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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Hi Everyone!
Happy October! 🌻 Hope you're all well!

One of the changes that has happened to me, is that I've got a promotion at work. I honestly don't know if I want it! LOL! But, I have accepted it. I was told, I can change my mind and go back to my other position, if I really don't like it, but I have to give it a chance first! We will see what happens. It's more responsibility and less play time! LOL! Like I said in my last post, I'm going with the flow. I know I have changed so much. When you start to change, things start to change around you. I might not have any nails left after this, LOL, but I'm going for it! I still can't believe, just in this past year, everything that has happened. We have to live for today and make the most of it!  Life is messy, but never stop loving you!!!

This is one of the reasons why I'm having less time in blog land. But, I am truly trying to keep up with all of you! I miss my bloggy friends! I feel bad, when I'm late coming around or if I don't post.
The wonderful CJ put this on her blog,
"No need to apologize, if you show up "late", to read a blog post. Late is a relative term. I'm just thrilled and grateful that you decided to spend your time with me."

I agree totally!! So, I will stop feeling so bad!!!

I put the other painting I was working on, to the side and decided to paint a baby crow! I haven't painted a baby crow in a long time. And, if you are wondering, it's the painting in my banner! LOL! I couldn't wait!

But, I will show you the progress pictures.

The finished piece,
"The Best Way To Fly" (8x8 canvas)

I will leave you with one more thing from CJ's blog.
Big Hugs!


  1. I am so flipping happy for you ! You sound like you are in such a good place, Chanel is good thing and challenging ourselves is good too, and like you said, you can always go back if you don’t like it. Don’t worry about being away from blog land, life must be lived to max, we get only one shot and we have to make it count, I’m so happy fir you! Your painting is beautiful, it looks like the little crow is skimming above the water among the bull rushes near shore lol, I love it! Take care my friend! Sending a big hug! Say hi to your mom!

  2. That little crow is awesome!
    No worries about late. You work full time. So do I - I get it.

  3. Hey Stacy, congrats..cheers! Love your beautiful painting, nothing better than a witchy-crow, super-adorable..and lovin those red boots!
    Happy Autumn..wishing you magic always.

  4. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your baby Crow.
    I hope your promotion works out well for you, and love that you can go back to your old job if it doesn't.
    You are a very welcome blog visitor any time you come by, so please, stop worrying.
    Love that final cartoon too. How very true it is.

  5. I love little baby witchy crow! And that scarecrow cartoon (which I'm totally stealing, LOL). Yes, absolutely don't worry about blogging when you're doing well at work and getting established! Congrats on the promotion and good for you!

  6. Congratulations on the promotion!! Somehow you'll work it out and make time for yourself. Cute little Witchy crow. I just love it. That crow cartoon was funny but true.

  7. Good for you, Stacy, going for the promotion! I'm happy for you. I love that cute baby crow! Life is messy, but I am grateful for every messy day. I know that you are too. I am thrilled whenever I see you. You can never be more late than I am ~ LOL! Sending you a big hug!

  8. dear Stacy

    congratulations for promotion ,i know it adds responsibility but if you feel on the mark accept it for yourself :)

    i have always loved your positive approach towards life that shines through your beautiful paintings and wise words always !

    i absolutely LOVED the baby crow ,yes BEST WAY TO FLY :)))
    hugs and best wishes

  9. Your baby-crow painting is wonderful, what a dream! I'm always happy when you come visiting, but please, don't worry when you can't! HUGE congratulations on promotion - enjoy the new position, and continue to shine so brightly. Look after yourself! BIG hugs, Valerie

  10. Congratulations on the promotion! Great artwork!

  11. Oh Stacy I absolutely LOVE your new baby crow painting!!! What a perfect banner it makes! I know how you feel about working a job. Sometimes I feel so stressed about not having enough time to get things done that I love to do because my jobs takes up so much of my life,lol. I work with wonderful people though, and I am very grateful for my job. I love the quote from your friend's blog though. That helps me go easier on myself too! BIG HUGS!!!!

  12. I just smiled when I saw the baby crow on your banner. Too fun. Congratulations on your promotion! 💐 And thank you for the blog shout out.

  13. Congrarulations on your promotion. Of course you should be promoted❣️ Such a darling baby crow and lovely colors. I love it. And I really had laugh from that comic. LOL!!!!!!!
    Eveything has its time. I love when you comment on my blog. But do not stress. Just breathe and be where you are❤️❤️❤️

  14. wow, that new piece of art is Amazing! I think it's my very favorite of all you have done. And no worries - I disappear for spells just because I get over blogging for awhile. Whenever you show up, you show up! It's always great to see you around though. Glad life is happening wonderfully for you.

  15. He's not looking at his phone. Hahahahahaha.

    Hey, I get what you're saying. I had to bail from blogging for awhile. It just happens.

    Here's to your new job and your new adventure. I love your outlook.

  16. Congrats on your promotion! Life definitely gets busy sometimes, it's always a delight to see you and your art. I'm not online as much as I used to be either... Your baby crow is adorable and the cartoon is quite funny!

  17. Oh WOW...huge congratulations on your promotion!!!
    I'm certain you will be a great success...and you so deserve it!👍
    Please don't ever worry about being online less than you used to be. We all understand that you are a truly talented person, and that you have so much to do. I wish you well with every undertaking...and, oh, how I adore your gorgeous baby crow!!😊😊
    Haha, the cartoon from CJ's blog really had me in utterly true!!! Lol
    Well, have a super weekend, my beautiful friend...

    Much love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  18. First of all, CONGRATS on your new promotion - I know you will do great!

    You are never "late" so long as you are still with us! LOVE the new baby crow banner, too!! Have a blessed weekend!

  19. Love love your witchy baby crow. Congrats on your promotion. Keep it! Never go backward. Well, almost never. Thanks for your blog visit. Always look forward to seeing you anywhere. Good luck! Happy Days!

  20. I love your baby crow flying on the broom! That's so great and congrats on your promotion (if you keep it that is!!) :)

  21. Happy October, dear Stacy! The flying baby crow is simply delightful, love it. So lovely to hear you're embracing the change; congrats on the promotion. Don't worry you'll always find time to create your outstanding art. Big Hugs! <3

  22. Congratulations! Hopefully the new position will be a good fit for you and you will be happy with it. We all understand that life happens and you can't control it, so blog when you get a chance, visit our blogs when you get a chance, don't worry...we'll be here. And OMGosh! What a beautiful baby crow! Love it!

  23. That comic is sad, but true.

    Congrats on the promotion. I hope you end up liking it or if you don't that you go back to your former position and do what is best for you. :) Great that you are giving it a try!

    Love that baby crow. So cute!

    Have a lovely weekend and week!

  24. Your witchy baby crow is adorable! Congrats on the promotion. You never really know where live will lead! Enjoy the ride!

  25. Love this baby crow paint. And I hope you do well with this promotion you got. Have fun.

  26. Stacy, I love the baby crow!!! The moment I saw it in your banner I felt this huge smile crossing my face. It is gorgeous!
    Congratulations on your promotion. Let us know how it goes - you are right, you have at least try it, and who knows, you might really like it. The good thing is that you can go back to your old position if you don't like it, so the risk is rather low. I'm excited for you.

  27. Hi Stacy, so pleased that everything is going well for you :)
    I just love your new baby crow, and the cartoon from CJ's blog really did make me smile … and it's so true!

    Thinking of you and sending you lots of good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  28. Congratulations on the promotion, Stacy! I'm so happy for you. Nearly as happy as that glorious baby crow you've shared with us.

  29. Best wishes on your promotion Stacy...congrats to you!!!
    I just love your painting! It is so precious!
    Your baby crows are the greatest and always have been!!!

    Big Hugs Dear Stacy~

  30. That witchy baby crow is soooooooooooooooo cute! Love it!

    No such thing as late my friend. :) I am just glad that you have time to paint.

  31. I love your new painting! So cute, and I like the colors!

    Yep, I know all about the work issues. I have that new job as Executive Director, and I've been working 10-11 hours a day. It's hard to still visit Blogland regularly. As long as you make an appearance once a month or so, it's okay. That way you can still connect with your friends here. Big hugs!

  32. First off, love your new piece so much! Yay and more yay for your promotion! If they didn't feel you were ready and deserving of your new position, I promise you would never have received this new opportunity, so HUGE kudos and congrats to you! Sending lots of hugs your way. RO

  33. Congratulations on your promotion Stacey! Well deserved! It sounds like it will be a great challenge. We tend to put so much pressure on ourselves with social media. I cut back quite a bit this year and feel less stress for it. Such a cute little witch and the comic is adorable! Humans are way too obsessed with their phones today!

  34. Here's to new adventures! Also, I love the broom!


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