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Monday, June 22, 2020

Hi Everyone 🌈
Hope you're all well!!!
Today, I have a special painting to share with you!

Deb, from Debra She Who Seeks, is having a Virtual Pride Parade today! Because of corvid-19, all the parades across Canada were canceled, so she asked her blog friends, if they wanted to participate, in creating this parade!

Of course I said yes!!

My painting is called, "Beautiful, YOU Are" (inspired by Deb 😀  ) (click on pics to make them bigger)

Last night, after the thunder storm, there was a rainbow in the sky! I couldn't believe it! Of course I ran out and took a picture!
Big Hugs!
Keep Shining Your Light ❤️

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Hi Everyone!
I've missed you! In the next few weeks, I'm going to really try to get around to all of you, to say hi!
I hope you're all well! ❤️ 💘
I'm good and so is mom. Just been busy!

Actually, speaking of mom, she just finished a 1000 piece puzzle. Don't tell her, I got her another one for her birthday, this month.
This is the progress of my garden growing and the changes I made. (click on pics to make them bigger)
Now, to reveal the big mystery about this painting.
In my last post, I asked you if you saw something, that made me laugh, when I discovered it. Then, in the comments, I said, Mother Nature added it, it's something I didn't paint. All of you were telling me some really interesting things you saw and I started seeing them too, but all of the answers were wrong.
Look to the left of the painting.
A fly landed on it, while I was taking the picture! LOL! I'm glad none of you saw it, because I don't have to retake any photos! LOL!

Big Hugs ❤️