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Friday, June 29, 2018

Hi Everyone!
Hope you're all well!
We are in record breaking temperatures, starting today, into next week. Not sure when it's going to let up. Actually "they" say, it might be one of the hottest summers ever!

I bet you all want to know who won my giveaway, well, you are going to have to wait, till the end of this post! LOL!

I started a new painting. (lots of pictures)
But, it wasn't clicking with me, so I started again!
I actually liked the colours above, but when I started to paint.........
Something was lost. I was forcing things. So, I started again and it finally clicked!
Finished painting- Be Love (11" x 14" on wood)
Ok, now to announce the winner. Technically, I was suppose to announce the winner yesterday, but I'm glad I didn't because I had some people comment late. 
The winner is...........
Yeh Debra! 
I truly wish I could give you all something! But, just to let you know, I will be having another giveaway in September!
Big Hugs😃


  1. Very beautiful and so touching it!!!
    Congratulations Debra!!!

    Big Hugs ❤❤❤

  2. What a sweet painting. Congrats to Debra

  3. Love that you are prepared to wait/and or start again until the painting is right. And Be Love is most definitely right.
    Big congratulations to Debra.
    Stay as cool as you can. Hugs.

  4. Woo hoo! Today is my lucky day! *happy dance* I will email you privately with my address, etc. Thank you so much, Stacy!

  5. It's extremely hot here, too. Congrats to Debra! Love the new painting, too. Have a great weekend, keep cool! Hugs, Valerie

  6. Oooow that is so gorgeous! and congrats to Debra :D XXX

  7. We're right in that heat wave with you. Too hot for me to go out, but I know I have to. Maybe not today, but at some point. Had a feeling we were in for a rough summer. Contrats to Debra.

  8. It turned out great. Did you paint over it? Because I really dig the background on the second one.
    Here we are hot, hot, hot!

  9. oh I love this,, its beautiful, such a tenderness about it,, Congratulations Debra!!!!!!

  10. I love this painting! The background is perfect too. Congrats to Debra! It's bad here too. The humidity is the killer though. If the temperature is in the 90's then the heat index is at least 110F. It feels like Satan is breathing on us.

  11. congrats Deborah. What a difference in paintings

  12. Many congratulations to Debra.
    I love your painting here.

    We too are having it too hot, hot, hot in the UK.
    Off to have some iced tea.

    All the best Jan

  13. Such a gorgeous painting! I love when you share and show your visual and intuitive process...awesome! Yay, congrats to Debra! Enjoy!
    Wishing you a fabulous wkd my friend and an early Happy Canada Day!

  14. Ohhh I am so glad you kept going until you found the right "click" for this art piece. It is so touching and has a lot of emotion. Congrats to Debra she is a very nice person. Thanks for the well wishes for us too. They are needed. Hugs and love

  15. Congrats Debra, what a wonderful win!

    A beautiful end result; your painting. There's some vivid tenderness and affection. Well done, Stacy... Hugs

  16. Congrats to Debra!!! Be Love is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  17. wow love your new painting - adorable! Good job on that. And hurray for lucky Debra!

  18. p.s. i really love the painting and noticed that even the crow alone with that background you ended up painting is a treasure also. And since you take pics along the way you will have that one also that you could make a card out of....

  19. We are sizzling here, too. My umbrellas are up, protecting my wee urban garden. The fact that my pots sit on concrete makes the whole thing even hotter. So, I have to shade them and water twice, sometimes thrice a day. But I don't mind. They look happy.

    I always love seeing your work as it is born. Not just because I love the backgrounds, but also because I can continue to imagine them under that glorious scenes you bring to life.

    Congratulations, Debra!

  20. Amazing to see all the changes this painting went through till it finally clicked for you. The end result is so sweet and lovely!

  21. Congrats to Debra - lucky winner!

    It is interesting to see your work in progress.

    it is very hot here as well...

  22. Your new painting is absolutely precious! I really do love it a lot!

    Many blessings and lots of hugs!

  23. Wow, the transformations in that painting are huge. It's only because you said it was the same painting, otherwise I would've thought you were working on 3 paintings at once ;-) The end result is beautiful and so sweet.... Congrats to Debra!

  24. Hola paso por tu blog a dejar la huella del mio.
    Por si deseas visitar.


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