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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Hi Everyone!
Hope you're all well!

I've been getting lots of "messages" from blogger. One about the privacy thing and now about comments? I just want everything to stay the same! If any of you know about the comments, can you let me know? It said something about "open ID" comments are no more?

About our privacy, I think we have to write our own message?
I think it's all confusing!

On a "brighter" note. I want to share why, I keep the "wild flowers" growing in our yard!
I have my own "natural" deweeder! Is that a word? LOL
If you leave things alone, nature will take care of it's self 😃
Do you remember this?
"Finished" painting- (8" x 16" wood)
"Don't Hide Your Imperfections"
"Find Beauty In The Innocence Of Them"
Many of you have been commenting about my backgrounds, as in, just leaving the paintings, without my crows. I did that once and it wasn't me. Personally, I love adding layer, upon layer of paint. I'm telling a story, even if you can't see what's back there. I know it's there.

I did finish one more painting.
"Bring The Real You To The World" (5" x 5" wood)
Big Hugs 😃


  1. Awww, I love bunnies and I love that you've left flowers for your guest! Your new pieces are very powerful.

  2. yup, mother nature knows whats best lol,, I love the strong independent woman you are, you know your own mind,, good for you!! Your painting find beauty in the innocence, its beautiful, I love the rawness of it,

  3. Hi Stacy! I am totally confused and waiting to see where all of this is going. If blogging must become a big legal mess than I will take my leave. It was working and simplified before...that's usually when it gets messed with!
    Love your paintings and I also love your backgrounds...but you are the one that needs to determine what style you want to do. No matter... you'll always be MagicLoveCrow to me!

    Hugs and Much Love Always ❤💕❤💕❤

    1. Oops!!!Love your cute and great photos!
      "Deweeder" for me 💕🐇💞

  4. lovely painting, not sure about the messages, maybe to thwart anonymous rambles

  5. I have the same philosophy about things in the wild as you do! What a cute bunny. :)

    Your paintings are fabulous. I especially like Bring the Real You to the world. Powerful piece.

    Oh- and I agree about the privacy. We put up a link with what we believe we need to have on our blog. From what we read things are covered with Blogger- so you should be fine.

  6. Those are great!
    Bunny made short work of that dandelion.
    I thought they killed Open ID comments a while back?

  7. This privacy thing is all very confusing to me as well. I'm getting emails every day. I have no idea what's going on. That little bunny is so cute. In the one photo he looks like he has a toothpick hanging out of his mouth. You are a very talented artist. I tried my hand at it. Bought all the pains, brushes, etc, but it didn't last long. Maybe one day I will pick it up and try again.

  8. So far, I have not gotten any messages from blogger but who knows? If I find anything out, I will let you know. :)

    Love your resident bunny! SO right about nature!

  9. I love when nature takes over. i just ignore the messages.

  10. i haven't gotten any emails just see the disclaimer about the EU privacy on the Blogger stats page. Very confusing. IMO since we are using Blogger, it should be on them to comply with EU rules and regulations. Your bunny is cousin to the bunnies in my yard. I love watching them eat the dandelions like spaghetti.

  11. Your art is so beautiful, such awesome works..I love them both. Be true to you..and keep shining! aww.. I am in love with your rabbit, so beautiful a soul!
    I am not sure about all of the new rules, still learning! I am hoping blogger will just create a new format for us all where everything legal/correct is already done . I haven't wanted to disable my comments on my blog..for that would defeat the whole purpose of visiting/connecting/sharing/leaving a kind word!
    I hope things work out for us all in blogland!

  12. Those are amazing paintings..

  13. I've no idea what's going on with Blogger and comments, sorry. But I love your visitor--lucky you!

    About the first painting, I love your layers and how you share the process with it. I like the empty backgrounds (even own one, remember?), but I love the stories you tell us when you populate the backgrounds with crows. And in this one, the contracts between the brightness of the background and the darkness of the crow and crow girl are brilliant!

  14. I love and am awed by your paintings. Their layers and complexity give them depth - depth such that I can see new positivity each time I look.
    Sigh on blogger front. I am ignoring it in the hope it sorts itself out.

  15. Wonderful paintings Tracy. I love all the layers you give them. Glad your garden helper is so busy! BIG hugs, Valerie

  16. Without the crows they wouldn't be "you" they are what make your paintings so different. As to the privacy issues on blogger I wrote my own *with help* Rommy added something to hers about email subs. It isn't as scary as it sounds and I don't seem to have noticed any changes because of the open id changes XXX

  17. Your paintings, as always, are perfect!

    So wonderful to see a wild rabbit in your garden, so cute!


  18. Great Deweeder Bunny! Wish mine would do that! haha! Love your new artwork, your titles are fabulous too!
    So Blogger is supposed to add a cookie privacy notice on our behalf. See the link...
    I changed the comment settings to anonymous, which will allow anyone to leave a comment. I'll see if I have to start moderating them more.
    Take care Stacy, have fun with your bunny! Diane

  19. I love wild rabbits! All I know about comments is that any comment left on my blog no longer gets sent to my email account. I can only read them on my blog now. That sucks.

  20. Amazing work, and great words of wisdom that go with your paintings. Love your use of layers as a background story...perfect!

  21. Blogger seems to be doing some 'tweaking' recently. Some good and some not so good! I'm sure (hope) things will sort themselves out shortly.

    Great pictures of the rabbit.
    Love how you layer your art work.

    All the best Jan

  22. I love your paintings - always do and love the backgrounds. Blogger is always coming up with surprises but oddly one of my blogs i was having trouble with is working fine and fast now.

  23. Ooh, love how "Don't Hide Your Imperfections" turned out. And "Bring the Real You to the World" is so cute--adore the monochrome coloring!

  24. Wonderful crow painting and I love your garden. You have great visitors. I see deer around here from time to time. They used to visit more frequently when there were trees around us but not so much since they've cut them.

  25. I love your "deweeder" - as long as it eats the weeds, right?
    So far I've mainly ignored the Blogger issues... I don't like that comments are no longer sent to my email. I've always moderated the comments on my blog and intend to go on like that if I can. I think a lot of this is because of changes in EU policy, but I'm not really sure. I probably need to look into it. Argh.

  26. You're definitely NOT alone...all these messages from Blogger has me tearing my hair out too. Why on earth don't they make things clear and simple? :/
    Aww...your cute little deweeder...don't you just long to hug him??
    WOW... your Crow painting is stunning...and I love your backgrounds exactly as they are.
    I can see so many different things in there...I love how they tease the brain! :))

    Lots of Love...and have a fabulous weekend! xoxoxo

  27. Love your newest work. About leaving the backgrounds....the crow paintings are YOU and it wouldnt be right without the magic of the crows. They bring those backgrounds to life and put movement into the painting. And about Open is what I know. I could (suddenly) not post comments on Wordpress. I asked Blogger why. They told me they no longer use Open ID, meaning you can post anywhere, and Wordpress needs to update their policy/software. If they want comments from Blogger, they have to allow anonymous OR set their controls to what they want. Personally, I use Google, but I have found Wordpress controls set to G is only Google + and I dont have a G+ account, so I use my Twitter, and Wordpress allows that. If you join Wordpress, that would work too but I dont want to be forced into something. Hope this is helpful. I am not tekkie!!! And I dont know what this affects except Wordpress and Blogger.

  28. LOVE your deweeder! we normally have one living in the yard each year ... but he/ she hasn't appeared yet. Last year it was a she with a bunch of babies ... seriously too cute. Love the new paintings and that last one really caught my eye ... I love how it seems we are close enough to the crow to see his feathers fly!

  29. What a lovely visitor. Sweet bunny.
    I enjoy layers too.
    Love the eyes in Real You.

  30. The painting is gorgeous! Oh that wascally wabbit!!! Love it! The privacy thing, the comment thing...they even took out some widget stuff. I'm just blissfully ignoring it lol...actually none of it really affects me so that's easy enough!

  31. I like the thought of not hiding our imperfections. I think we tend to do that all too often. Hugs...RO

  32. Hey Stacy! I don't know much about the new policy. But I'm soon to start over on the blog so I guess I'll learn as I go. So far, there's been no problems on my side though.


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