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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Hi Everyone,
Hope you're all doing well!
It's still cold here. The snow comes and goes, but it's basically all gone. Saying that, I don't think my snow tires will be coming off till the beginning of May!

The "grackles" are still here, but basically gone from my backyard. They still keep coming by once and while, to see what is going on! LOL!
These are my feeders now.

The one on the right, is a squirrel proof feeder, which the "grackles", use to get feed from, but I did some research. I am using safflower seed. Cardinals, chickadees and most of the song birds, even blue jays like it, but the black birds and squirrels don't. Funny though, the chipmunks like it. It has a bitter taste to it. It has taken the birds a little bit of time to get use to the seed, but they are coming around. 

The same has went with the caged feeder. At first the birds weren't understanding, but now they are using it. We even had a wood pecker in it today! That shocked me! So touch wood, everything is going well!

I can't wait to show you the above picture, with some "green" in it! LOL! Especially to the right of that picture, I have a large patch of mint!

I finished a painting. Here are some progress pictures.
"Dreams Come True" (8" x 10")
Big Hugs 💗


  1. I always fall in love again and again with your painting.. XOXO

  2. I am so glad that you are sorting out the bird wars. And, as always, love your painting. Goodness you are talented.

  3. this painting is so tender,, beautiful moment captured on canvas

  4. You are a sweetheart to your feathered and furry friends Stacy! And a special friend to all of us,too!!!
    OMG! Your painting is so touchingly beautiful!!!
    You are an amazing artist!!!

    Hugs and Love

  5. You are offering a great service to your birds and wild life, well done! LOVE the new painting, and thanks for showing the progress shots again. BIG hugs, Valerie

  6. Your paintings are always so beautiful <3

    I have a new blog, do drop by and say hello xx

  7. My feeders are supposed to be squirrel proof. Well, they are for the grey squirrel as he's big and his weight on the perch shuts the hatch. The little red squirrel has figured out, he can sit on the supports to the perch and feast till he bursts. Love the baby crow. So adorable.

  8. Really like the way that painting flows.
    Hopefully you've seen the last of the snow.

  9. I just love your bird feeders, Sweetie!!
    Yes, I know it does take a while for the birds to get used to new feeders when you first put them up. The birds did with ours too.
    I love your new painting very evocative of true love and dreams come true!!
    It is hauntingly beautiful...:))

    All my Love & Hugs xoxoxo

  10. I am soooooooooo ready for Spring. I hope it gets here soon!

  11. Nice those grackles found better hunting. I like th safflower

  12. Awwww....dreams do come true, that is a lovely painting, warmed the cockles of my heart on this cold snowy Monday! I can't wait to see green too! Interesting about the safflower seeds. I wonder if they repel annoying little nuthatches that try to drill holes in one's walls? :)

  13. I love this one, mom and baby. So thought provoking. It's raining right now. Gloomy, dark, I'm loving it.

  14. I love seeing birds in the garden and on the feeders, and yours look good.

    'Dreams Come True' looks great, thanks for sharing the work in progress pictures too.

    Have a great week ahead.

    All the best Jan

  15. Our snow is almost totally melted, but we are getting snow showers tomorrow. We shall see how that goes.

    Love that the feeders are working. How cool about the woodpecker!

    "Dreams Come True" is precious. Love the smile on the baby crow's face.

  16. Stacy! I've been catching up on your blog!! Oh Grackles. . . they sound like the Starlings we have here. English sparrows too. Right now they rule the feeders but with Juncos, Purple Finches and Warblers arriving we are trying to set aside spaces for all. Ground stations for Crown Sparrows and Juncos have worked well and I've trained, sort of, the Starlings to gather on the roof outside the second floor window to get their daily offerings as only crows will venture there to compete. lol I've also been reading about the right food for the right birds. On my trip, a woman form the midwest told me that Orioles like grape jelly and that, in her town, you can't find grape jelly in the summer because birders have bought it all up to attract the Orioles!!!

    My young social crows have dispersed, off to nesting now of course. When they return as a group they will be bringing their young to feed! I miss them during these months. Do you watch any of the Cornell bird cams? Albatross, Hawks, Osprey, Petrels and Barred Owls. All of these have eggs/hatchlings right now and it's an amazing thing to be able to watch! They are all natural nest sites so it can be a bit "gory" at feeding time. :)

    Love the new work, of course! So glad to be back and to be taking in some of your magic world again. :)

    Big Crow Hugs!!!

  17. We are still in storm weather too. I am truly sick of it. LOL Over the last few months your art has taken on powerful expression. I wish you could get an exhibit of your art. I know it would be very exciting. Hugs N

  18. Such a sweet painting! Love it! I bet it's fun for you to watch all the critters that come to your feeders. Hugs!

  19. Happy to hear that the grackles are gone from your backyard! Your new painting is so sweet. It makes me smile :-) Have a great week!

  20. Oh that painting is so sweet, I love it! I'm glad you found a solution for your birdies and animal friends.

  21. Aww! I love this painting! My Grammie MacDonald loved grackles ~ They're such noisy fun birds. They used to get into the fermented cherries at the top of her cherry trees. Then the noise and squabbling really kicked in ~ tipsy grackles are quite the sight. Birds are quite clever. Wishing you sprouting green mint asap!

  22. I really liked you feeders dear Stacy!

    hope this is right time for snow to say goodbye to your part of land and let the spring decorate the ground with colorful lightening flowers!

    Marvelous painting!!!
    you always AMAZE me with your ideas of positivity and strength!

  23. aww, happy you got the bird feeders sorted out.
    your paintings get more and more incredible! love!

  24. Oh that new painting is magical XXX

  25. Aww what a wondrous piece.
    Whew. Glad you got your feeder situation under control. Sounds like you put a lot of time and effort into it.

  26. Glad things are going better with your bird feeders! Yeah!

    Love your painting. So fun to look at the progress. :)

  27. Seriously, you have a HUGE amount of talent.


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