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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Hi Everyone!
Hope you're all doing well!
I just finished the last can of spray for my paintings, but got a phone call from the art store today, and the cans I ordered, have just came in! Happy Dance! They are being mailed to me!
And, I got an e-mail from Art Of Where today, my bag and notebook are in the mail! Double Happy Dance!  So excited!

Now speaking of mail. Last year, I won a Halloween giveaway from Laura's Favorite Things. I didn't receive anything last year and I never thought anything about it. I know life happens. We all go through things! Well, this year, I was surprised by a box full of goodies in the mail! In Laura's letter she apologized for her lateness. No need for apologies Laura! I feel so blessed! Third happy dance! LOL! Thank you Laura!!
I got some cool towels and some other funky stuff!

I did finish a painting and I took some progress pictures! I wanted to do a full moon painting.
"The Start"

Then I took this photo, (which I already shared with you), and everything changed for the painting!

The finished piece.
"Energy" (11" x 14")
Big Hugs! 😃


  1. yay! glad they are getting to you soon! how fun to get the package of goodies from Laura..I know how that goes with getting delayed with things life throws at us, but it makes the gifts you got a super fun surprise.
    how cute is that little monster dude?!?
    LOVE your full moon painting. Luna certainly inspired you! Beautiful!!

  2. Now that was a Halloween package worth waiting for.
    Cool to see the progression on the painting. Looks great!

  3. This is my favorite one to date. 8D

  4. I'm amazed by how each stage of that one is cool in entirely different ways. The first one is so great that I almost wished you wouldn't add anything to it. But then the stage with the bird in white is great in its own way, as well as the final picture.

  5. Great news, fun stuff in the mail and a gorgeous painting!!!
    Life is beautiful and so are you my sweet friend 🎃👻💮🍁

    Big Hugs 💕💞💖💗💝

  6. I would not have minded the long wait for a delightful package like that, Stacy! How lovely! And I love your love for crows and your paintings of them. :)

  7. Surprises in the mail are always so yummy. And, in a way, they are just in time for the season, right?

    And this painting! Oh my goodness, Stacy, how I love the colors, the expression on the face, and the name!

  8. Your painting is wonderful,LOVE it, and very much influenced by the wonderful full moon we saw lately. Glad your bag and notebook are on their way to you. And what a fantastic parcel of Halloween goodies, wow! Enjoy! BIG hugs, Valerie

  9. What a lovely package from Laura, no wonder you did a happy dance, I fell like dancing just looking at all those goodies. :)
    Your painting is amazing. Have a happy day. xx

    1. Oh dear I didn't fell - I felt - silly me! xx

  10. The power of 3 happy dances lol :D ...and your Moon within a moon can only increase that happy energy :D XXX

  11. That's so sweet. There look likes there is some lovely goodies.

  12. Gorgeous and deeply stirring...this newest piece is fabulous! The colors are very atmospheric! Beautiful moon!
    Love all the treasures you got from Laura..hooray..enjoy!!
    Wishing you a beautiful day and hope you had a magical Thanksgiving wkd my Canadian kindred!

  13. Wow, "Energy" came out AWESOME!!!! I love how the spiral in the crow looks almost 3D and it even has a crescent moon shape in it!!!!Hugs!

  14. On time or late, Happy Mail is always welcome. Beats getting bills :-D I enjoyed watching the process of your painting.

  15. What lovely stuff from Laura -- well worth the wait! And I like the earth tones contrasted with the black crow in your new painting.

  16. Love Energy and am grateful thatvyou share the process in photos. Feel like I took an artistic journey with you, the moon and the crows this morning. What a beautiful way to start a day. Thank you!

  17. Better late than never! What fun Halloween goodies that were worth the wait. :) Energy is stunning Stacy! So beautiful! I look forward to seeing the other pieces when they are ready.

  18. LOVE the Energy painting! That's definitely among my favorites of yours! You work continues to grow and evolve and is such a joy to see! Oh and I love getting an unexpected package like that! I recently got a package of "rewards" from a Kickstarter I backed that I had all but forgotten about. They had run into so many problems fulfilling them with printing etc but then, 6 months later, SURPRISE! lol

    Can't wait to see the items with your art on them! YAY Doing a Happy dance FOR you and sending BIG Crow hugs!

  19. It's like Christmas, isn't it? The full moon energy painting is so cool!

  20. How wonderful!!! Such cool and awesome stuff!

    Love the new art as well!!!

    Big Hugs!!!

  21. Love your painting! You are so sweet!

    love & blessings

  22. Wow! That's amazing! I loved seeing the various progressions to the finished product. That's one of my favorites!

    Nice little package of Halloween stuff. What a fun thing to get in the mail!


  23. wow wow love that painting! the crow and moon - so perfect together. You have such a unique artistic expression - this is so cool.

  24. Oh, the moon inspires! Love this warm colour blend in your painting. Beautiful artwork as usual, Stacy!

  25. Energy looks fabulous! Love it!

    Yay for the spray coming in just when you needed it. Also- I think getting a box of goodies late is awesome. Unexpected and fun!

    Have a great day-

  26. Oh my, what a lovely painting, dear Stacy! I absolutely love and connect with the moon and it´s phases, and this one is a truely beautiful artwort <3
    Have a great weekend!

  27. Wonderful painting! Love the baby crows on your header, too!

  28. That's so good ... great gifts in the mail and a nice painting...

    All the best Jan

  29. Oh I so very much love your painting! I think it is a new favorite of mine of yours. Just beautiful! How fun to get that package in the mail...

  30. LOL!!! A lot of dancing - and with Energy it is perfect!! So lovely everything works out!! And thanks again for your lovely stickers, Stacy :-) Hope you got my email :-) Big hugsxxx

  31. Stacy this is something STUNNING and SPIRITUAL from my angle is one of your BEST PIECE OF ART!!!


  32. Lots of Happy Dancing for you ~ Yay! Your painting is wonderful ~ must have been moonbeams of inspiration. Seriously, I thought the start was beautiful all by itself. Sending you hugs!

  33. have come so far over the past few years. I'm SO very proud of you. Awww What a joy to see things soaring to your dreams. :) x


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