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Monday, October 29, 2018

Hi Everyone!
Hope you're well! 😃
I'm back! What an amazing time! I met people from Ottawa, Winnipeg, Montreal and even Cleveland!
This all took place at The Church of the Holy Trinity, in Toronto. This church does so much for everyone in Toronto. It was built in 1847. (click on pics to make them bigger)
But, before I go any further. This is me, in the morning, getting ready to go and the trees in front of the church.
Here are some pictures of the inside.
There was lots of tears, hugs, smiles, laughter, letting go, realizations, and truly being YOU! We all talked and shared. The church was buzzing! It was amazing!
I don't think I should show any pictures of anyone, without them saying it's ok, but I will leave you with one "cropped" smiley picture. This was taken Saturday night, before going for hot chocolate! LOL!

Monday, when I got up to go to work, I was crying in the car. I can't wait to go again!

Guess what? The sun was out today, so I took pictures of the painting! First, some of the progress pictures.
(Finished Painting) "I Am Safe To Be Me"  (15" x 30" Canvas)
Close ups!
Please give me some time to get around in blog land! I know I'm really behind! I'll probably won't be posting anything until I get caught up!
Big Hugs 😀

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Hi Everyone!
Hope you're all well!
Many of you have asked, what my job is all about. I am actually working for a Canadian clothing company, that I worked for in the 1990's! It was all serendipity. I didn't know this store was looking for help, but for some reason, I looked it up online and went for it. I had an hour interview and felt right at home. So basically, I am selling and merchandising, etc.

I have been very honest with all of you, about the healing that I have went through for many years. For some reason, this year, as you know, I kept second guessing my art. I kept thinking too much about being an "Artist". Then I would start thinking about the future and other things would get into my head. I was actually having panic attacks. Then, I finally surrendered.

I surrendered to the unknown! Remember, I made that painting, "fall in love with the unknown". I have started to live in the moment! After all, all we are is this moment. I stopped resisting to my fears and started to love them. Anything that came in my head, I said, and I love that.

When I was meditating, I kept saying, what do I need, right now and "job", kept coming to my soul. At first, I did resist. And, then I remembered something I read once, "your intuition may not always give you the most popular options or answers you yearn for, but it will always guide you beyond all known reference points, where the full potential of who you're meant to be, can come to life in all your perfection, glory and splendour."

This job to me is more than just extra money, or getting out of the house. It's hard to explain. I said to someone about courage and I totally lost them. They didn't understand. I'm a people person, but I didn't realize how "stag-net", I had became. I thought I was going to take a heart attack, before the interview! LOL! This job has opened me up and has let me be me. Like I said, it's hard to explain.

Also, now, I feel I can be more me with my art. Which I have got back to. I just had to start scheduling my time more. I feel more of a free flow. I'm just letting whatever is inside of me out. Now some of you might not like what you see and that is fine! I take no offence to that! Art is an expression of one's self and I just hope, I can keep connecting with you, through it!

So here's to not knowing, and living every moment!

For some reason, when I was going through all this, I remembered a girl I once new. A gentleman wanted to go out with her, but she refused, because he was a potato farmer. I thought that was so sad, and I still do. We all get so "up" about "titles". Why can't we all just "be" and hopefully, through that being, Be Happy.

Sorry, I'm all over the place in this post, but hopefully it's all making sense!

Through my "clearing" things out of the house, especially my items, I feel so much lighter. If it feels heavy to you, why keep it?

I know I can't get into everything I've been through, but I can say, I am so ready! No regret! No looking back! No feeling guilty!

No one can live your life and you can't live anyone else's life!

Now for my larger painting. I actually finished it! Happy Dance! But, I couldn't spray it today, because it was cold and raining. So crossing my fingers, the next sunny day, I will be able to.

This is where I left you.
And, here are some progress pictures.
And, I started another painting!

Remember, I went on a retreat this past May? Well, I'm going on another on this weekend in Toronto. This time I'm taking my camera! I will be off line Friday October 26th-Sunday October 28th.

Big Hugs 😃
( Just to let you know, blogger is still being a bugger to me! And, Canada Post is on rotating strikes!)

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Hi Everyone!
Hope you're all well!
I haven't posted in so long! Sorry! I got a part time job. Roughly 20 hours a week. So my "time" is all over the place! I'm going to try to post at least once a week, like I use to.
Mom and I have been doing lots of cleaning and sorting too. Going through things, "what I want", "what she wants". Selling things, donating things. I guess at certain times in our lives, we all have to do this.

The Autumn colours are showing every where here and we got our first snow fall, but it didn't last!
"Mr Cardinal" was being nice, letting the little birds eat! LOL! I hope you can see them in the picture! (click on the picture to make it bigger)
I haven't done too much art. I want to finish the larger painting before the weather turns bad, or I won't be able to really to get it done, because I do my finishing spray outside and take my pictures outside too. So, we will see what happens!
This is where I left you.
And, this is what it looks like now.
I just wanted to let you all know, Canada post, might be starting rotating strikes on Monday October 22nd. I hope not!

It's almost Halloween!!! Yepeee!! I love these vintage images. Enjoy!
Big Hugs 👻

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Hi Everyone! Hope you're well! Thanks for all your support in my last blog post! Means a lot to me!

The other day, I was outside, doing some yard work and I kept hearing a hissing noise. I thought there was a stray cat in our back yard. I looked up and I couldn't believe my eyes and ears. It was the cardinals! Whenever a little bird would come close, they would hiss. I didn't realize they were so mean! LOL! I looked on youtube and I could only get this video. If you watch it, the hiss is made right at the beginning of the video. My cardinals, wouldn't stop hissing! I guess they were very hungry! LOL!

I'm still working on my large painting.
This is how it started.
This is where I left you.
And, here are two more progress pictures.
Big Hugs 😀

Friday, October 5, 2018

Please Read, Important!

Hi Everyone!
I hope you are well!
I've written to you about this before, but unfortunately, I have to do it again!
If any of you are contacted, through any type of social media, asking about me, PLEASE, tell them to "fuck off", for me! (Sorry about the language!)

You can say I am happily married with 5 kids! I don't care! But, make sure to tell them off!

I am talking again, about a guy from Egypt, his name is Ahmed Maher Mohamed.

He seems to always be getting many of my artist friends on facebook and I am not on facebook. He has tried to contact me through Etsy, and I told him, if he contacted me again, he would be arrested. I thought that would be the end of it, but I thought wrong.

He has just contacted another artist friend on facebook and I am so thankful, my friend took screen shots, for me to show everyone! We have such a great community!!

Now, that I have these screen shots to show you, if you are on facebook, BLOCK him and spread the word, please!!!!

I am so truly grateful for all of you!!!

Monday, October 1, 2018

Hi Everyone!
Hope you're all well!
Happy October!
Thank you for the help with blogger in my last post, but unfortunately, it's not working. For some reason "Safari" on Mac, doesn't want to co-operate! LOL! Just crossing my fingers that Google stays working! 😀

This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate. I got a new flower arrangement 😃
I also finished a painting. I haven't painted a "Mer-Crow" in a long time.
"Follow Your Heart, It Knows Where You Are Meant To Be" (6" x 12")
Do you remember my large painting?
I'm still working on it. Only the "top" part for now. Here are some progress photos.
And, this is where I'm at now.
Big Hugs, talk to you soon 😊