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Friday, May 15, 2020

Hi Everyone 😁
I hope you're all doing well!

I've been doing lots of gardening,  in between snow storms! LOL! The snow is all gone now. I have a little bit of everything going on. It's time to put it all together. But, I think it's going to take longer then I expected, because....... I have been called back to work! I start Sunday May 17th! I'm happy, but a little disappointed. I didn't want to go back till September! LOL! I have to be grateful I have a job! Only a certain amount of people are coming back, at first, because you never know, we might have to shut down again. Since there is only a few of us coming back, we have been told, it's going to be 40 hour weeks. I asked, can I do 35 instead? LOL! There's a lot to do. I'm tired already thinking about it! LOL! I'm just going to keep smiling and take it day by day! 💛

Guess what?? We have two very large bunnies keeping us company. I have only been able to get a picture of the one. The second one comes out, when it's getting dark. I don't know if that's hubby? Maybe he protects her at night? 😀

We've been getting lots of birds in and birds, that we usually don't see in our area. Hopefully I will get pictures of them. They seem to come around when I'm gardening, and I don't have my camera!
But, I did catch this action scene!
Mr. Cardinal is coming in for a landing.
He lands, and wonders if Mr. Goldfinch is going to move?
Mr. Goldfinch flew away. Mr. Cardinal still took the little feeder.

I had a chance to create another painting. 12x12. A lot of "things" were coming to me, when I was painting this.
Be one with you.  "The crow and face appear."

I desire this change. Forgiveness. Letting go.

I hide no longer.  Safe. Surrender.
Finished painting.
"Bonding With Your Higher Self"

Stay safe everyone!!!
Sending Big Hugs and Lots Of Love ♥️

P.S. I just realized something funny, in the last painting I did (black and white), which is now in my header. Can anyone see something????? Look closely! I mean the black and white swirl painting. Not the one with colour, and the woman, I just did. Sorry for the confusion.