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Monday, June 4, 2018

Hi Everyone!
Hope you're all well!
The temperatures have cooled down here. It's like fall! So nice! But, I know by next week, the heat will be on again!

My friends are back. I have counted 3 so far.
The wild flowers that I showed before, have started to bloom! I have tones this year. I love them. They just keep spreading.
I have tones of these purple flowers. Not sure the name of them.
Thanks to all of you, that wrote to me about blogger. I have found some of your blogs are not showing up for me, when you make a new post. Just know, I will be around!!

I have really thought about putting a collection of my paintings together, in a little book. With their names and some positive affirmations. I know I could self publish, but then I was thinking of doing something myself. What I would like to know from all of you. Would you mind an "open" side? I don't know how to say it. But, like these images.
I would be going to a professional printer to get it done.  Don't be shy, I would really like your feed back.

I was thinking about cards or postcards again too.

I did manage to get one painting finished.
Here are some progress pictures.
Finished painting,
"Play Time" (5" x 5" wood)

By the way, Happy June!
I have decided to do a 90 day challenge! Basically, you do one thing, that your heart is calling out for you to do. Stepping out of your old story. So many things have changed in my soul and I'm excited to do this. After 90 days, I will let you know what happened!
If any of you want to  join in, please do!

I have to tell you, I've already done one thing! I chopped my hair all off! Yes I did. You wouldn't believe the looks I've been getting! LOL! As you all know, my hair is very fine. I was starting to dye it again and do the comb over. After I did the last painting, about Don't Hide Your Imperfections, Celebrate Them! I smartened up and did what my heart told me to do. I've wanted to do this for such a long time! Not saying I will keep it this short, but it's so freeing! It's good not to hide!!!!

Talk Soon!
Big Hugs 😀


  1. Wow, that one is so much smaller than I thought.
    You have an army of author friends here who'd be happy to give you some tips about putting together a book.
    You have chipmunks - do you also have squirrels?

  2. Your friends are adorable Stacy!
    Those wildflowers are gorgeous!
    I would choose the first one for the book idea...which by the way is a great idea!
    Your new painting is so beautiful!!!
    I am sure you feel much better in your short hair!

    Enjoy the cool weather while you can!!!

    Big Hugs and Much Love

  3. Your new painting is delightful, just love it! Your garden is looking great. That's a wonderful idea to make a book from your lovely work. Enjoy your short hair! Have a wonderful day, BIG hugs, Valerie

  4. Happy June.

    I'm just having trouble getting notifications of new comments on blogger. But it's always something and in the big scheme of things, none of it is that awful, I suppose.

  5. Love your friends. And your art.
    I think youe blue flowers come from the Aquilegia family. Also known as Colombines and Grannies Bonnet.

  6. Beautiful post!...I think the white flowers are some form of anenome and the purple are def columbine. Playtime is perfection...and I just had all my hair cut off again...just one less thing to think about lol *and all those hats out there waiting to be worn* XXX

  7. The 90 day challenge sounds like so much fun, but I'm at a loss. Since I retired four years ago life I have done nothing but challenge myself. Back to college. Dancing after 50 years. But I think I will try to join in. Must be some challenges left for me. LOL!!! Love your paintings and flowers.

  8. Love your friends. I love your painting as always its magical art. I have a new blog for my darker stuff and would love it if you followed me there the link is column on my normal blog. I love the idea of the 90 day challenge. I did the same thing with my hair this year. got hubby to chop off my ponytale lol. I have decided to go with my dark side lots more in the art field so stepping out and stepping in. Hugs June x

  9. Your garden looks splendid. I love the purple flowers whatever they are called. The chipmunks are as cute as the baby crows in your sweet painting. Good for you for having the courage to step out of your comfort zone.

  10. I bet you look good in short hair! Those flowers are columbines, but I see others have already commented on that.

  11. I love love your baby crows,, the way you paint them is wonderful,, yup, Columbines,, so beautiful,, they come in pink and a multi color as well, I think there might be yellow and white as well!! Sometimes the birds spread the seeds,,cutting your hair is a freeing light feeling! I'm sure its beautiful!

  12. Love the cute little chimpmunks! Wish I could see some around here, but Bootsy, my cat, likes to kill them. It's best they stay away. Your newest painting looks adorable. I really like the purple color in it. Your book idea is good. Maybe you can put together some sample art and inspirational quotes and query some publishers. Look for ones that publish inspirational things. (A book, Writers and Illustrators Market can give you names of publishers and contact information.) Hugs!

  13. This is such a good post. Critters, flowers, art and book ideas. I have self published 5 books. Coil binding is better than comb binding. I have a system to thermal heat my books. I also print my own on a laser printer. With that said there are printers who specialize in what you want to print. Set up a mock book and take it in. Get different bids for the printing. This is a great idea and I know you will follow through.

  14. The temperatures cooled down around here, too, but the heat is on its ways again. Soon. The blue jays and the bees have been visiting.

    About open side books, hm... I think I prefer the closed side (I've no idea if that is what they are called).

    I hope your 90 days challenge is everything you want and then some. Many hugs!

  15. Good for you for cutting your hair!! :) That was brave. :) Your art is so lovely, I love Play Time! Personally I like the spirals better than those plastic binder thingies when it comes to putting books together, and what a great idea you have! I would do something like that for myself too! May I steal your idea? ;) Your 90 day challenge sounds wonderful. I'm doing something similar and it feels like a great daily dose of encouragement and self-therapy! :) Good luck with yours!! xx

  16. Really lovely painting. It sounds interesting your plans for paintings. Good luck with them
    Big hugs

  17. Well, now I want to see the new haircut!!!

    love the purple flowers, that deep blue violet is my favorite color. :) I don't think I can commit to a 90-day because of things going on, but I'm just going to try to get into my studio and paint every day I can. That's probably all the challenge I can handle!

  18. Suce a cute painting, love it! Mom crow looks a bit exhausted with her playful youngsters ;-) Love the wild flowers too. And I'd love to see a pic of you with your hair chopped off :-) About the book: great idea! I wouldn't mind an open side, makes it easier to lay flat. Have a great week!

  19. love the idea of a 90 day challenge. I LIKE the open sided version the best and I think it's a great idea if you publish your paintings with favorite quotes, etc. I also enjoyed your chipmunk photos which reminds me how much I loved to watch them in my yard until the day the feral cats took root and stayed around. Now we don't have ground squirrel (we do have tree squirrels) or chipmunks. But...the cats........are.....loved, fed, tended to and adorable!

  20. white flowers are Canadian Anemone and purple Clematis

  21. I think the book is an EXCELLENT idea, truly!

    Huge Blessings and hugs!

  22. So happy for you Stacy I love getting haircuts lately I have been wearing it long I think I too need to up date it. I cut Tealyns hair short... lol I love the paintings

  23. Your paintings are always perfect, Stacy.

    Do we get to see your new haircut? I hope so.

    Have a beautiful day.

    Yvonne xx

  24. Personal preference would be to have a solid binding. The open binding makes me think "school manual." *shrugs*

  25. the painting is so beautiful.. I love the squirrel.. they are so adorable..

  26. Those chipmunks are adorable! I’ve never seen one in person.

    Cards and postcards would be a brilliant table. And a coffee table-styled art book would also be neat.

  27. Lovely is your garden! It just keeps growing and delighting just like you and your crows. :-)

    Isn't wonderful to do something meaningful like challenging yourself; a 90 day challenge! Love this, "Stepping out of your old story." It's powerful.

    I'm happy to hear you're going along with book plans. I think it'd look good with a "closed" side. Play around, and see what works for you. Big Hugs!

    1. Thanks you so much, dear one for the shout-out of my book. You're so kind and generous. <3

  28. Oh those gorgeous little chipmunks!!
    I remember feeding them by hand when I was in Canada, many years ago...such a privilege! :)
    Wow, your 90 day challenge is so inspiring...oh please do let us know how it is going?!

    I love the idea of your book plan...and I really like the idea of an open binding...I think it would look very professional!:))

    And your painting is...WOW...absolutely stunning!!

    Much Love & Hugs xoxoxo

  29. Your painting "Play Time" is just lovely.
    With regard to your book I would go for a closed , more solid looking binding.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    All the best Jan

  30. I have been so busy in the garden I have neglected my visits. Love the new painting........did you know you can get your blog printed out? I do that now and then. I need to do so again. Anyway good luck in the endeavour Luv Janice

  31. I like the idea of a 90 day challenge. I think it would keep one 'centered' with the progress one makes in that time-frame. As so much can happen just in one week! I have been remiss about blogging. I just did a post about a newly released children's book Whale in a Fishbowl which my lovely brother wrote. The book is available on Amazon. Please come to my blog to see more about the book and a link to my brother's blog where he talks about his book. I am so excited for him! And I have missed our chats, Stacy. Life has been busy for me taking care of grandkids, and also moving from our home of 35 years. I love your artwork you are posting, and the collection of artwork being put into a book would be lovely. If you did postcards, you could put a perferation in the centerfold of the book so the post cards could be pulled out by anyone who would like to give them to other people. Just an idea.
    Cheers! Yes, it's been hot in California, but we did have a very long, and lovely spring, which is not normal for this area.
    Take care my dear!
    Miss Teresa in California

  32. Beautiful new art Stacy, Love the energy and colors! Yay, sweet little chipmunks! Your book will be SO amazing however you choose to create it, congrats!! I love your 90 day challenge idea..shine on! I will let you know if i try something new!

    Glad you are enjoying your new hairdo! I snip my hair often, i find it releases a lot of energy.. for in our hair is so much original essence and memory and emotion! It is quite freeing!! Enjoy!

    PS: those flowers to me look like Aquilegia/Columbine family...they are so pretty! I have some pink ones that come up.
    Thanks for sharing your heart and spirit always!

  33. great idea about the book!
    it's nice you cut your hair.
    Love the painting and the chipmunks:)

  34. Play time is beautiful!

    I love the idea of a book. I like open sides when they are bound by metal (more than plastic- more durable in my opinion).

    How awesome that you cut your hair. I chopped my very long hair a few months ago (cut it myself one day). So freeing! Enjoy! :)

  35. What a wonderful and charming painting! Your visitor is so cute. I'm sure a book by you would be lovely.

  36. It certainly is good not to hide - good for you to cut off your hair. It IS a big step, isn't it? BTW I cut my long long hair as well, it now "falls" at my ears and I love it. Such a difference.

    The painting is so cute, I love it. It's always inspiring to see the progress pictures and follow your process.

  37. I love the idea of you publishing a book with your lovely artwork and positive affirmations. That just sounds like a really phenomenal idea. I adore all purple flowers, and your look so amazing! Hugs and Happy Monday! RO

  38. Aw, "Play Time" is such a cute painting! Your chipmunk friends look pretty adorable, too. :D

    Also, a print collection of your paintings is such a great idea! I don't think I'd mind a spiral spine--I've purchased a couple books like that in the past--but I'd probably worry about tearing a page out by accident a little.

  39. I love cutting my hair but I also like it long too. It's for me, just fun to play with. Usually in the Autumn I will chop a bunch off around the equinox.

    I don't have advice in terms of book publishing but I like Alex's answer. Many around you to help. Also, are you on Instagram? It's a place to share your art and build and audience - if interested.

    Whatever you do, you have such great art. I have no doubt you will shine. Happy 90-Day Challenge!

  40. Still working backwards, Stacy! I have no problem with your binding books the way you illustrated. I like the spiral rings better than the plastic ones ~ speaking as an elementary teacher, they hold up better. Let me know when you get your book published. I've been collecting books by blogging friends, and I'd be delighted to buy yours! Hugs to you, my friend!


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