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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Hi Everyone
Hope you're all well 😀
We made it through the wind/ice storm and this past Wednesday, we had another major snow storm. I don't know if that's it for winter! I think there's still more snow coming!

The sun was out today, so I managed to give the birds some food.
If you look closely, you'll see Mr. Cardinal on the stump.
Close up. Looks like there is a sparrow with him too.
I was revisiting some of my art.
Do you remember this one?
It now looks like this. I wanted the image to stand out more.
Then, I looked at this painting.
Before, I was creating some abstract paintings, and that's what I felt when I revisited this one. So the process began.
Finished piece. I kept the same name for the painting.
"Don't Hide Your Imperfections"
"Find Beauty In The Innocence Of Them"
Yes, there is no crow. As I have told you, some paintings will have crows and some might not. All depends what I'm feeling. I'm just going with the flow. 😃

Remember the cotton canvas tote bags I was telling you about? Well, I decided on an image and got some made. I have to admit, I'm really happy with them! And, I like the fabric too.
I also finished my taxes and I'm working on my mom's now. It's been a busy week, since we last talked! LOL!

I can't believe we will be in March soon! Happy March!
I'll be around soon to say hi!
Big Hugs 😀

Friday, February 22, 2019

Hi Everyone 😊
I hope you're all well!
We are expecting some nasty weather Saturday evening into Sunday. Rain, freezing rain, snow, and very, very high winds. In some areas, they say we could lose power. So, mom is starting to do some cooking ahead of time, just incase! Crossing fingers, it isn't as bad as they say it's going to be! If any of you are in bad weather, please take care!

I did finish an ink drawing 😃
"Be Free" (9" x 12")

Just to let you know, it truly looks like it was a "technical" issue with Etsy. They say all the people that were affected, have been contacted! That sure was one big, horrible mixup!!

Big Hugs ❤️

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Important, Please Read

Hi Everyone!
I hope you're all well!
I have to apologize, for being so behind in blog land! Will try to catch up this weekend!

*I have been notified by one of my artist friends, that something is going on with Etsy. I've been going through like 40 different pages on the Etsy Forums. It seems to be hitting mostly the American sellers, (not sure about any of the customers, yet). People are getting money taken out of their accounts, purchases are being made on their credit cards. I have seen people writing amounts of $5000.00.

The Etsy app is sending out weird messages and for people who sell on Etsy, we have to put descriptions in the listings. People are saying the word, "Daddysauraus" is being put in their descriptions?

These are just some of the things I have been reading about. Etsy has stated, something "technical" is going on, and money will be refunded. I don't know? It looks like they have been hacked and don't want to scare anyone! This has been going on since yesterday, February 15th.

I have put my shop on vacation mode and taken out all my banking information, for now, until I see this cleared up.

I wanted to share this with you, because I know many of you are buyers on Etsy, as well as sellers. Please check your credit cards and bank accounts! I don't want to worry any of you, but I want you to be aware! The unauthorized purchases and money withdraws, say they are from Etsy.

Some people even wrote, that their credit cards were turned down, when purchasing something at a store, because they had went over their limit, and didn't know what was going on!

*Now, for some better news!! It looks like I have finished the illustrations! I am just getting the ok on the last one! Happy Dance! I have to tell you, the "Skully Love" "Boat Ride", was loved so much by the person I'm doing the illustrations for, she asked if she could use that one, instead of another illustration I did. Of course I said yes. I am just so happy, for the great response I've had for my "Skully Love", thank you!!

And, if you would like a "Sneak Peak", as to what the illustrations are being used for, please go to this link.

I will leave you with a smile. My animals drew a heart in the snow for me. I thought this was so precious! I hope you can see the heart too!

Big Hugs 😃

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Hey Everyone 😃
Hope you're all well!
We survived a really bad ice storm. A lot has melted but the cold weather is back and so is the snow. This little guy came by to say hello today. I really don't want to go out the back, because of the ice. They will have to wait for their food! (click on pics to make them bigger)
The illustrations are going amazing! 3 are completely finished. I'm on my last one now.

I took a little break from the illustrations, and "Skully Love" came out of me! LOL! Don't ask me why? But, I had a lot of fun and just went with the flow.

Here is my first art piece, in a very long time, without a crow. But, to honour my crows, my heart has wings. I decided any creation with out my crows or any creation where my crows aren't the main focus, the heart will always be flying.

"Skully Love" (6" x 8" ink drawing)
Then, I wanted to create another one. I saw them on a boat. One of my crows guiding them 😃❤️

"Skully Love" "Boat Ride" (6" x 8" ink drawing)
I hope you've enjoyed "Skully Love". I think there will be more.

Now, I have to get back to finishing the last illustration!

Big Hugs 😃

Friday, February 1, 2019

Hi Everyone 😃
Hope you're all doing well!
Happy February!

The illustrations are going amazing! I've finished 3 so far! 1 more to go. They're all drawn with pencil. After I have the ok on all 4, then I will go back and ink them.

I'm excited to share this with you. As soon as the project is finished and I get the ok, I will be!

I've been pulled out of my comfort zone and it has been a really good experience.

I know a few years ago, I stopped creating my crows. I think it was for 2-3 months? But, I didn't feel right, because I abandoned my crows completely. So, it was like abandoning a piece of myself.

Now I'm thinking, if I feel like creating a piece of art without a crow, that's ok. Doesn't mean, I have to give up creating crows.

So, who knows what you'll be seeing from me in the future! I have to admit, it's an exciting feeling. I hope you'll stay along for the ride!

I saw this cute video! Please watch it. It's not too long. I know you will be smiling! Big Hugs 😃