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Monday, September 24, 2018

Hi Everyone! Hope you're well and enjoying Fall!

I wanted to tell you, that I've been having problems with blogger, since my birthday! I have a MacBook. I can't comment using Safari, that includes on my blog or on other blogs and I have cleaned out my caches too. Blogger keeps telling me to sign in and I'm already signed in!

So, I have went to using google and it seems to be working ok!

Also, as before, your comments aren't coming to my e-mail, so I keep checking on my blog, or on the comment list.

I just wanted to let you know, why I'm behind!

Thank you for the great messages for my birthday! You're all terrific!!

I've started a painting. One of the largest I've done so far.

I'll leave you with some crow funnies 😃
Big Hugs 😀

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Hi Everyone!
Hope you're all well!
I have to admit, I have been up and down for the past week. I've been feeling like this all year. I don't know why? It's like a change or uncertainty is around and you have to trust. If you don't, you get ungrounded and very anxious.

I know many of us are going through changes, like illness, finding new jobs, moving, etc.

I have been so blessed this year, with everything! So grateful! It's just there is something in the pit of my stomach. You have to breathe and like I said, trust! Sometimes, you get tired of crying! LOL! But, crying is a release and it's good!

I know I say this many of times, but thank you for sticking by me!

Guess what? Today is my birthday! Here is my birthday cake!
And, here is my picture, when I saw it. This picture is "natural".  No make up today!

I should have fixed my eye brow! LOL! If you want, let me know, how old you think I turned? Some of you might already know. Don't be bashful! This year was a BIG year for me! I purposely showed a picture with no makeup, so you can see all the wrinkles! LOL!

Sending so much love and blessings out to all of you! I really mean that!
Thank you for the comments on my last painting! Means alot!!
Big Crow Hugs

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Hi Everyone 😃
Hope you're all well!
I finished my painting! Happy Dance!

This is where I left you.
After the above picture, the eyes turned green and the hair went black. Sorry I didn't take a picture, but I just didn't want to stop. So, this is what came next. Something completely different!
And, finally after roughly two weeks, I got it finished!

"We Are All Connected" (11" x 14" on wood)
Big Hugs, I hope you like it 😃

Friday, September 7, 2018

Hi Everyone!
Hope you're all doing well!
The cooler temperatures have came in for us and it's a nice change, but we are getting back to the heat and humidity next week!
Everything has been growing amazing with this weather. Actually, too much growing! LOL! The rose of sharon are happy and I've already started to cut them back. (click on pics to make them bigger)
The mint and rhubarb, I can't keep up with! LOL!
It will be interesting to see what our winter is going to be like! 

I've finished a drawing. Here are some progress photos. 
Finished piece- "The Most Courageous Thing You Can Do, Is Be Yourself" (9" x 12")

I just wanted to let you know, I use to get your comments in e-mail and now, sometimes yes and sometimes no. And, sometimes, I find them in "moderation". If you don't see your comment on my blog, I'm looking for it! LOL!

I will leave you with a sneak peak of a painting I've been working on now for over a week. 
Big Hugs 😃

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Hi Everyone!
Happy September!
Happy World Beard Day! "September 1st"
I hope everyone is well! Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post, about my question! Truly appreciated! Thanks again!

I have finished some art.
Here are some progress pictures of the first one.

Finished painting, (8" x 16" on wood), "Sweet Dreams"

I also finished an ink drawing, with acrylic paint. I got some new paper. It has a tan background. 
(9" x 12") " In Loving Arms"

And, I have one that I have not finished yet!
Here are some progress pictures.
And, this is where I'm at now.
Big Hugs 😀