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Monday, April 2, 2018

Hi Everyone!
Hope you're all well! Happy April!

I've been having problems with feeding the birds. Our backyard, I have it made for all the animals, rabbits, chipmunks, squirrels and the birds. We are fortunate, because with the birds, we have ravens, crows, bluejays, chickadees, sparrows, woodpeckers and more!

At this time of year, the grackles come back into town, and we get alot of them!
They "rule" when they are in town. But, still in past years, the other birds could feed. Not this year. I'm leaving the bird feeder out at night time, so the cardinals can get some food.

The other day, I saw one killing one of their own type. I ran outside and slapped my hands. The cries were horrible. I almost got right up to it, until it let it fly, but unfortunately, it killed him on my neighbour's side.

The only thing I have read, is to change the bird feeder, so they can't get access.

Do any of you know of anything else? I love my larger birds as well and I hate for them to go too. I don't even know if the cardinals could use this one?

I did manage to finish a painting.
Here are some progress pictures.
Finished Painting.
"Feel The Newness, Of Your Reborn Self" (9" x 12" wood panel)

Big Hugs 😀


  1. I love your crow art, but to be honest, I think this one is among the BEST you have created! This is awesome, seriously!!!


  2. Great colors!
    I didn't know birds were so vicious.

  3. Feel the Newness of Your Reborn Self is an AWESOME title.
    Good luck on the bird front. We have some bullies too, but haven't seen any deaths. Plenty of pecking though.

  4. Love the new painting with the beautiful background. Sorry about some birds being such bullies, and I don't know any tricks that might help. Look after yourself! BIG Hugs, Valerie

  5. Luuuurves the painting....not so much the Grackles! We have a similar problem with Magpies but they are here all year round. They take the small birds and follow to nests to steal eggs and young like. Fortunately this year Poppy and Buster have taken to chasing them away lol XXX

  6. Big huggs. Beautful painting I can feel spring ooozing out of it. I'm hopeing the endless winter will and soon I want nice warm day

    The cardinals have a beautiful plumage.

  7. Bird bullies? Guess all species are still learning about "victim hood", lol! Maybe you could have both types of feeders.I LOVE your new painting! Beautiful background colors! Hugs!

  8. It is all a part of nature, dear heart. I have seen our crows with this same behavior...thankfully it was only one time.
    Your new painting is absolutely gorgeous!!! I love the freedom of the feathers, the highlights, the short, EVERYTHING!!!

    ebony beauty
    calling from the woodland trees
    carried by the wind ❤ JFM

    A haiku for you inspired by your lovely painting :)

    Big Hugs and Much Love

  9. beautiful painting,, the green must be springs influence on you!!! The Grackles are always such a nuisance, we were plagued with them also, they are very aggressive and strong birds, the best at surviving thats why there are so many of them, we tried everything to deter them but they aren't afraid and they sure are bullies.I hope your new feeder will work, its so upsetting to see animals ( birds ) kill each other but its a harsh world when you're fighting for every bite, I think Grackles are so beautiful with their iridescence feathers but Garry hates them,, he always says they are nothing but a nuisance but you know,, they are very clever to stay in such large groups,, its safer for them ,, nature can be so harsh. Eat or be eaten.

  10. The painting is wonderful with the spring colors in the background. Grackles are a problem here too. We found a bird feeder that cardinals down to small birds can use without squirrels and grackles getting to the feed. It looks like a little house with benches around the sides. The benches are weight sensitive to animal weight. It will collapse the bench causing the animal to fall off if they don't belong. It hangs from a tree branch and you can pull on the ring under the house to bring it down on a pulley system to fill the feeder. It's really a cool feeder. David wants to get another one for the Empress tree.

  11. Gee, the grackles we get seem to be ground feeders. They arrive in the Fall. Have never seen them go for the bird seed at the feeder. Your painting is very majestic

  12. Hey sweet lady, been awhile since I've commented on your page. Love the new painting. I agree, I think this is your best yet. As far as the "nasty birds", I too run outside and try to play birdie traffic cop......doesn't do any good but I feel I have to try. The roadrunners jump the fence and try to get my baby turtles. "Nasty Birds". xoxo Oma Linda

  13. Let the feeder go dry for a few days is one way to dissuade them. I put a pile of dog food aT the back of my property away from my feeders and they like this

  14. I love the background you have created for the painting.. the crow is awesome as usual..

  15. That is terrible. I've no idea what you can do. I think that even if you find a way to have two feeders, the larger (meaner) birds will harass that smaller ones once the other food is gone. *sigh*

  16. Love the spring(y) colors of the painting.

  17. Sorry to read about your problems with the birds - not easy.

    I love your painting ...
    Happy April Wishes

    All the best Jan

  18. The grackles downtown attack pretty much everything that moves. ONe hit my mother in the head, many years ago, knocking off her glasses.

    I'm not sure what one can do about them.

    I love the pink in the new painting!

  19. Happy Easter! Great painting! I'm sorry to hear about the birds. We have crows here that steal food from our hens. :) In summer we have to cover the area where hens are with a net so they don't steal all the food. But I haven't witnessed any bird homicides.

  20. Such sadness. =( Poor bird.

    But I love the painting. The background is so springy and beautiful.

  21. I didn't know grackles killed their own types. But then again, some humans do the same thing. Very sad.

  22. Your paintings are lovely, the background colours are beautiful! I had heard that about grackles ,but never saw them do it. We get them in the late winter too, they bully all the other birds away. I had to stop feeding the birds this winter sigh...only because it was attracting that annoying nuthatch who was trying to build nests in our cottage walls! Also, because of Jack. Not only does he have a possible herniated disc...but he had a terrible digestion for a week or two, we think he may have eaten some bird droppings, better safe than sorry. We still have lots of birds around, but I may consider an closed feeder like the one you showed in the photo. I miss seeing the birds feed and the little squirrel baby too!

  23. What a great painting, and a great title as well! Those wings are awesome. We don't have that bird here in Europe, it's beautiful, but it looks a bit vicious. And it is vicious, reading your story. How terrible that they kill each other. And chase the other birds away. Can't really think of a solution to this, except maybe hang more feeders ..? Hope you have a lovely week! Hugs xxx

  24. wow your latest crow is so beautiful!! I don't have too much issues with bully birds here. Not sure how you can solve the issue.

  25. Wow...I really love your new painting...and the title is just perfect! :)
    Such a beautiful bird! We don't have them here, so it is really nice to see one.
    The only bullying that happens in our garden is by the buzzards. A couple of times we've had a problem with them killing the song birds. By the time we rush out to chase them away, it's too late.:(
    The only thing we could do was to move the feeders to another part of the garden for a while...and, cross fingers, so far it has worked!

    Have a wonderful weekend!:))

    Much Love & Hugs xoxoxo

  26. Wow that is a story. I don't know this bird. Sure is pretty though. I love love love this painting. The wing and feathers art excellent.

  27. I have one of those caged bird feeders and the birds love it. I bought it not because of the bigger birds (no problem here) but because of the squirrels. Even though it was kind of squirrel proof the little guys were still able to open it and get to the sunflower chips. My nifty husband finally made it squirrel safe, and now everybody is happy - the smaller birds are feeding at the caged feeder and the squirrels at their own feeder (yes, I know...). The bigger birds get their share as well.

  28. I got some Grackles come in today. They sure are beautiful, they always look pissed off though. I have not seen them being aggressive thank goodness. The Cardinals have been very busy too I think everyone likes the fact that the cats don't want to be outside
    Love the new picture

  29. Love your new painting. The texture and colors are just beautiful.

    The grackles look so regal- but sound like they are being greedy and a pain. I love to feed my birds, squirrels and other outdoor animals. I hope you find a good solution. :)

  30. I put a birdseed bell out in our orange tree and
    We have been seeing many tiny birds that I'm not sure I know the name of.

    What a great title to a gorgeous piece of art!

  31. The background is stunning! Have you ever considered selling some with just the background, as abstract art? Just a thought. Your crows are lovely.

  32. Loving the texture in your backgrounds and of course your beautiful art. The titles rock, too! Hope all's well on your end, my friend. It's been a while!

  33. Oh how beautiful! I just want to fly into the light at the back of your painting! Sorry about the grackles. They're spoiling the party!

  34. Look at the stunning colors on that bird's feathers. Pure art.

  35. You are so creative! The painting is very beautiful!

  36. Oh my gosh, Stacy, that must have been horrible. I've never heard of birds turning on each other like that. But animals can be just like humans, unfortunately.
    My thoughts: Go ahead and put the bird feeder up. The seeds will drop to the ground so the bigger birds and critters can still feed.
    I love this painting. It may be my favorite.

  37. I love the painting, it is beautiful! I'm sorry about the birds attacking each other, it sounds horrific.

  38. Oh, what an awful story about grackles! I had no idea. I'm so sorry you witnessed that. On a happier note ~ I love the painting with the beautiful pink and green. I think you're channeling spring ~ Wink! Wink!

  39. i am sorry Stacy that you witnessed such sad incident !

    it is always painful to see such terrible stuff !

    i found you a very loving and caring soul and hope you will succeed in you purpose of feeding all birds equally !

    Ah...this magnificent painting held my breath for while ,you should arrange an exhibition ,i bet your art will be praised and bought immediately


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