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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Hey Everyone 😃
Hope you're all well!
We survived a really bad ice storm. A lot has melted but the cold weather is back and so is the snow. This little guy came by to say hello today. I really don't want to go out the back, because of the ice. They will have to wait for their food! (click on pics to make them bigger)
The illustrations are going amazing! 3 are completely finished. I'm on my last one now.

I took a little break from the illustrations, and "Skully Love" came out of me! LOL! Don't ask me why? But, I had a lot of fun and just went with the flow.

Here is my first art piece, in a very long time, without a crow. But, to honour my crows, my heart has wings. I decided any creation with out my crows or any creation where my crows aren't the main focus, the heart will always be flying.

"Skully Love" (6" x 8" ink drawing)
Then, I wanted to create another one. I saw them on a boat. One of my crows guiding them 😃❤️

"Skully Love" "Boat Ride" (6" x 8" ink drawing)
I hope you've enjoyed "Skully Love". I think there will be more.

Now, I have to get back to finishing the last illustration!

Big Hugs 😃


  1. You are so creative and I understand you've got to "mix it up" with something new. Still love your crows and the one with the lantern leading the skullies is super! We have the same cold icy weather, I'm starting to look forward to spring, but I know it's a long way off! Stay warm! ~ Diane

  2. Ooh, your "Skully Love" pieces are so much fun! Really love that skeleton aesthetic. Having a crow guide them in the second piece is so fitting and adorable! ^_^

  3. I hope your heart always keeps flying.
    And LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your creativity.

  4. Skully Love is so cute! A whole new set of characters for you to explore!

  5. These drawings are such fun! LOVE your skullies very much. Have fun, stay safe, BIG hugs, Valerie

  6. Glad the ice is clearing...and LOVE the skully drawings lol XXX

  7. These look so adorable and fun! Be safe in that weather! Hugs...RO

  8. Those are fun! You could do a whole series with those skulls.

  9. My backyard is all ice, too. I am able to make it to the bird feeder. Your Skully Love would make adorable Valentine's. And the baby crow banner would make another cute valentine.

  10. Wow. You know I love love love the skully art. It is 29 degrees and we have snow. I hate it so much. :) Stay warm my friend.

  11. WOW!!! Love your crows and now I love your "Skully art" art too!!!
    You are amazing my dear and talented friend...just amazing!!!

    Big Hugs and Much Love

  12. Skully Love prints are so cute! The one with the crow rowing the boat is so sweet. I love these.

  13. You are so talented Stacy! I love the skully love here! Hopefully the squirrels are finding enough food. I used to feel so bad seeing them digging in the snow for food.

  14. Love those scully characters - great job on these.

  15. Brrr so wintry looking, and such a cute squirrel.

    Love your new Skully characters, brilliant art work.

    Keep warm, stay safe and have a great new week.

    All the best Jan

  16. Love your wintery photos, Sweetie...and that cute little squirrel! Don't you just adore him?!
    I love your skills characters too...they are so striking and unique...oh Wow...well done you!!😊😊

    All my love and hugs ❤❤❤

  17. somewhat Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead theme

  18. Wowza girl your skulls are amazing....

  19. Scully Love is the best!! WOW- great job on those. I love the one in the boat. HUGS!

  20. I'm picturing the crow telling the happy skullys to behave themselves while on her boat. :D These are so cute!

  21. OMG those are too cute, especially Boat Ride:)
    On the Beta Read, thank you! If you have the time and the inclination that would be great. If you aren't comfortable with it, please don't worry about it. I'm several months out yet:)
    Staying off the ice is extremely wise.

  22. The Skully Love picture is wonderful.

    It does look cold and icy out there. It is snowing here right now, but I hope it doesn't get icy here. Stay warm!

  23. Skully Love is cute! You should write a Halloween book with your crows and Skully Love characters.

    Sorry about all the ice. I've heard your weather hasn't been good. Stay safe and warm!

  24. Your Skully drawings are adorable!! Perfect Valentines!! HUGS!!!

  25. Oh this is relief that ice storm passed without being much hurtful dear Stacy!

    i well come your new decision ,i think it will let us see MORE of beautiful you :)

    Loved the guiding crow and skully love looks fun

  26. We had snow yesterday and some ice today. The sun just came out to show its face. Thank goodness!

    I am in LOVE with "Skully Love". Her teeth are just perfect.

  27. Great new art!!! Loving the new direction that you are taking your art in!

    We have had more snow showers mixed with rain and sleet than anything else here lately --- be safe!

    BTW, I am having a Spring wreath giveaway if you are interested?


  28. I'm glad you came through the storm okay. The new pieces are lovely. I love your crow art, but I think it's okay to diverge if your heart is leading you that way. The crows are a part of you and will be there for you when it's right. Congrats on being offered an illustration job and the crow video was charming.

  29. I could see some ice in that first photo. Ice is so treacherous. Our neighbor slipped and broke her ankle in the driveway last winter. Because our side of our duplex is situated so we can't see her driveway, we didn't see her. She eventually crawled into her house. So please, please be careful! Your drawings are darling. How creative you are! I'd go batty drawing all of those lines ~ I'm so ADHD ~ LOL. Have a good one!


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