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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Happy New Year

You Are Infinite Magic❤️

You Are An Ever Expanding Being πŸ’˜

You Are A Warrior Spirit πŸ’Ÿ

You Are YouπŸ’š

You Are LoveπŸ’›

You Are WonderfulπŸ’œ

You Are EnoughπŸ’—

Wishing you all good health, peace and love for 2021! Happy New Year!

Remember, Live for today and be true to yourself πŸ’• You are amazing! 

This is a painting I've been working on for awhile now. Sorry the picture isn't good. It's still a work in progress. 

Big Hugs and I'll be seeing you in 2021 πŸ’“

Friday, December 25, 2020

Merry Christmas

 We've had lots of snow today! 

I was visiting with neighbours, while they snow plowed out the bottom of our driveway. I have found out, she is expecting her third baby. πŸ˜€

It's been a quiet day, but a nice day. The turkey is done, and we're resting now. 

Merry Christmas to everyone who is celebrating! Stay safe! 

Big Hugs ❤️   Happy Holidays Everyone ❤️

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

 Hi Everyone πŸ˜€

Hope you're all doing well! 

Unfortunately, I have no date for my operation. It's due to Covid. Since I am "living" with my systems, I don't need my surgery right away. If I had an attack, like I did back in the summer, I would have to have the operation immediately.

Where I live, there is an increasing amount of Covid cases. Actually, we were in the "red" zone and on Monday, we just went into lock down again! Hopefully, just for 28 days, but you never know? 

So, I will keep going and get as healthy as I can, for the operation. I have been told, when I go in, they want me out the same day. Again, due to Covid, they don't like having people in the hospitals for too long. Also, living with my mom, (senior), my Doctor wants to be careful of this too. 

I am classified as "non-essential"  surgery. 

After getting the news, I felt like doing a Christmas painting! I haven't made a Christmas painting in a long time. It's the one you see in my banner. I simply called it, "Merry Christmas". I had fun doing their faces and the snowman's face too!

There is one more I would like to show you. It might not be for everyone's taste, but I loved the feeling in it. 

"The Night They Met"

Big Hugs πŸ’•

Thursday, December 3, 2020

 Hi Everyone πŸ˜„

I hope you're all well! Where did November go? LOL! I can't believe we're in December already! 

November weather was like this..

December 1st came and so did the snow! 

I filled up the bird feeders and the chickadees came in. 

I see the Doctor on December 8th. Hopefully, I will have a surgery date then. Everything is still the same with me, but I am smiling and keeping going 😊

I did finish a couple of paintings. One is in my banner. 
"The First Snow"

The second one is called, "Trusting Your Soul".

I want to thank, Magaly. She made a post on the Poets and Storyteller's United Blog. In this post, she showed 3 different pieces of art, from 3 different artists. Then asked everyone to pick a piece of art, (that inspired them), and write a new piece of poetry, or prose. 

Magaly showed my "Beautiful YOU Are" painting. 
Well, Rall, wrote the cutest poem! I still can't figure out how she new I still believe in Santa Claus! LOL! I promise you, if you go to the post, and read her poem, you will smile and maybe laugh! LOL! Thanks Rall

What do you all think of this? 

T-towel??? Just playing around. Thought it would be fun. 

Big Hugs and Lots Of Love πŸ’›

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

 Hi Everyone πŸ’•

Hope you're all well! 

Have I told you lately, how amazing you all are? 

I've been going around to say hi to everyone and I still haven't got to you all yet, sorry, but I will! I wasn't going to post on my blog, until I did, but then I noticed the people that I have said hi to, were coming back to my last post, and checking in on me! Thank you!!!! 

As I said in a comment on Magaly's blog, "You don't realize how much we all touch each others lives!"

Before I go on, I just want to thank Debra -"The Bee Goddess", for educating me. In my last post, I said that yellow jackets were bad bees. I didn't realize that yellow jackets were a type of hornet, not bee. I actually thought hornets were a type of bee too! 

This is actually the 2nd time in 18 years, that yellow jackets have came into my life! And, I have to admit, they were were both blessings in disguise! But, I really don't want to see a swarm of yellow jackets again! LOL! 

Now for the update! On October 5th, I was at the Doctor, who is going to do my surgery. I told him, I have been doing well. The soreness is always there, but I have learned to live with it. And, I know now, what makes me throw-up, or feel sick. We were going to set a date for the surgery, but I had a question for him. Since, I am going under, could he do my hernia as well. He said yes. So, we have delayed the date. Hopefully in January, the latest February, I will be having the operation. Depending how I am and depending on Covid. I have to prepare for this operation, and I will let you know what I am doing soon! The only way I would have to have my gallbladder operation right away, is if I had a severe attack again. 

Having a combined operation, I might be out of commission for about a month! 

I actually finished a painting! I put it as my banner already. 

"Time To Fly"

I also did a small drawing. 
"Embrace How Special You Are"

Big Hugs and Lots Love Love πŸ’–

Sunday, September 6, 2020

"What's Been Happening"

 Hi Everyone!!! I truly hope you're all well πŸ˜ƒ It's been too long! 

Thanks to all of you that have been writing to say, hi and checking up on me.

First, I have to tell you, that the place I was working for, went out of business! We went back to work, and it was like the next 2 weeks, we were told, that was it! So, for 2 and a half months, we worked our butts off and closed the store. 

Fortunately, the company I work for, actually owns, 5 different stores. I was offered 3 other positions. Very grateful and of course took one position. 

While this was happening, one day I came home and there was yellow jackets (bad bees), swarming in my bedroom. Lucky I wasn't sleeping and lucky I keep my bedroom door closed! I slept on the pull out bed for roughly a week. Got everything fixed from the outside and on the inside. 

While, I was pushed out of my bedroom, I noticed sleeping on the pull out bed, I was having pain around my right side. In the front and in the back. 

Roughly two weeks after, one day I woke up and had a very hard time breathing. Actually, the pain was like  pressing around my rib cage and I was gasping for air. So, you guessed it, I went into the hospital! 

I had urine, blood, ultra sound, an ecg and x-rays, done. I'm actually very healthy, which was nice to hear, but I am filled with gallstones! So, the Doctor said to me, that he wants to monitor me and we would have our first get together on September 3rd. I said that was fine and gave me directions for me to write down everything that I experience.

Well, before September 3rd happened, you guessed it, I was back in the hospital!! Maybe one time, I will pick up a cute ambulance driver! LOL! 

I just wasn't feeling right. They put me on morphine. That stuff is horrible! The only good thing about that drug, is I slept, but I couldn't even stand up! This time, I had a ct-scan. After that was done and I was cleared, I was given some drugs to go home with. 

I had my appointment on September 3rd. The Doctor is for sure thinking I will be having an operation to remove my gallbladder. He just doesn't know if they are going to cut me open, or not. My next appointment with him is on October 5th and hopefully, on that day, I will have more answers. 

This is a picture I took after the second time I came home from the hospital. I took it in my art room.

I'm very fortunate, that the store I am working at now, the manager is amazing and very understanding. I'm still going to work, but everyone knows, if I have an attack, call 911! I don't feel that bad walking around. The soreness comes and goes. 

The painting you see in my banner is called, "The Birth Mark". I thought I saw wings on my forehead, when I came home from the hospital. Good drugs, I tell you! LOL! 

I'm feeling well and just taking everything, day by day. But, I will admit, by the night time, I do get tired. I don't know how much I will be blogging, but I will keep you all informed. Going to try my hardest to get around to all of you to say hi! 

Love you lots!!!! 

Big Hugs!!!

Monday, June 22, 2020

Hi Everyone 🌈
Hope you're all well!!!
Today, I have a special painting to share with you!

Deb, from Debra She Who Seeks, is having a Virtual Pride Parade today! Because of corvid-19, all the parades across Canada were canceled, so she asked her blog friends, if they wanted to participate, in creating this parade!

Of course I said yes!!

My painting is called, "Beautiful, YOU Are" (inspired by Deb πŸ˜€  ) (click on pics to make them bigger)

Last night, after the thunder storm, there was a rainbow in the sky! I couldn't believe it! Of course I ran out and took a picture!
Big Hugs!
Keep Shining Your Light ❤️

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Hi Everyone!
I've missed you! In the next few weeks, I'm going to really try to get around to all of you, to say hi!
I hope you're all well! ❤️ πŸ’˜
I'm good and so is mom. Just been busy!

Actually, speaking of mom, she just finished a 1000 piece puzzle. Don't tell her, I got her another one for her birthday, this month.
This is the progress of my garden growing and the changes I made. (click on pics to make them bigger)
Now, to reveal the big mystery about this painting.
In my last post, I asked you if you saw something, that made me laugh, when I discovered it. Then, in the comments, I said, Mother Nature added it, it's something I didn't paint. All of you were telling me some really interesting things you saw and I started seeing them too, but all of the answers were wrong.
Look to the left of the painting.
A fly landed on it, while I was taking the picture! LOL! I'm glad none of you saw it, because I don't have to retake any photos! LOL!

Big Hugs ❤️

Friday, May 15, 2020

Hi Everyone 😁
I hope you're all doing well!

I've been doing lots of gardening,  in between snow storms! LOL! The snow is all gone now. I have a little bit of everything going on. It's time to put it all together. But, I think it's going to take longer then I expected, because....... I have been called back to work! I start Sunday May 17th! I'm happy, but a little disappointed. I didn't want to go back till September! LOL! I have to be grateful I have a job! Only a certain amount of people are coming back, at first, because you never know, we might have to shut down again. Since there is only a few of us coming back, we have been told, it's going to be 40 hour weeks. I asked, can I do 35 instead? LOL! There's a lot to do. I'm tired already thinking about it! LOL! I'm just going to keep smiling and take it day by day! πŸ’›

Guess what?? We have two very large bunnies keeping us company. I have only been able to get a picture of the one. The second one comes out, when it's getting dark. I don't know if that's hubby? Maybe he protects her at night? πŸ˜€

We've been getting lots of birds in and birds, that we usually don't see in our area. Hopefully I will get pictures of them. They seem to come around when I'm gardening, and I don't have my camera!
But, I did catch this action scene!
Mr. Cardinal is coming in for a landing.
He lands, and wonders if Mr. Goldfinch is going to move?
Mr. Goldfinch flew away. Mr. Cardinal still took the little feeder.

I had a chance to create another painting. 12x12. A lot of "things" were coming to me, when I was painting this.
Be one with you.  "The crow and face appear."

I desire this change. Forgiveness. Letting go.

I hide no longer.  Safe. Surrender.
Finished painting.
"Bonding With Your Higher Self"

Stay safe everyone!!!
Sending Big Hugs and Lots Of Love ♥️

P.S. I just realized something funny, in the last painting I did (black and white), which is now in my header. Can anyone see something????? Look closely! I mean the black and white swirl painting. Not the one with colour, and the woman, I just did. Sorry for the confusion.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Hi Everyone πŸ˜ƒ
Hope you're all doing well and keeping safe ❤️
I've been doing lots of yard clean up. I thought I would have some fun and change around my decorations.
This is what it looked like before. (click on pics to make them bigger)
This is what I changed it to.
As I was changing this around, I noticed our bird bath had a crack around the middle, which caused it to wobble. So, I clued it and got some stone/concrete paint. I got a light, sparkle gold paint. I also enhanced some of the other pieces with red.
I think when everything starts to bloom in the background, it's going to look really pretty.

I also created another one of my swirl crows.
"Healing Of The SoulπŸ’—" (12" x 12")

Before I leave you, I would like to share a really good, "cool" book that is being released from one our blog friend's, Sandra πŸ’œ


A modern day, shape shifting sheriff.

He's the sheriff of a sparsely populated county in Montana. His blood brother and childhood best friend is Chief of Police on the Blackfoot Reservation, but they no longer speak. His deputy is a Southern transplant with the body of a high-priced call girl, a voice of honey and a mouth of a trucker. And if that's not enough, he's got a secret that would stun those that know him best. Other than that, it's business as usual for Sheriff Mateo Grey.

Preorder Link:

Give yourself a hug πŸ€— Keep safe πŸ’›