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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Hi Everyone!
Hope you're all well!
I can't believe I haven't posted in such a long time! I just have been feeling kind of out of it. Everything is well, but I think, I was thinking too much and you know what that does....makes you worry and that's what I was doing! Thoughts can really screw up your brain! LOL!

Sorry, no new art!

Then, my computer was acting funny. Is Mercury in retrograde? LOL! So, I cleaned the cache and dumped a lot of pictures into the trash. Actually, it was mostly of my older art. When you have been painting since 2009, that's a lot of images! It felt good, almost like a Spring cleaning. Touch wood, my computer is working ok now!

I've started a Redbubble store! I made a post awhile back, when I was working on t-shirts and deleted everything by accident. Well, this time, I didn't do any of that! LOL! I've only done a couple of designs. I'll be adding more. I did this because I know so many have asked for t-shirts, cards, prints, etc. I wasn't sure with Redbubble at first, but with the on going communcation, I feel more comfortable!

Please if you purchase anything from me, or anyone else on that site, sign up for their e-mails. You will get "coupons" in the mail. I've seen them go up to 30% off.

Some of the good things for this site, free returns and exchanges and you don't have to pay the postage!
Sizes for everyone!
If you have to pay customs, take a picture of the proof and fill out their form. They will give the fee you had to pay, back to you.

I have everything listed in Canadian dollars and if I go to other shops, I see Canadian dollars too. So, I don't know if it depends on which country you are from, if you see in your currency.

πŸ˜€The girl who ordered the leggings, gets them this Tuesday, the 21st! She said she mainly looks for 3 things, "fit" (if they pinch or if she has to keep pulling them up), are they easy to wash and if they are transparent. Hopefully everything goes well and in the next couple of posts, I will be showing pictures!

One last thing!
I'm so fortunate with the people I've met through my art. There is one customer who just lost a friend suddenly. Her friend had a cat and no one wanted it. So she took "Arthur" in. Being a little hesitate, because she thought she wasn't a cat person.

Well, she loves Arthur and says he is so sweet. The one thing he has done, is attached himself to my paintings. It doesn't matter where she has them, he wants to be around them. She kept moving them, but decided not to anymore and let him be with them. I thought this was such a precious story, since I love cats!

Here is Arthur!

Big Hugs πŸ˜ƒ


  1. Arthur is obviously a cat of taste and discrimination.
    Looking forward to hearing/seeing the positive review of your leggings.

  2. I was just thinking this morning that I must have missed your postings in my feed since it couldn't POSSIBLY have been so long since you had posted!

    The Redbubble thing sounds like a great way to get your art-related stuff out into the world. I'll have a look.

  3. Arthur has good taste.
    Hope those leggings score a perfect ten on all three accounts.

  4. Heh, know exactly what you mean about thoughts screwing up the brain. Happens to me all the time! Hope you're feeling less out of it now...

    Also, how exciting about the Redbubble shop! That's awesome how you're able to create such a wide variety of products there with your artwork.

    And awww, Arthur is so precious. How darling that he's so fond of your paintings like that!

  5. Wishing you the very best with your Redbubble shop Stacy! You are amazing and so busy! How do you find the time and the energy!!!
    Arthur has great taste in art!!! Hope the feedback on the leggings is all positive!!!

    Much Love and Hugs

  6. Love that story about Arthur and his love of your art! He has good taste . . . or maybe he'd just like to taste a crow!

    Congrats on your Redbubble site! You KNOW I need a Happy Baby Crow t-shirt so I'm heading over there now to order one, lol.

  7. Arthur is beautiful. Congrats on your new venture. I will definitely be checking it out. I know what you mean about thinking too much. I'm good at that. Sometimes I think so much I end up in tears. Then I tell myself. One cannot change the past, can only make the future better.

  8. Congrats on getting your redbubble up and running. I totally get the thinking too much thing. My brain NEVER shuts up. Something is always stirring the pot and it drives me nuts! :-)
    That is so neat about Arthur. Obviously he has wonderful taste. love & blessings

  9. I completely agree with you about thinking! Overthinking can be so complicated and seems to just add stress. I spent time this summer cleaning up old photos on the computer. It seemed to make a big difference in how my computer was and is running. Good luck!

    The new site for putting up your work sounds great.

    I love, love, love the Arthur story. How sweet that he is attached to your paintings. Smart kitty. ;)

  10. Just getting around to commenting on blogs today. Yeah, I have to purge my computer too. It's starting to slow down.

  11. what a sweet story about Arthur. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Hope you are getting a smile on your face watching that cat. Pets are good therapy, I enjoy others though.

  13. Good luck, with your endeavors with your art business.

    What a lovely story about Arthur that despite a sad beginning it ended up with happy ending always good.

  14. Arthur sure is beautiful! Thank you so very much for sharing his happy ending story ... as you know I LOVE cats too and enjoy hearing about them!

  15. What a lovely story about Arthur!

    Redbubble shop looks wonderful. I'm amazed by the variety of products your art can be printed on. All the best, Stacy.

  16. Haven't been around much either as still doing online retreat...who knew 14 days was such a long time lol. i'm sure your customer will just love the leggings, what's not to love about anything with your art on it...ask Arthur :) XXX

  17. Iv'e been feeling out of sorts also, and I believe the retrograde is leaving...whoohoo for that. Awesome that Arthur can feel the vibes of your paintings. Glad the comps back to running smooth.

  18. oh, I recently lost a lot of my photos..turns out they went into a file that was unknown..I had to search everywhere!!
    glad the computer is working again:)
    congratulations on your store..that's fantastic!!
    How adorable is Arthur..& how awesome that your friend took him in!
    big hugs!!

  19. Excited to hear that review on the leggings. And, oh, I LOVE the Arthur story. He has good taste in Art. Note: the word "Art" is in his name!

  20. Thank you for sharing the bit about the kitty--I'm grinning like a crazy person. Another way for people to buy your yummy art? Fantastic! I wish you the best with Redbubble. I shall go and lurk around your new shop... soon!

    Hugs and kisses!

  21. Thanks for the update. :) Good luck with the store.

  22. Wow your store looks great! I had not heard of that site before. So glad your friends cat got a home and wow loves your art. LOL I will have to take a photo of your art in my house so you can see how I displayed it. Have a great week and say hi to your mom for me. hugs.

  23. Hope the lady likes the leggings! Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

    Arthur is cute. Seems like he likes high places. :)

  24. congrats on your redbubble store!! And wow, that cat has great taste in art and how INTERESTING that he wants to be by your paintings - what a complicatment that is.

  25. Arthur's story just gives goose bumps:) I love it.

  26. Arthur certainly has excellent taste!!
    Your Rebubble store sounds a great idea...wishing you all the best with it...I am sure it will be a huge success!!😊😊

    Lots of love and hugs xoxoxo

  27. I think your store looks great, I hope it goes well for you.
    Such a lovely story about Arthur, nice to see his photographs.

    Enjoy the rest of your week.
    My good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  28. This is great that all is going smooth my friend!
    Your store looks so appealing and i am so happy for you that you are getting positive response even from Arthur who seems as cat of taste!

  29. Sounds like things are back on track for you, as I just played catch-up on your posts. I'm not sure when your birthday was, Stacy. But I hope it was wonderful and Happy Painting. Along with a great big side of boogie boogie.


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