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Thursday, December 3, 2020

 Hi Everyone 😄

I hope you're all well! Where did November go? LOL! I can't believe we're in December already! 

November weather was like this..

December 1st came and so did the snow! 

I filled up the bird feeders and the chickadees came in. 

I see the Doctor on December 8th. Hopefully, I will have a surgery date then. Everything is still the same with me, but I am smiling and keeping going 😊

I did finish a couple of paintings. One is in my banner. 
"The First Snow"

The second one is called, "Trusting Your Soul".

I want to thank, Magaly. She made a post on the Poets and Storyteller's United Blog. In this post, she showed 3 different pieces of art, from 3 different artists. Then asked everyone to pick a piece of art, (that inspired them), and write a new piece of poetry, or prose. 

Magaly showed my "Beautiful YOU Are" painting. 
Well, Rall, wrote the cutest poem! I still can't figure out how she new I still believe in Santa Claus! LOL! I promise you, if you go to the post, and read her poem, you will smile and maybe laugh! LOL! Thanks Rall

What do you all think of this? 

T-towel??? Just playing around. Thought it would be fun. 

Big Hugs and Lots Of Love 💛


  1. So good to hear from you! I love the new work and towels sound great! I’ll keep you in my thoughts , heal quickly from surgery, take care sweet one.

  2. It is LOVELY to see a new post from you. I have been missing you and worrying.
    I love (as I always do) your art. My crow lives in the bookcase beside my bed and greets me each morning - and wishes me sweet dreams at night.
    Good luck with your doctor's appointment. I hope this pain can be done and dusted quickly.

  3. I was thinking about you today. So glad you stopped by and posted. I hope you get the surgery date and everything goes well. I love your new art and the T-towel is a great idea. We are good here. Give mom a hug for me and one for yourself too. N

  4. I love your new Baby Crow's expression and smile -- delightful! And good luck with your surgery date. Now I'm off to read the poem inspired by your beautiful Rainbow Crow!

    1. The poem is fabulous! I'm glad that it references your award-winning tinfoil hat creation too, LOL!

  5. I think you should do a towel.
    So cool you had snow.
    Hope you get something set on December 8.
    Merry Christmas!

  6. So happy to hear from you dear Stacy. I really wish you food luck and blessings on your health🙏
    Lovely to see that your creativity fuels your mindset. Love your paintings. As beautiful as you are. Sending you loads of hugs and love 💗

  7. Welcome back. Baby Crow may be happy about the snow, I'd rather go through Winter with the mild temps. we had in Nov. Take care.

  8. it's good to see you here. i hope they are able to get your surgery scheduled and everything goes well. i love the tea towel. so bright and cheerful for the winter!
    love, kisses & magical wishes...

  9. Hello dear Stacy! Lovely to hear you're keeping well. Your paintings are a much needed injection of colour and beauty in this gloomy weather. Thank you for sharing them. And all the best with your doctor's appointment on Tuesday. Big Hugs!xx

  10. Yay,so glad yer back!!! I LOVE your new art, pics, and the T towel is awesome! Yer right, the poem made me smile big time! I'll write soon. BIG HUGS and tons of love!!!

  11. Happy to see you again. Your crows are delicious!

  12. Hello Stacy, lovely to see this post from you.
    Good to see your photographs and I love your art.
    I think the T-Towel looks good.

    My good wishes for your up-coming Dr. appointment, hoping everything goes well and you will get a date for the surgery.

    Keep smiling and keep doing your lovely art.

    All the best Jan

  13. Just went over to see the poem ...
    It's brilliant :)

    All the best Jan

  14. We still haven't gotten our first frost--and I am not complaining! You know how my bones and I feel about the cold, lol! Love the paintings. The expression on the first one makes me smile. And everything about the second one warms my heart--I shall take in my heart on the 8th (I'm going in for another biopsy, wish me luck! I wish you a universe of luck during your own appointment).

    I'm glad you loved Rall's poem. I really liked it, too, and not just because it's totally true, lol!

    About the awesome towel... Well, I bet that I won't be the only one tempted to frame it.

  15. Hi Stacy! Nice to hear from you! I love your paintings, The First Snow is gorgeous! We just got our first snow here in NB overnight. It's very pretty!

  16. hi - good to see a post. I love your new art and especially that one "Beautiful are you" wow that's incredible. hope your December goes well and you get a date for surgery.

  17. Hi Stacy, glad to hear you are getting your surgery set. I'm sure everything will turn out well for you. No snow around here yet, still hoping for a bit of a white Christmas. Take care dear, sending healing thoughts your way. ~ Diane

  18. Oh Girl. We havent heard from you since your doctor appointment. Hope everything is set to go on your road to complete healing. I miss you and your awesome crow art.


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