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Monday, December 18, 2017

Hi Everyone!
Hope you're all well!
This past week/weekend, we were in a deep freeze, lucky, the temperatures have went up, but it's still cold.
Guess what happened on Saturday? The furnace went bye, bye! Yep! Lucky we have a gas fire place on the main floor, but we are still dressing with our "woolies" around the house! LOL! Our furnace guy came in today. Mom was praying we didn't need a new furnace. Our's is pretty old! A good 20+ years! Mom was told today, the circuit board was gone. So, hopefully tomorrow, he will have the part. Which will be "Tuesday". Crossing fingers it gets fixed by then, but if not, hopefully before Christmas! Mom is just happy, she didn't have to get an entire new furnace.

I don't know about all of you, but when it's cold at night for sleeping, I sleep so well! I love it! One good part of not having the heat on! LOL!

I did start a new painting! Here is some progress pictures!
That big baby crow above, made me laugh! I didn't like the eyes and I thought he looked to "prickly" for me. Not soft. So, this is what I came up with.
I think I like it now. Hopefully it will be finished before Christmas!

Big Hugs!!! Keep Warm! ⛄


  1. Loving your fluffy/spiky baby.
    Cold is MUCH better for sleeping. We are nudging 100 today, and sleep will be challenging.
    I hope your furnace can be fixed, and thank you for your lovely comment on my blog.

  2. Love that fluffy crow, want to stroke it, he's gorgeous! I never have heat on the bedroom, but hope that your furnace gets repaired well. BIG Hugs, Valerie

  3. It looks pretty complete already! Nice spiky crow.

  4. I hope your heating is up and running again now. It's truly horrible when things like that breakdown, although like you I always sleep better in a cold bedroom.
    I think you could turn your new painting into a series of paintings because I like it in all its stages. Or maybe do three pictures – one at the start, one half done and one finished. It would certainly be a talking point. xx

  5. So fluffy!
    Glad the whole furnace doesn't need to be replaced. Figures, heat always goes out when it's coldest and the air conditioning when it's hottest.
    I'm with you - I sleep better when it's cold.

  6. Love seeing your process for painting. Sorry about the furnace. I like it a wee on the chilly side when sleeping but not so cold that my toes turn to ice cubes. So ... somewhere in the middle!

  7. PUFF BALL! They're so cute!

    That aside, I'm happy that it's actually getting kind of cool here in california. After fires and heat waves, it's nice for it to be under 70 degrees for once. And, before you say 'oh, it's so nice'...I'm from North Carolina and used to actual weather and snow and winter and seasons. Non-stop summer is actually kind of depressing after a while because there's never a change.

  8. Stacy, I do hope your furnace gets fixed today! It's so scary when big things go on the blink in a house. . . the worry your mom must have felt about if you'd have to replace it or not! So glad you have the fireplace.

    One of my first winters out here we lost all power for three days in one of the worst storms they'd ever had, right around the holidays too. We had a wood burning fireplace and the house was just one floor so, luckily, it was warm enough and we cooked all our meals and boiled bath water etc on the fire too! Had to use old oil lamps at night. That ordeal really made me appreciate the hard work of caring for a home in earlier days before electricity came along, especially in harsher climates!!

    I always prefer it cooler for sleeping too. There's a sweet spot though, to be sure. Not too cold and not too warm. . . just right. : )

    And that painting is ADORABLE! Seeing it come to life is soooo fun!
    Big Crow Hugs!!

  9. Aww, so CUTE...don't you just long to hug him?!!
    Poor you...having a problem with the heating - just when you least need it. Isn't that always the way?
    I totally agree with you...sleeping in a cold room is so much more comfortable. I often sneak the heating off at night - until the rest of the family realize what I've done, that is!!lol

    Have a Wonderful, Magical Day, Sweetie!

    Much Love & Hugs xoxoxo

  10. Hope the furnace gets fixed today, but good thing you have an alternate source of heat besides woolies. I've read it's healthier to sleep in a cool room. I always turn the heat down at night and it saves on the oil bill, too. I love the first baby crow. Big Eyes. Both are wonderful and brought a smile to my face. Have a Merry Christmas!

  11. Lucky you have that other source for heating the house. We only have one heater and David has been wanting to put in one of those heater stoves in the living room. It would be nice but then we would have to go buy a cord of firewood for the winter. The painting is so cute. I can't wait for you to finish it.

  12. I watched some Cardinals the other day and a few still had a bit of baby fluff here and there

  13. Dearest Stacy!!!!! Before I say anything else...thank you, thank you, thank you for the beautiful and very special Christmas Card!!! I received it just now!!! You cheered me up and it will be a keepsake that I will cherish forever!!!

    Now for your post. I do hope that your furnace is fixed soon even though you slept beautifully in the chilly night. I am the same way so I completely understand :)

    I love your sweet crow!!! Either way he looked adorable but I do favor the second one, too!

    Thank you my wonderfully sweet friend 🎄☃❄💕

  14. Oh what an adorable fluffy baby crow! He's so cute. I hope your furnace is fixed soon.

  15. it looks just like a little fuzzy ball. So cute ... :-) Hope the furnace gets fixed without problem, so you can have a cozy warm Christmas! Hugs xxx

  16. Double and triple brrrrrrrr!!! I would seriously die, Stacy! It would be beyond the usual aches and pains. I think my little gecko self would just go into hibernation,lol. I'm so glad you can sleep good in the cold though, that's fantastic!I love your fuzzy crow with a baby fuzzy crow!!!!!

  17. Stay warm! Love your baby crows! They are very approachable. :D

  18. Just love your baby crows, so cute.
    Hope you keep warm!

    My good wishes

    All the best Jan

  19. I hope the furnace is fixed by now, and that the fixing wasn't too costly.

    Love this precious baby crow. It has the most gorgeous eyes!

  20. I should imagine all the birds around you are "fluffed up" like this at the moment. I love how the robins and sparrows "poof" at this time of year too :D XXX

  21. Those damn furnaces! They always go on the fritz on the coldest night of the year!

  22. What little cuties! I love them.
    Whew! Glad the furnace is running!
    Have a jolly day, Stacy.

  23. Glad it warmed up before the heat broke. Also- good news that you are able to fix one part instead of needing to replace the whole furnace. I love that you found the positive of now no heat- great sleeping. :)

    Love how the new painting is coming along.

  24. I probably won’t get to visit you again before the New Year so I just wanted to wish you a Very Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2018. Hugs Barbara

  25. I really like your painting you used for the header of this blog!

  26. aww, these adorable puff balls are incredible, so so cute!
    I sleep really well when it's cold too!
    nothing like having a cold face and the rest of you swaddled up toasty:D
    glad the whole furnace didn't quit on you.


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