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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Hey Everyone 😀
Hope you're all well!
The blue jays are back in my garden. So happy to see them!
Everything is still green and growing, but the nights have got cooler.

I was going to talk a little more about my retreat today. Every time, I go to write something, I stop. It's hard for me to put into words. When I'm at the retreats, we talk, we listen, we heal, we grow. And, we talk about everything!

But, I think one of the constant things that come out at these retreats is, so many of us, are scared to "Shine Our Light". Or we don't know who we really are, so we don't know how to shine? And, if we do shine, those people that are closest to us, think we are weird, so we shut down. Which leads to people pleasing, co-dependency, blaming, and the list goes on and on.

Life is so short and it is uncertain, so why hold back? If we hold back, we are stopping our growth and the growth of the people around us too. I know it's hard sometimes, for the people around us to understand, but if it's good for us, it will be good for them too. We have to remember, some people stay in our lives forever and other's come and go. We all learn from each other.

I think the one thing to remember, is to never stop loving yourself! You are worthy! And, when we are loving ourselves, to send out love too!

"To see an 80 year old man, cry. To see him hold himself like a child. To witness that he never loved himself. We all keep so much "stuff" within our soul, from our past. If we don't heal and grow, we will be in the same place forever."

We all go down that rabbit hole! Many of us, several times! But, when we go through these times, like I said before, never, never stop loving you! Sit, pray, meditate, do what calls to you and I promise, the answers will come. But, just don't love yourself, when times are hard, love yourself everyday!

"A tall gentleman talked. He wore a long rainbow style jacket. I could have listen to him talk for hours. Such a deep voice. He can visit his family (mom, dad, brothers, sisters, etc.), but he has to ask permission to hug the children.  Why??? Because he is considered, "different", since he is gay."

"A young girl, talked about how she was raped, and blames herself and asks, how can she love herself!"

As I said, we talked about everything!

All I can say is, never stop being you! The true you! And, never stop loving yourself and sending out love!

Be true to you, when you are around others and when you are by yourself!

Remember this painting?
This was the first painting I did when I came home from the retreat.
"Stop Hiding, Shine! (11" x 14" canvas)
 2nd painting,
"Listen" "Your Soul Is Speaking" (12" x 12" linen canvas paper)
3rd ink drawing,
"Time To Fly" (6" x 8" mixed media paper)

Sorry for the long post! I hope you enjoyed it!
Big Hugs 😀


  1. Huge thanks for this post.
    I don't love myself. I rarely even like myself. Something to work on.

  2. It is wonderful that the retreats let people open up and share their feelings and thoughts.
    Your art is always wonderful Stacy.
    I am happy that your Bluejays are back.

    Lots of Love and Hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  3. When I saw "Be the Crow You Want to be" at the bottom of your post I was reminded of the Crow couple I saw early this summer. They landed in the street one after another right in front of my house. I watched them walk side by side exactly in the middle of the street as far as I could see them until they walked over the
    hill. I wondered how far they walked that morning.

    I'm liking that we have crows here again this year. They always caw to greet me when I am outside. I, have on occasion, if my neighbors aren't outside too, been known to caw back at them. I think that is why they always caw at me and not my husband when he is out. He doesn't caw back.

  4. Glad you were able to open up and talk and learn new ways at the retreat. It is so necessary to let stuff out that is poisoning us Art and music are great healers, too, and help us in our daily life. And for me , watching nature is a big helper. Thanks for a lovely post and great art! Hugs, Valerie

  5. Blue jays are so beautiful. We do not have them here. So nice to see them in your garden.

    I loved your post and your paintings Stacy. And to read about your retreat. Everyday I wonder: Why have the world come to this? Why do most of people end up in shame over who they really are?
    We are created different and still we use all our time to be, live, think and mean the same like everyone else. That is killing our souls a bit every day. So happy you shared this. So important. You really shine Stacy. You are a star in this world. Never think anything else❣️

  6. I haven’t seen the blue jays in a while. Maybe I’m not up early enough.😄 so glad you had a wonderful retreat experience. Such a gift.

  7. We have Jays all the time. They make loud cries in the evenings before the sun goes down and in the morning too. They love the large bird feeder that we have for the larger birds. We fill it with sunflower and pumpkin seeds and pieces of dried fruit and berries. They leave the little bird feeders alone. Yesterday we had a falcon in our pecan tree it wanted to cool off in the shade and take a bath in the bird bath fountain. Since I've been coming outside and sitting in the shade an reading, I've been able to see so many interesting things in nature. The crow meme is awesome.

  8. That is a great message for all to hear. God says to love others as we love ourselves, but if we can't love ourselves, we'll never love others.

  9. One of my most precious possessions is a tote bag. It's the most comfortable of totes, so it has become the purse I carry all the time. But it's precious because of the art on it and what the art says: "Shine Your Light".

    When people ask me about about my precious tote, I grin like a moon-drunk lunatic and tell them about my very creative friend, about her Magic and her Love and her Crows. And I see the knowledge make their smiles shine just as bright as mine own. And you, Stacy, did that for me and for them. Anyone who tries to make you feel bad about being you is someone to be pitied, someone's who's opinion would be best buried.

    May our weird feed the moon until wonder and self-love howl with pure delight.

  10. I love, love, LOVE that last meme, Stacey! I'm a big believer in letting our light shine out. What a wonderful world it would be if everyone could do that WITHOUT JUDGMENT. We just need to remember that the only opinion which matters about ourselves is OUR OWN.

  11. Beautiful words and beautiful art from my infinitely beautiful Soul Friend! I love you, Stacy!!!

  12. Such a powerful message, Stacy. " yourself, everyday." Because how can we shine our light, if we don't love ourselves first. Your art is not only beautiful but profound. Thank you for sharing your gift (and light) with the world. Big Hugs!!

  13. Your retreat sounds fabulous. To see all these and feel all these things is so special.

  14. That was such a powerful message. Thanks for passing it forward.

  15. It sounds like the retreat was just what you needed and that you learned a lot. Self love isn't always easy for people- many of us tend to be more loving towards others than we are towards ourselves. I am glad the retreat was such a blessing to you.

    Love the blue jays! Also- all of your art pieces are stunning. I love the "glow" in the first one. It sends out a radiant light and goes perfectly with the title. Shine! :)

    Have a lovely day and week!

  16. Your retreat sounds wonderful and the message you've shared from it is very important …

    We too have blue jays, they are a lovely bird, so nice to see yours here in your photographs.

    Great post, have a lovely week.

    All the best Jan

  17. The thing is, Stacy, if we stop our own growth because the people around us think we are weird, then we are only hurting ourselves and helping them to stay in their stone place. If they are offended (or otherwise) by us, that is their problem, not ours. Your post is awesome and has such good, good advice and thoughts. Kudos to you. Carry on!

    LOVE this new art. Missed you!

  18. I love your art Stacy. Very talented you are! (I think I just spoke like Yoda lol) are so right about shining. Isn't it interesting and sad that the people in our lives, who we love the most, will think we are weird for shining brightly? I find that very hard to accept. This (as you said) led to way too much people pleasing on my part for many years. And sometimes I find myself doing it again out of habit. I have to stop myself purposely and remind myself that no matter what, I am the most important person in my life. Great post. xx

  19. Sounds like a very intense conference. I'm glad it went so well.
    Love the blue jays and your paintings.

  20. I think that first painting really symbolizes what this retreat means to you. Very powerful. It must be a very intense and moving experience. And a very wise message that we should all remember. It's so easy to blame yourself and hold back. I love your garden. Where did you get that statue from the second picture? Did you make it yourself? It's beautiful.... Wishing you a happy weekend ♥

  21. Beautiful blujays. And yes, awesome message!

  22. Your art is always so evocative (is that the word)..evoking feeling - so beautiful. and i enjoyed your talking about your experience at the retreat and some of the people who spoke. HOw sad that a nice man who is gay would have to ask for permission to hug children...What a world we live in when being Gay seems to equal pedophilia..ugh...sad.

  23. Our leaves are beginning to fall due to the lack of rain, no colour change yet..... we are who we are and need no ones permission to be so. We live we love we learn......what happens in the world and people around us need our permission to effect us, we choose how we decide to react. Learning that is hard. Everything and everyone revolve around us (I don't mean that the world revolves around us in a selfish way) but that we allow what effects us and how it effects us, I think you are right, we need to meditate and reflect on how we react to others. Prayer helps. We are all just visitors here for a short time and we need to learn how to make our own way. Everyone has value and everyone deserves respect. Thank you for sharing

  24. lovely bluejay and your artwork is fantastic, so bright and full of truth. I love it! it's still hot here, were at 111 but it stormed so hard at around 9 pm. it cooled to about 77:)
    big hugs

  25. This is a beautiful post! You are a beautiful soul and I love to see your light shine! Love your paintings!
    love & blessings

  26. Hey girl. I love this post. I am not suppose to be on the PC. I am having eye troubles, but wanted to come by and see how you are doing. Hugs, N

  27. Oh WOW...I have never seen bluejays before... aren't they absolutely stunning?! are indeed such a beautiful Soul...this wonderful post is incredibly inspiring to someone as lacking in self-esteem as I am.
    Oh thank, so much!!!😊😊

    All my love and hugs, always ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  28. Sounds like a great retreat! Yes. You can't please everyone, so be yourself, love yourself, and respect everyone you meet. Your paintings look awesome! Hugs!

  29. Such a powerful and inspirational writing Stacy !
    i think we all need such encouraging words and so often

    "time to fly "made my eyes teary :) you are amazing my friend!

  30. There's no growth without change :-)


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