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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Hi Everyone!
Hope you're holidays have been going well!
Slowly, I've been trying to catch up with you.
We've had lots of snow, and have been in a deep freeze, since before Christmas, and there is no letting up.
The days are around -20 and the nights around -30. We actually hit a record low today. Our temperatures are in Celsius. So for my American friends, that would be -4 to -22 Fahrenheit. I know it's snowy and cold, but I truly find it so refreshing!

I finished this painting! 
"We Are Family" (12" x 16" canvas)

I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year!! Much Happiness and Great Health, to all of you!! I can't believe it's going to be 2018!! I'm actually very excited! More to come on January 1st!

I found some images, of some really cool crow street art.
Big Crow Hugs!
So very grateful for all of you!!! 


  1. 2018 is going to be great. Looking forward to what you come up with in the new year!

  2. lOVE your art. And crows.
    And look at your cool images with longing.
    A very, very happy and productive new year to you.

  3. OMG!!!! I love this painting! You need to do a whole series on this little guy. Also the snow looks so nice from FAR AWAY! It is way to cold there for me. I lived in hard, cold, snow country most of my life and I can honestly say I am done with it. LOL. Wishing you and your Mom the very best of 2018 with love and hugs.

  4. Brrrrr, it sounds sooooooooooooooo cold to me! Love your crow painting, and the street art is fantastic, never seen crow street-art over here. Happy New Year to you and yours, good health and happiness! BIG hugs, Valerie

  5. I'm having bitter cold weather, too. Wind chill have sent some of the temps close to yours. I don't have as much snow as you, but I'm not complaining. I don't care if I don't see another flake of snow for the rest of my life. Your Family crow picture is heart-warming. Very good in these cold temps. Stay warm and looking forward to seeing what you are up to in 2018

  6. Oh Sweetie...that stunning snow!!!
    We had a little a couple of days ago, but by evening it had vanished (in spite of all the rest of the country having been covered all week)!:/

    Oh such breath-taking paintings...WOW!!! They are absolutely GORGEOUS!!! What a just keep getting better and better...:))

    Have a Fantastic New Year!!!

    Lots of Love & Hugs xoxoxo

  7. It is -1F here and I thought that was crazy cold. Brr! Sounds much colder where you are. We don't have much snow- just a dusting- but the cold does make me want to stay inside snuggled under blankets. I love that you find it refreshing and see the positive in it. I will say it wakes me right up every time I walk out the door. :)

    Your new painting looks adorable!

    Wishing you a happy and healthy 2018!

  8. Used to love winter when I was young. Now, not so much.

  9. Looks like they are both trying to stay warm by fluffing up. So cute!
    I do hope 2018 is a great year for all of us everywhere. Goddess knows we need better times. Hopefully the Fat Cheeto will be arrested along with his family, a few senators and Paul Ryan. That would make my year I can tell you right now.

  10. You must really, really, really love the cold, my friend, to find those temps refreshing. I'm half-frozen just thinking about it.

    Love the huge bright eyes of your newest crows!

  11. beautiful snow picture!that's really cold Stacy :O
    we are at 74 today...I would like to experience a few days of your weather though.
    I adore your little crows, those shiny, happy eyes are just too cute!
    big hugs:)

  12. Goodness me and a lot of Brrrrr's!
    Those temperatures are cold!

    I do like your new painting and enjoyed seeing the crow street art.

    Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year ... I'm sure it will be an exciting one.

    My good wishes

    All the best Jan

  13. Wow! That is a LOT of snow! I'm not sure I could handle those temperatures or that much snow. I'm glad you found it such a refreshing time, though. Looks beautiful!

  14. beautiful painting Stacy,, its a lovely little fluffy owl! Like a burrowing owlet!! We share the same weather but since we are quite a bit further north ours is a bit colder,, minus 40 here at night,, scary cold . Wishing you and your Mum a Happy Happy New year!!

  15. Love your newest crow painting - super!! Have a great New Year and I don't even know what any - temperatures feel like. The lowest I have been in was 5 degrees F.

  16. I wish I could paint like you.. I cannot imagine and paint, but I manage to replicate some easy painting.. :D

    Happy New Year..

  17. Ohh it looks lovely but sounds freezing. Yesterday it snowed it looked lovely. Big hugs.

  18. Oh many blankets do you have on your bed lol. Blessings and light for you in 2018 XXX

  19. Hello and Happy New sweet friend!!!
    It sure is cold by you ☃❄
    Love your finished painting! So beautiful!
    Hubby loves it, too!
    The street art was gorgeous!

    Hugs and Love Always 💕💞

  20. Brrr. Love We Are Family and the street art. Simply wondrous.
    Stay warm.

  21. I adore this painting. It is just so cute!
    The street art is excellent too, lots of inspiration for you there.
    Happy New Year sweet friend, I just know it’s going to be a good one.
    Hugs Barbara

  22. Adorable all around sweetie, it's also a deep freeze here and I moved Dec 25 oh my I'll visit more soon xo

  23. Our temps are the same down here ... brrrr! Hope you are enjoying the winter wonderland and have a wonderful new year!

  24. Stacy, wishing you a bright and beautiful New Year ahead filled with inspiration, light and love each day!

    Thank you for all that you share here with us!
    Big Crow Hugs!!

  25. That street art is AMAZING. I really love that second one in particular. So cool.

  26. WOW! That is a lot of snow! We have had a couple of bouts here but the worst is the 8 degrees temps and cold, windy weeks!

    Great crow pics!

  27. oh these temps are so scary to hear even Stacy ..
    our cold northern areas are getting - 11 hardly and this is lowest record till now

    you family is awesome and precious painting dear friend!
    enjoy your new ventures in a happy new year

  28. I wish I found the cold refreshing like you do Stacy! We are ridiculous wimps in this cold. I think 2018 is going to be our year to relocate south to a warmer climate. Fingers crossed!

    Your new painting is adorable. The little crow feet are so cute. That street art is amazing!

  29. Your art and the street art are wonderful, in fact, I would love to see one of your paintings that large!!!! Happy New Year!!! Hugs!!!!

  30. The fluffy crows are adorable! I love them. The street art is also impressive.

  31. Been cold here too. Melting though, yesterday and today.


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