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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Hi Everyone!
Hope you're all doing well!
I've been doing tones of cleaning, outside and inside. It looks good when it's done, but I just wish it would last longer! LOL!

Do you remember this painting?
Well, I decided to change it. I took lots of progress photos, and I don't know where they are? LOL! I hope you like the finished piece.
"Let Your Divine Radiance Shine"
(The cool part about this painting, I used my acrylic paints, and some of the black ink, that I've been using for drawing.)

Hopefully you can see some of the details with the black ink. 
I also made some aceo's! I haven't made them in a long time! For those of you who don't know, aceo's are 2.5" x 3.5", (the size of a baseball card). Again, I used acrylic paint and the black ink.

"Campfire Love"
"Autumn Fun"
"You Are Special"
Big Hugs 😀

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Hi Everyone!
Hope you're all doing well!
I hate to say this, for all of you that love summer, but as soon as August comes, I'm thinking of Autumn! LOL! Saying that, I have to admit, I find this Spring/Summer season has been going by very fast!
Remember, there is a full moon with a total lunar eclipse this Friday July 27th. Look up in your area, when it will occur.

Our baby bunnies are getting big. They come right beside our house. I guess they feel safe. They sit there for quite awhile!
I finished two more drawings!
They are both 6" x 8".
"Howdy" (I'm glad I kept going with this one, because I was going to throw it in the garbage!)
"Hello Beautiful Soul"

Big Hugs 😃

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Hi Everyone!
Hope you're all doing well!
It has went back to normal temperatures here, after our rain storm. I just wish the rain kept going, because it's all dry again!

I have to admit, drawing my crows have consumed me! LOL! Not saying that I will never go back to painting, but for right now, I'm really enjoying this! The paper I'm using, I can paint on it too, so sometimes around the beak and eyes, I'm using acrylic paint. It's been a lot of fun creating the designs.

I've finished 3 more! You'll notice, some I have used the same names. I didn't think that mattered, because the images are different.

The first two are, "I Am All Things Possible"

My first baby crow drawing! (6" x 8")

(9" x 12")

"The Answers Are Within" (9" x 12")
Hope you enjoyed them, as much as I have been creating them!

Big Hugs 😀

Friday, July 13, 2018

Hi Everyone 😀
Hope you're all well!
Thank you for the great comments on my last post! I bought some new black ink pens. When I feel the urge, there might be more drawings! I actually was thinking of doing a series of "I Am All Things Possible". I will see where my pens take me!

Do you remember this painting?
Well, not that I didn't like the painting anymore, but I just had an idea, so I went for it. Here are some progress pictures! (lots of pictures)

Finished painting- "You Are The Gift" (10" x 20" canvas)
"Close Up"

Big Hugs 😀

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Hi Everyone
Hope you're all doing well.
These past few days, I was thinking too much! You know what I mean? When you start doubting yourself?
I was editing again, putting my art on merchandise and I was just tired of doing it. It's fun seeing your art take life in other ways, but I would rather be painting!

So, I stopped and actually finished a painting, but when I looked at the painting, I didn't like it.

Then my mind started to take over! Thinking, maybe I should do something else? Should I keep going with my crows? ( Other things were going on at this time and it was leading me to think this way. Isn't it funny how something totally different, can affect you?)

I had a pad of paper, thick paper, that I bought ages ago. I said to myself, calm down and took some deep breaths. When I paint, I really don't "plan". I just start to paint. If I draw first, it's just for an idea. You probably wouldn't even know what I drew! LOL!

But, when I looked at this paper, I thought, why not draw one of my crows, using a thin black ink pen. I went for it.
It was freeing. You can't "cover" up anything or "erase" anything. And, I wasn't thinking!
Finished Piece- "I Am All Things Possible"
Who knows, I might do more?
Guess what? The next morning, I woke up to having sold 2 paintings, to a new customer! Grateful! I guess I'm suppose to keep creating my crows! 😃
Truly, deep down in my soul, I do love my crows. I don't know if I could ever stop creating them.
Lesson learned *never stop listening to your soul/heart*.

Big Hugs!

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Hi Everyone!
Hope you're all well!
Happy 4th of July to my American friends!
I know many of you are in the same heat wave as I am, so please keep cool! The only thing that is good with all this heat and humidity, is that I don't have to cut the lawn! LOL!

But, seriously, I'd rather be back in Alaska right now. (this picture was taken many years ago in Denali Alaska.)
Nice and cool and relaxing! I didn't have to shovel snow, I was on vacation! LOL!

I did finish a painting.
Here are some progress pictures.

Finished painting - "Wings Of Love" (10" x 20" canvas)

Yesterday, I worked for about 5 hours, with different designs to put on all kinds of t-shirts and sweatshirts, etc.
Imagine this image,

On this,

But, guess what? I deleted everything!!!
Back to the drawing board! LOL!

Talk to you all soon!
Big Hugs 😃

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Happy Canada Day!
I hope all who are celebrating, are having fun with their families and friends!
Big Hugs 😃