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Friday, April 13, 2018

Hi Everyone 😀
Hope you're all well!
I have to apologize. I'm behind in blog land. It's been a busy week. I will be around soon! I promise.

As I type this blog post, (4:25pm), it is turning pitch black outside and it's pouring rain. This weekend, is suppose to be nasty all across where I live. Major ice storm! They are calling for broken tree branches and loss of hydro. Then when this all finishes, Sunday night, flooding!

I truly hope we don't lose power. The last time that happened, we were out for like 6 days. So, even though I said I will be around soon to all of you, "if" you don't hear form me, you know why! Lucky we had all our trees trimmed last year, so we shouldn't have any falling branches! Hopefully!

If any of you are in nasty weather, please keep safe!

I did finish a painting. Here are some progress pictures.

Wasn't liking how my angel was looking, but I did like her "orb of light" above her head, so I changed how she was looking. 
Finished painting, "Welcome To The World" (10" x 10" canvas)

Big Hugs 😀


  1. It looks wonderful with the baby crow nestled in safe arms.

  2. I am always so awed and impressed at your creativity. In answer to your question, of course you can have a postcard. I will need your address (of course) and my email is in my profile.

  3. wow, love the finished painting. I hope you don't lose power or get terrible flooding. Stay safe and hopefully you can sit inside and create more beautiful crows.

  4. We are in awful weather too. I am truly sick of it. I love this painting. You have a way to touching the heart with you art. Stay warm and safe.

  5. oh! that's aweful, stay indoor, and stay safe..
    Love the cute crow.. have a nice weekend..

  6. Apparently it's supposed to be bad weather right across Canada this weekend (snow dump for here). I hope you don't lose power either -- stay warm and safe!

  7. Your painting is beautiful, as always. Sorry to hear you have bad weather on the way, please look after yourself and stay safe.
    BIG hugs, Valerie

  8. I like how your painting turned out. Baby crow is so cute. I hope the storm fizzles out and you don't lose electricity or have to deal with floods. Be safe

  9. Stacy, this painting is magnificent!!! Such a precious scene! I love the softness in your angel!!! Stay safe in that storm! Love ya!!!

  10. I hadn't realized your last power outage lasted that long. Wow. I hope blackouts aren't a problem with the next rainstorm, which it's supposed to head our way after it's done with you.

    I love these latest paintings. So much tenderness...

  11. Love this work, it has a very nice feel to it .Hope you stay safe, it got bad here but cleared out only to return again today. When I was in Honduras the power grid never was reliable so one made do with what they could do.

  12. Beautiful painting. I love the orb too. :)

    I hope this weekend's weather isn't as bad as expected!

  13. Oh my gosh Stacy, I pray you guys do not lose power or have the flooding afterwards! I will be thinking of you and mama crow.

    Here, we have finally, today at least that is, had a taste of spring weather with the temps in the 70's and nice, cool breeze.

    Lovely new crow art ... beautiful and sweet!

    Great big hugs!!!

  14. Your work is always beautiful, I actually liked the angel with the dark feathers, it seemed symbolic perhaps, I associated it with an eagle as a higher protector of the crow. In any case, the final result is amazing and the artist must be happy with the finished project.

    Stay safe!

  15. Wow, so beautiful Stacy! Gorgeous soulful feelings and warm heartedness shining from this..wonderful! Yes, stay warm and safe, we are in the midst of it now, hail and stormy winds are blowing! Hugs my friend!

  16. Hope your weekend was less eventful than you were told it would be. Love that your painting shows love being surrounded by even greater love XXX

  17. Aww, love this one.
    Hope the sun is shining and the bad weather is gone.

  18. Six days, yikes. Love the art. So sweet.

  19. I think your painting is just beautiful.

    Goodness, your coming weather does sound dreadful - stay safe and warm.

    My good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  20. That's SO pretty! I love the eyes of the crows, you are so talented! I hope you fared okay in the weather!!! xx

  21. That's cool! It looks like they're both being embraced by Mother Winter. Hope it warms up around you. It's cold here in Georgia, so I can only imagine how cold it is where you are!

  22. Aw, that painting is so precious. Love how ethereal the angel looks!

  23. oh my such GLORIOUS painting dear Stacy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i just LOVED it.
    you are remarkable in your expressions my freind

  24. I liked your change very much. The brown angel wings were overwhelming and pulled my eyes away from the baby crow in the sheltering arms of its parent. Now the angel has the perfect, light and graceful touch!


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