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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Hi Everyone!
Hope you're all well 😃
Happy May! This year is going by so fast!
We have went from Spring to Summer temperatures in just 2 days. Crazy weather!

Where I live, all of our outside stuff goes into brown bags and then gets picked up at the curb. These bags you see, are just from the front yard and I'm not done yet!

The statue you see above, greets everyone when you come to the front door.
Remember I was telling you, I was trimming our spruce tree? Well, I think I did very well. I kept going around and around, (my neighbours thought I had went nuts! LOL! They know me well! LOL!) I got up to roughly 13 feet. When you look at the picture, the branches were over the driveway to the left. It was a lot of cutting! Took me like 4 days.

I did manage to start a painting. Here are some progress pictures.
I have to admit, I like the way it looks now.

I'll be around soon to say hi!
Big Hugs 😀


  1. On the other side of the world I am also filling rather a lot of bags with garden waste. And neglecting the housework.
    I also really like the way your painting looks at the moment. Vibrant.

  2. I think you did a good job on the tree.
    That painting is going to be electric.

  3. Summer weather today. Bring it on! Like your painting. Wow, looks like you trimmed the perfect Christmas tree!

  4. wow, you have been busy,, and that paintings is beautiful!

  5. yeh!! the year is going so fast.. but yet to get the spring vibe.. :D

  6. I like the way it looks in the last photo, too. I mean, it would be cool if that were it, but I know I'll like the finished product, too.

  7. You have done a real lot of work in the garden, wow. Love how the new painting has started! BIG hugs, Valerie

  8. Wow you did a great job on the tree. Nice they give you bags and your painting is amazing. I love the colors.

  9. I too am busy in the garden while the rain has stopped lol....but your crow looks like he is loving the sunshine...makes me feel all warm and happy :D XXX

  10. The clean up begins!!! I have two big bags of leaves already put together, but I need to get more of those paper bags for the rest. We have so many trees around the house, I feel like we will never get all the leaves up! Actually in some places, we just mow it all when the weather is a lot dryer, easier that way :) Your painting is just lovely!

  11. Dearest did a great trimming job on you 🌲 tree!!!
    That was a lot of hard work, my friend.
    This painting is already beautiful! Such delightful colors!!!

    Hugs and Love❤💮❤

  12. A couple of weeks ago, we had serious summer whether where them temperatures got up to 19 degrees centigrade. Then it's gone back to be being freezer. Back to normal spring w heather. Ice finally gotten in the garden to cut it back and put a couple of plants in. Big huggs.

  13. We went from winter to summer temperatures here too!

    It looks like you did a fabulous job on the spruce. What a challenge!

    Also- your painting looks great to me already.

  14. Sounds like your weather is much like ours!lol
    Freezing in the north winds one day, then shorts and t shirt with sunburn the next!!
    Wow, you made an amazing job of your spruce tree! It looks so symmetrical now!!
    And I love how the painting is coming is SO vibrant!!!
    Really stunning!!!😊😊

    Have a magical weekend, Sweetie...

    And lots of love and hugs xoxoxo

  15. Yes, the extreme temps have been unusual indeed!! But it looks like we can finally turn our heaters off now ... LOL!

    WOW, Stacy you were really BUSY! Great job!

    Big hugs!!!!

  16. Wow you have been busy in your yard. And still find time to paint!

  17. I'm not sure I would even dare to trim a spruce tree. Good thing we don't have any on our property.
    I love your current blog header - very cool!

  18. You are working harder than spring! She has been blooming things and growing things, but she's yet' to do any painting.

  19. Oh my. You did some serious work on that tree! Lookin good!
    I like the painting too!

  20. You did an excellent job on that tree ...

    All the best Jan

  21. Ohhh yard work! It seems you have quite the task with your yard! :) The Spruce looks lovely. The house where I grew up had an abundance of blue spruce trees in the yard, some big enough that there was a "cave" of sorts underneath that I could crawl into and play as well as watch people going up and down the hill with them never knowing I was there. . . Of course, I love the tall, reaching ones like yours too. : ) Looking forward to seeing more pics of the yard as the season gets going!

    BIG crow hugs!!

  22. trimming looks neat and great dear Stacy!

    your painting looks stunning with quite spiritual look !

  23. Oh my goodness, so many yard trimmings... I love seeing your works in progress.

  24. I got a little dizzy thinking of you going around and around that huge spruce tree ~ seriously! Your hard work paid off, though, because the spruce looks great! You filled a lot of bags, and I am happy that your city gives you the opportunity to recycle all the yard waste. I'm a recycling freak! Unfortunately, my Aurora has a ways to go before it catches up with yours! All the best, my friend!


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