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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Hi Everyone 😀
Sending lots of smiles, and love your way! I hope everyone is safe and healthy!

I've been doing lots of cleaning and yard work. Things are growing and everything is turning green.
I feel since we have been put into isolation, that it has been a real growing experience. Like a rebirth, a transition. A time to really connect with yourself. To know the true you. To take care of yourself! To make every choice, with value behind it. I feel this is a time to be creative, and support the new ways being birthed. To inspire and spread love, not panic. For those of you feeling fear, be real with your feelings. Don't hide it. Be authentic! But, when you are feeling fear, give yourself more love!!

The other day, many of my neighbours were outside doing yard work. Mom had just finished making peanut butter cookies. So, I said to mom, let's spread some love. I went out and asked 3 different neighbours, if they were allergic to peanuts. Everyone said no. So, I packaged up cookies and delivered them. Even put a lysol wipe on all the plastic containers, just incase! Everyone was so happy and smiling! Even though we are so separate at this time, I feel we are closer.

I was going through one of my journals and read something I wrote down from one of my blog friends. I don't even remember when she wrote this. From the words of "Magaly". 😀

Be fiercely You.
Be wild (if you want)
Do it with others (if you can)
And remember.....
In Darkness,
Let your fire
Be Light!

(Thanks Magaly ❤️)

I finished another ink and acrylic painting. I call it "Connect To Your Light".
Two crows swirling around. The one in yellow being the the crow's light (soul).
Be safe everyone! Together, we are going to get through all of this!
Big Hugs!


  1. I love the picture you did and the outlook. I work from home so for me, it's my Happy Place! And now that's it's spring, double hot dog, life is good. I'm chopping trees and soon to build my first ever raised bed. Never did those before. Super duper excited. Sending you lots of hugs!

  2. The painting is beautiful.
    That was really nice to make cookies for everyone.
    You have such a great attitude. Hope everyone catches it!

  3. Spring is much further along where you are than here in Edmonton! We've still got snow. It snowed last weekend and was quite cold, but now it's warming up. Today was a little above zero, yay! I like your new painting. Stay safe, all of you!

  4. I'm glad you are doing well. This is a time to reach into you mind and soul and find true kindness and love for our fellow man/woman. Those words from Magaly are so insightful during these troubling days ahead.
    Stay safe and healthy, doll.

  5. good to read you. I like what you did about the cookies. It's time like this it would be more fun to be in a neighborhood like yours sounds like - not far away from people.
    love your new art work. Most of the time I have a good outlook, some days not so good. Oh well ..yes we will get through this.

  6. LOVE your attitude. And your kindness. And your art.
    All of them are beacons of light - just as you are.

  7. Beautiful art and words, you are really a shining star. Keep shining my friend, stay well and safe, hugs, Valerie

  8. this is LOVELY post dear Stacy :)))

    your words are beautiful and inspiring !

    i am always touched by your loving and uplifted spirit ,such powerful positivity is so impressive and needed specially in such times

    please give your mom hug from me :) such a blessing to have her and how amazing that she bakes for you :)
    how sweet of you to deliver love among people around you ,the most precious act of kindness to do :)
    happy spring Stacy ,stay well and blessed as always!

  9. oh forgot in my hurry to say that your swirling crows are SPLENDID :)

    joy and sense of freedom they drop to watching eye :)

  10. There is something in the positioning of the crows that make me feel like they are dancing with each other. And it really delights me! It's hard sometimes to think of things like dancing in these times, but we have to hold on to whatever little joys we can to keep us going. Like sharing peanut butter cookies with the neighbors. :)

  11. Wonderful post and painting. You are such a beautiful light. Take care.

  12. Connect to Your Light is stunningly gorgeous!!!
    Green is beautiful around your house.
    Always so Happy to see you my dear friend!

    Big Hugs and Much Love ❤💗❤💗❤💗❤

  13. I love Connect to your Light AND... that you handed out wipes along with the cookies:) You rock.
    Stay safe. Stay healthy.
    Elbow bump.

  14. Hey Dear friend. I have missed you. It sounds like you and mom are OK. I agree. Share what you can, even if it is a smile and a hello. Your art is self explanatory and just gorgeous. Be Safe and for you and mom Elbow Hugs.

  15. One of the things I love about you is that YOU inspire and spread love, always. What a kind act, delighting your neighbours with a simple and delicious pack of homemade cookies! In these times, we need kindness and love more than ever before. Kudos to you and your mom! And I absolutely agree that this is a time to really connect with ourselves; to our light as you've depicted in your beautiful artwork above. Keep creating, and stay safe! Big Hugs! <3

  16. Oh Stacy you are so loving and giving. What a nice gesture to give cookies to your neighbors. Love that painting Stacy. You are so talented and beautiful❣️❣️❣️

  17. I am hoping to get out and do some yard work soon. I hurt my knee a month and a half ago and although it is better, I am going to take it slow and do a little work at a time so I don't aggravate it!

    How wonderful that you helped spread joy and kindness. Love it!

    Your piece is wonderful. I love the light in it. I also love the words of Magaly- the art and poetry go so well together. :)

    Stay safe!

  18. Connect to your light is beautiful. I love how you are sharing and spreading the light. I'm glad you're staying safe and I love what you've been up to!

  19. Beautiful post and brilliant art, my friend! I'm going to try to answer your email today. Love and Light and a million elbow bumps!!!

  20. I am just happy to know that you are safe and well, and how sweet of you and your mom to give the peanutbutter cookies.

  21. Lovely garden and art!🎨 Be safe as well ❤️😁! Oh it only took me a year to fix my blogger! I can finally comment 🙄😊!

  22. Aw, such a sweet thing to do for your neighbors! <3

    And wow, your latest painting is soooo stunning. Easily one of my favorites from you!

  23. What you're doing for your neighbors is the sort of thing that keeps me from losing hope on humanity. There are so many heartless people out there, so many who can't think beyond themselves, but... there are also the Stacy(s) of the world, balancing the bad with all their good.

    Thank you for sharing my words and your art with us, I do love seeing them dance together. Stay safe, my Stacy love!

  24. Indeed, this period is bringing out the best in some, but idiots are still content to be idiots, I suppose. Nearby local playing fields are closed, but yesterday I saw people out there flying drones.

  25. Your garden looks good and I like your painting.
    That was really nice to make cookies for everyone, it's wonderful thoughts and gestures like this that bring people together … well done.

    Keep on staying safe and taking care.
    My good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  26. Just reading your post brings joy. How sweet of you to share the cookies with your neighbors!
    You always have such a great attitude about life. I also think your painting is very creative. Stay safe.

  27. Oh Sweetie, such a beautiful and uplifting post...and yes, this period of fear and anxiety really does seem to be bringing out the very best in most people.
    Thank you so much for being you and for spreading such heartwarming are such a beautiful Soul!!!😊😊
    Oh I just adore your new painting...a gorgeous little Crow!!!

    Have a lovely day...and stay safe.

    Lots of love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  28. The crow painting in your heading made me smile. Adorable!

    For many people whose lives have been disrupted, it is an opportunity to explore their creative sides. It sounds like you and your neighbors are making the best of things.

    Big hugs!

  29. Those hugging sloths are simply perfect! Hope you are doing well! Hugs, RO

  30. You have a wonderful, positive attitude about our current situation - I love it. Like you I have been gardening a lot, and it truly calms and grounds me. So far I haven't felt fear (perhaps I am naive), I follow our state's and county's guidelines (our county has a superb public health officer), do grocery shopping for my elderly neighbors and just hope that we all stay healthy. I do worry about the impact on our economy, but saving lives is more important.

  31. Hope you are healthy and happy, and that all is well in your world.

  32. Hello ! Great post, love your blog :)
    I am following you and invite you to me

  33. I am so happy you are doing well Stacy! It is a strange time that certainly has its hidden blessings. That was a great idea to share homemade cookies with the neighbors. Your new work it a beauty! Enjoy your creative time. Big hugs to you!

  34. What a great post Stacy! Love your painting, it seems to have such a warm message that is appropriate right now! You are such a great neighbor, kindness is so important. Your garden is really taking off, we are still a few weeks behind here and just had more snow the other day! But things are starting to green up, so there is hope! Stay well friend!

  35. I do think this is a time for contemplative reflection and time to let our Creative Juices flow. It is something that initially so much of Humanity has resisted since they have no Control over it, but letting go and just Being Still isn't so bad.

  36. This post has brought me the hope and encouragement I've been seeking. PB cookies sound like a must now. Beautiful green scapes.💕

  37. Great post, Stacy - it is just what we all needed - thank you!!! And, your new painting, "Connect To Your Light" is stunning!!

    I was so happy to see you were finally able to get on to my blog to post a comment - so, so sorry it takes so long! I want you to know how much your friendship means to me. I love and appreciate you so very much, sweetie. Stay safe - hugs - Kim

  38. YOU take special care and have a day filled with sunlight and sparkle.
    Virtual hugs,

  39. Such an inspiring post, Stacy! Thank you!


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