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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Hi Everyone!
Hope you're all doing well!
I've been doing tones of gardening! It's weird, this year I have not watered anything and everything is going crazy! LOL! I think it's all of the humidity with the heat this year! When you get up in the morning, everything is wet!

Here are some pictures for you. The Rose Of Sharon are doing really well. I've already trimmed them 3 times!
The large patch of mint, had to be cut back. The new growth is already starting to come up. 

Some different views.
Then I have my "wild" side. Whatever wants to grow there, I let it be, until Autumn and then everything gets cut back. This is just a small portion of it. 

I did finish an ink drawing! 
"Whispering Winds Of Love" (9" x 12")

I'm enjoying the ink drawings so much! I feel being able to get more expression into my crow's eyes, is such a plus!!! 

I have one little exciting news to share! You know I've been doing the designs of my crow paintings on clothing. Well, I haven't purchased any of the designs and I know it's hard for customers to purchase, especially, when there is no returns. But, guess what!!! I had my first legging purchase today. She bought these ones. 

I have been writing back and forth with her, telling her how excited I am. I found out she is a yoga instructor and an aerialist. So cool! So, in our conversations, she said she will be totally honest with me, on how they wear and also, I asked if someone could take pictures of her, so I could use them in my store. She said for sure and would make sure they will be cool pictures. Maybe she will be hanging upside down?? LOL! Now, I am crossing my fingers she loves the leggings!!

Take Care, Big Hugs 😀


  1. WONDERFUL news about the leggings. And I hope she does take a photo hanging upside down.
    Love your garden, your creatity and you.

  2. That's awesome! Congratulations! I love that ink painting, you are so talented. Your garden is lovely!

  3. Awesome someone bought the leggings!
    Wow, I wish our yard looked half that good.
    And Rose of Sharyn is a great Killswitch Engage song.

  4. Your garden is doing wonderfully Stacy!!!
    I just love your new pen and ink drawings!!! They are stunning!!!
    WOW!!! Those leggings are fantastic!!!
    I can hardly wait for you to get feedback on them!!!

    You are having a good life and I am so happy for you!!!

    Big Hugs and Much Love ❤❤❤

  5. Your garden is looking good. The new painting is wonderful. And great news about the leggings, I hope we soon get to see them in action! Have a wonderful day, hugs, Valerie

  6. Ooh, your garden is so lovely. And love the new ink drawing! The splash of color is a fun touch. And I had no idea there were leggings with your artwork on 'em--how cool that you made a sale!

  7. That is fantastic news about the leggings. I think they are gorgeous. Hoping it all goes well. Your garden is beautiful. Oh, the Rose of Sharon. So pretty.

  8. Such a pretty garden. I think the humidity has made everything grow with wild abandon. Your drawing is fantastic!

  9. your ink drawings are beautiful,, so is your garden and the sale of the leggings is wonderful,, what an advertisement this would be if she takes photos!! That is wonderful! The leggings are beautiful!

  10. Yay! Awesome news about the legging sale. I hope the yoga teacher loves them. Can't wait to see the picture of her in them. So cool!

    Your garden looks lovely. It has been the most humid summer I can ever remember in Connecticut.

  11. Congrats on selling the first leggings! YAY!!!! Happy Dance!! I hope that she is very pleased. :)

    LOVE the garden! We're having a banner year here too without container gardens and both the blueberries and blackberries around here are out of control! We haven't had the heat, but we have had consistently sunny days which is probably even better.

    I love all the pics of the wild things growing. :) Your ink drawings are progressing at a seriously amazing rate! They've all been beautiful but you are really honing in on those details and adding the touches of color all of which really seem to bring them to life! Keep at it. : )

    Big Crow Hugs!

  12. Stacy! Your sale to the yoga instructor is so exciting! Hope she does send some cool pics, and maybe her students will buy some too! That would be terrific! Your yard looks so nice! Our plants are doing well too, we had lots of rain in June and July. Love your ink drawings too, it's a nice variation of your work! ~ Diane

  13. Awesome leggings. Love your peaceful looking yard too, but your new crow is just toooooo sweet!

  14. I love your entire garden, but you know your "wild" side is my favorite bit. It looks like Nature is having a party. :-)

    Your ink work is magnificent. It looks like you are enjoying it to no end.

  15. Wonderful news about sale of your leggings; they really look beautiful. As for your ink drawings; I'm in love with them.

    Your featured drawing "I am All Things Possible" haunts me (beautifully) each time I visit your blog.

    And oh, the garden looks lovely and inviting!

  16. Your Rose of Sharon are GORGEOUS!! Everything looks so great!! Loving your new art too!!!

    Love and blessings!!!

  17. Thanks for coming to my blog. I have not been on anyone’s blog this year and I’m sorry about that. Going to visit my husband, unpacking, traveling to GA, packing, etc., takes all my time. But I do read the news once in a while and that is why I came. First, congratulation on your lovely pen drawings, on selling leggings and on your garden. This is what I read and wanted to pass on to you in case you did not see it. On French news I saw that a French theme park has trained 6 “intelligent” crows to pick up rubbish in the park. Of course I think all crows are intelligent. Here is the link to the article in English on France 24: .

  18. I can't remember ever seeing your garden so green! Your positive energy s certainly spreading around you :D Love all the detail you are getting in your new inky style...and congrats on the sale XXX

  19. Congratulations on the sale!!!! I am excited to see the photos too. She will be a good source of advertising for you. Your yard and garden looks amazing. It is so pretty. I love the way you are making the feathers in your painting. Have a great weekend.

  20. Oh, your garden sure looks good. Love the pink coloured flowers.

    Brilliant news about the leggings, I do hope she takes some photo's for you - that would be so good.

    Enjoy your weekend, we are having a restful one.

    All the best Jan

  21. wow - that is great bout the leggings - i love the photos u posted and hope she shares hers with you. I really an enjoying your "ink" drawings - i agree - it's easier to put more detail in drawings and paintings. Your back yard makes me wish I still had all that green to work with (my house i owned before I use to always be in the yard working in the dirt - i love it.

  22. You have beautiful gardens, yard. I see a lot of work goes into it...and congrats on your sale! Drawings are hard to do but glad you can do it so well

  23. I love your news. Can't wait to hear the reviews on the quality of the leggings. We already know that they will LOOK cool, because they have your beautiful art on them! Your yard is looking gorgeous!

  24. Many congrats on your sale, Stacy! Woo Hoo!
    Your garden looks great. I love Rose of Sharon:) I had a couple when I lived in IN.
    Whispering is wondrous. The eyes have it:)

  25. Your plants look lovely! I wish I had a little more time to go out and garden. But it's a little hot anyway.

    Love the crow painting. And that's so cool about the Yoga instructor. I think she'll love the pants.

  26. As I said before, I like your garden - a lot.
    How cool that you sold those leggings. I also hope that she liked them and it would be cool for you to see the photos if she takes any.

  27. Yay! HUGE Congrats on the legging sale, and I know she'll love your artistry so much! My goodness, your yard looks quite lovely and neat. I definitely have a purple thumb because everything grow is pretty much a disaster.(lol) Hugs...RO

  28. Oh Sweetie, such a beautiful garden!! It must be wonderful to just sit there and relax on sunny days.:)
    Congrats on the sale of your stunning leggings...and I do so hope she sends you some photos soon. We would all love to see them!
    Your drawings are truly amazing...just like you! :))

    All my Love & Hugs xoxoxo

  29. I love that little splash of brown in Whispering you put in for the branch.
    I had a cat (my icon:) that loved mint. I grew it for him and it took over everything:)

  30. Congrats on the sale. The yard looks great, I can't wait to figure out how to grow here, I miss gardening and tending landscaped spaces.

  31. your garden is looking really good. Mine is an absolute disaster. I have no energy or ambition. We did finish the kitchen and trying to prepare for a sale...........I really like the ink drawings, a big change.You are right, the eyes are good

  32. I love your garden! Looks very serene! :D
    Your ink drawings are coming along beautifully!! Nice to see you exploring with different mediums that excite you! :D
    Yay for the sale!!!! All of her students/clients are going to want to know where she got those amaznig leggings! good job!

  33. Those leggings are the cat's meow:)

  34. You own wonderful garden Stacy!

    Congratulations for first purchase my friend!

    I bet your clothes with beautiful art is going to be popular and you gonna get not only lots of money but great happiness as artist!


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