, Shine 😁

The words you are about to read, I wrote while I was painting.

She doesn't cry............. they say

Stop laughing, too loud......... they say

You're just like him.............. they say

They Say

They Say

She hears them whisper, whisper, whisper

"Before", silent tears she would cry and ask why

Why are they so afraid of her light

Why are they so afraid of their own light

She came out of hiding, from a field of defences, to meet herself in the ultimate reality

A reality where all the patterns she believed was her personality, died

She said, I'm done, I desire to meet you

Here are some of the progress pictures of the painting.  

And, here is the finished painting. 12" x 24".
"Stepping Into The Light Of Your Potential"

And, for my friend Laurie, a little description of the painting. A woman stands nude, in a field of bright colours, while rays of light shine out of her soul. She holds a crow. The crow gently kisses her and caresses her face, with his wing.
Big Hugs 💕