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Friday, April 20, 2018

What Do You Think?

Hi Everyone
Hope you're all doing well!
The snow is starting to melt around here! I truly think Spring has arrived!

When I show my art, on my blog, I love hearing all your comments. Especially when I show my progress pictures. I really find it interesting how people "see" or "feel" art. Even if they don't like something, I think all feed back is good!

I just finished another painting, which I will be showing you soon. When I showed this painting to someone close to me, they said, do you want the honest truth? I said, I wouldn't want it any other way.  They said it looked "vulgar".

I looked up what vulgar meant, and some of the words that were mentioned were, tasteless, gaudy, garish, rude, indecent etc.

It's funny, I took no offence and kind of smiled. As you all know, I paint my adult crows and baby crows and sometimes, you might even see a woman. I truly never force a painting.

But, I have to admit, I have "changed" some of my art, because of what someone said. And, I thought, what am I doing? I always tell people to be true to their soul and most of the time I am, but now I'm going to be 100%.

Wait till you hear what I called this painting. Everything came together, with this piece and what I am writing to you today.

Here are some of the progress pictures of the painting.
Before I show you the finished piece, one of the main things the person didn't like about this painting, was the design above the bum. I said that is her "tattoo"! LOL!

Finished painting:
"I Hear You, I Feel You, I Honour You And I Am Here To Be Me, Now, As Never Before"
(8" x 10" canvas)
(Personally, I just love the feeling of the entire painting. Especially the way the crows are looking.)

I have to admit, this discussion started, because the place that makes the bags and journals that I got, started to make new bags, that are purses and I think this would be so cool as a purse. I know not everyone would wear it, but I would.

I didn't realize I was "thinking" so much of everything!
I just have to go for it!! At least I can say, it's all unique! 😀

Have a great one!

Big Hugs 😃

I forgot, I did design a mother and baby crow purse too.


  1. Vulgarity is in the eye of the beholder. What I get from it is serenity and contentment - which I hope go hand in hand with being yourself.

  2. I don't see anything vulgar, she's got a great butt!! Its a beautiful painting with a powerful title, stay true to yourself Stacy,, I love it and I also love the mother and baby crow bag!!

  3. I, personally, like it truthfully speaking. It looks pretty cool on the handbag too! It reminds me of a crow goddess and her companions. :)

    I also really adore the mother and baby crow art design.

    Big hugs to to Stacy! BRAVO!!!!

  4. Art is so subjective.What one person sees as treasure another sees as trash. You as an artist have to create what you see and feel. You can't please everybody and if you try, you only displease yourself because you will lose your voice

  5. i, too see nothing vulgar, lol. I looked and couldn't find anything offensive or vulgar...anyway, I think it's great and I love that your art work can be made into bags. How cool is that?!! I bookmarked your store.

  6. She is a tattooed, primordial Crow Goddess. The two crows beside her are in an act of worship. That's what it says to me, anyway!

  7. All your paintings have a unique concept.. I love that

  8. Your art is beautiful, and I love the progress shots. I never feel there is anything vulgar about your art, it is vibrant and intriguing and pulls me in. The new items are fabulous. BIG hugs, Valerie

  9. I don't think it's vulgar at all and it turned out beautiful.

  10. Oh on earth could anyone describe this fabulous creation as "vulgar"??
    I totally agree with Debra She Who Seeks...a primordial Goddess and her worshipping Crows!!
    Such a unique and precious work of art.:))
    Love the mother and baby Crows too.
    Both designs look absolutely amazing on the bags!
    Very very well done!!!

    Lots of Love & Hugs xoxoxo

  11. It's in the same same style and vein as your other work, so I wouldn't worry too much about one person's impression.

    The problem is that negative feedback tends to stick with me more than all of the positive feedback in the world.

    And it shouldn't, especially if we're otherwise feeling okay about what we're doing!

  12. You can never please don't even try Stacy. Her opinion was asked for and she gave you what she felt was true to her.
    I do not see it as vulgar at all. To me I see an Egyptian Goddess and her priests... protective of her. The colors are of royalty and beautifully enriches your painting~

    Hugs and Love

  13. Oh I don't see that as vulgar at all! It's beautiful and mythical. :) The female body should be celebrated...look at the classic paintings of old days. I think it's wonderful and looks really nice on the bag!

  14. This is one of your more sophisticated pieces! Personally, I love it. She looks like she is stepping out from between the crows ... and tho a re-birth. How many of us out there would / could use one of those?

  15. Look at nudes by early masters who often only had seen their mothers.

  16. I LOVED your heading painting dear Stacy,this is magical!

    theses bags designs are so IMPRESSIVE and i would love to have them :)

    absolutely wonderful painting and i think this displays somehow inner fight of expressions of an artist

  17. I don't think there's anything vulgar about this painting. The crows look at the same time protective and in awe, and she looks like a very strong and determined woman. Wonderful work!

  18. This is a strong painting, your baby crows are softer ... but it is good to have a mix.

    I think it's great that your art can be made into bags.

    Stay true to yourself Stacy ...

    All the best Jan

  19. I love your bold lady. What is vulgar about the human form? I think the mamma and baby crow are precious too! Love that!

  20. There's nothing vulgar about it. I love it as a purse and the mamma and baby crow purse warms my heart.

  21. She is a gorgeous being and her body is sacred and beautiful.. everyone's body is sacred and beautiful! I love the crows, like a gateway of magic..a very powerful piece, she is amazing. Keep creating from your soul..shine on!

  22. Utterly stunning!!!!...and I'm pretty sure many art "treasures" in the hue galleries would have been called "vulgar" during their lifetimes...tis only her/his opinion. Personally I think it looks amazing, and is oozing with confidence XXX

  23. Awesome artwork! Such detail in it.

  24. Stunning and powerful artwork as always Stacy. It came out nicely on the bags too. Keep creating...*HUGS*

  25. Artwork is always subjective, and people see different things, but what I see is beauty and strength. As always, your work is pretty amazing! Hugs...RO

  26. Not at all sure what I think to be honest but it is not "vulgar" ...a bit "dark" as opposed to what you normally do but that's OK. You have to get these things out. Just do what feels right.

  27. Of all the words that could be used to describe that painting, "vulgar" is one I never would have imagined. It looks great! Very cool how you're able to turn your art into a purse like that, too!

  28. I see nothing vulgar about your painting. Rather, it strikes me as crow honoring mother nature/goddess crow. I like it a lot. Twice in my life I have changed (or discarded) a painting because of some derogatory remark someone made about it. Both times I regretted it. Be yourself and paint what you feel. Thats the most important part of art. I love the mother/baby too.....soooo much!!

  29. I feel bad for anyone who sees vulgarity on something just because they wouldn't do it themselves. Then again, that's their opinion. To me, the painting sings of freedom, empowerment, and beauty.

  30. I think it's so important to follow your heart in art. Yours has a beautiful uniqueness that's all you. I also love the mother and baby crow.

  31. That's hilarious! your painting is gorgeous and I love it! &
    I totally agree with Magaly:)

  32. Well, you" know my thoughts on this. Art, in ever sense of the word, is completely subjective. To me there is no difference as opinions, from "lovely" to "vulgar", are all in the eye and the minds of the beholder. As soon as we allow that to define our creation, we've lost the art in it. It's not that I don't believe that outside input can be valuable but only from those who can separate themselves from their own personal opinion and view the work through a filter that includes a broader perspective.

    Only you, deep down, know what your art is truly about. What it serves in your world and how it comes to be as it works t's way thru you. However people view it is immaterial to that process and/or, to your need/desire to stay true TO that.

    I had an art teacher years ago who used to always say, "Explore, examine and expand, but NEVER explain." :)

    BIG CROW HUGS Stacy!!! You're creating magic and wonder, always!

  33. Interesting that someone would see this as vulgar. Art and creative works are so subjective. It is great to get feedback- but so important to stay true to yourself too. I take in what people tell me and use what I think will help me improve my craft and discard the rest. People have so many varied opinions. :)

    I love seeing the progress pictures!!

  34. At the end of the day, you are the one that has to feel satisfied with her own work. Being it "PG13" or not lol We can have our seasons of more "adult" work or more "inner child" but the whole point of painting is to make us happy, so, good for you!
    I love the name.


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