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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Hi Everyone
Hope you're all well!
Do you remember this painting?
It's finished!
"Our Winter Love" (8" x 10" canvas)
Many of you were saying, this would be a great Christmas/Holiday card.
So, if I do it, this would be the front. Unfortunately, a lot is cut off around the card.
Or I have the option, of shrinking down the image, for everything to show, but then there would be a white edge? I'm thinking of shrinking it down. This would be the image you would see, shrunk down, with white around it.
Which do you prefer?

I would leave the inside blank. I think it would be better this way, because everyone has something different they would like to say. Do you agree?

This would be at the very back of the card. I thought instead of just saying "MagicLoveCrow".  I would have one of my paintings as well. So this image would be in the middle of the back of the card.
The card would be 5" x 7" and would come with an envelope.

What do you think????
Big Hugs 😀


  1. Your card looks WONDERFUL. And is a toofer - with another of your images on the back.
    I like the shrunk down version best. And agree. Blank is best.

  2. It would be beautiful!
    You could always do a fancy white border with snow.

  3. Love the card idea. I would like it shrunk down with white border so we don't miss any of the painting. Also, some might be inclined to pop it in a frame as holiday decor, and the white edges would facilitate that. :)

  4. Both would make amazing and lovely alternative Christmas cards.

  5. Looks great. I think shrinking it down would be the best option.

  6. Shrinking it down would be best. Do you have a reduction wheel? That would tell you how much to reduce without distorting or losing parts of the image.

  7. Shrink the image and put the white edge. It will make it look better than cropping the image.

  8. Hello, dear Stacy! I also think shrinking down would be the best option. The image is wonderful, by the way <3 Such cute ravens!
    I wish you a beautiful November!
    Big hugs!

  9. I think its awesome, any way you do it, but....that said, I like the shrink better. Happy crow!

  10. What a lovely card that will be. I'm not sure regarding cropping vs shrinking, but I do like the idea of it being blank inside, I think it increases the options. I also like the image you are putting on the back, it's very cute.

  11. So precious is "Our Winter Love!"
    I would have a border because I do believe this is one card that will end up framed and used as a piece of art!
    The idea of it being blank inside is a great idea.

    Have a wonderful evening sweet friend~

    Great Big Hugs 💕💞💖

  12. I think I would like the border. Can the border be in a different color, red or green? Do what you feel best represents your art.

    1. Hi Truedessa, unfortunately, I can't change the colour of the border. I asked!

  13. Hi, Stacy! What a sweet card, and I like that it is blank inside. I liked the second version of the card better. The first one feels constrained or cramped. The crows are darling, and I love the colorful sleigh. I appreciate how you show your paintings through their various stages. Whatever the art, I enjoy seeing the creative process. Hugs to you!

  14. Aww!!! Christmas crow... so cute..

  15. I like the "closed in" version looks like they are trying to squeeze n through your front door :D XXX

  16. The Christmas painting is just darling. I prefer the shrinking down version, it's too good to cut bits off! Have a wonderful day, BIG hugs, Valerie

  17. So cute!!
    blank inside would be perfect. I think it's better to shrink it down, so you can preserve the whole image.
    The little image on the back is just adorable!!!love it!

  18. I do remember your painting; it’s one of my favourites! I think it works either with or without the white edge, and getting an extra painting on the back is a bonus. Sort of buy one – get one free! Hugs Barbara

  19. I personally prefer the fuller painting. The crop just makes it seem a bit too busy.

  20. The one that’s cut off doesn’t seem too cut off to me, but the white border might look better since there’s a lot of color in the painting. It would also center it nicely. BTW, I love Christmas crows!

  21. I've always liked this painting and think the shrunk down version best for the card ... and yes, blank is best.

    Happy mid-week wishes

    All the best Jan

  22. I really love this painting, Sweetie...and I like the shrunk down version best too. I prefer it because you don't have to omit any part of the painting (to me, that would be sacrilege!)
    What a great idea to have a painting on the back...a real bonus.
    And to leave the inside blank is good with a printed message never quite say what you want to say, do they?!
    Yes, this is absolutely perfect!!

    Have a Fabulous Weekend...and Lots of Love. xoxoxoxo

  23. I like the shrunk down best too and oh I love the little one for the back!!!!Crow love forever!!!

  24. How adorable! I missed weighing in- but would have voted for the shrunken down version with the white border. :)

  25. OMG!!!! The little hats and the little boots.


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