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Sunday, September 6, 2020

"What's Been Happening"

 Hi Everyone!!! I truly hope you're all well 😃 It's been too long! 

Thanks to all of you that have been writing to say, hi and checking up on me.

First, I have to tell you, that the place I was working for, went out of business! We went back to work, and it was like the next 2 weeks, we were told, that was it! So, for 2 and a half months, we worked our butts off and closed the store. 

Fortunately, the company I work for, actually owns, 5 different stores. I was offered 3 other positions. Very grateful and of course took one position. 

While this was happening, one day I came home and there was yellow jackets (bad bees), swarming in my bedroom. Lucky I wasn't sleeping and lucky I keep my bedroom door closed! I slept on the pull out bed for roughly a week. Got everything fixed from the outside and on the inside. 

While, I was pushed out of my bedroom, I noticed sleeping on the pull out bed, I was having pain around my right side. In the front and in the back. 

Roughly two weeks after, one day I woke up and had a very hard time breathing. Actually, the pain was like  pressing around my rib cage and I was gasping for air. So, you guessed it, I went into the hospital! 

I had urine, blood, ultra sound, an ecg and x-rays, done. I'm actually very healthy, which was nice to hear, but I am filled with gallstones! So, the Doctor said to me, that he wants to monitor me and we would have our first get together on September 3rd. I said that was fine and gave me directions for me to write down everything that I experience.

Well, before September 3rd happened, you guessed it, I was back in the hospital!! Maybe one time, I will pick up a cute ambulance driver! LOL! 

I just wasn't feeling right. They put me on morphine. That stuff is horrible! The only good thing about that drug, is I slept, but I couldn't even stand up! This time, I had a ct-scan. After that was done and I was cleared, I was given some drugs to go home with. 

I had my appointment on September 3rd. The Doctor is for sure thinking I will be having an operation to remove my gallbladder. He just doesn't know if they are going to cut me open, or not. My next appointment with him is on October 5th and hopefully, on that day, I will have more answers. 

This is a picture I took after the second time I came home from the hospital. I took it in my art room.

I'm very fortunate, that the store I am working at now, the manager is amazing and very understanding. I'm still going to work, but everyone knows, if I have an attack, call 911! I don't feel that bad walking around. The soreness comes and goes. 

The painting you see in my banner is called, "The Birth Mark". I thought I saw wings on my forehead, when I came home from the hospital. Good drugs, I tell you! LOL! 

I'm feeling well and just taking everything, day by day. But, I will admit, by the night time, I do get tired. I don't know how much I will be blogging, but I will keep you all informed. Going to try my hardest to get around to all of you to say hi! 

Love you lots!!!! 

Big Hugs!!!