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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween!
Hope everyone is well! It's nice and cool here!
I just came back from visiting my Grandpa at the cemetery. I left some apples and had a nice visit.
Whatever you're doing today, tonight, have fun!!!
I just want to let you know, the wind was getting in my eyes, when I was trying to smile. I had to tell you that, because I look drunk! LOL! 
Big Hugs 😀
(I forgot to tell you, my e-mail has been acting up! I hope everything gets straightened up tomorrow!)


  1. What a lovely way to share this special holiday, Stacy!

    I will be spending the rest of my last day of vacation today with my kitties. (and no, you do not look drunk to me LOL).

    Enjoy your day and Big Hugs!!

  2. Happy Halloween you "boo"tiful lady 👻👻👻
    How sweet that you spent some moments with your Grandpa. Remembering him by bringing him some apples was a thoughtful gift for Halloween 🎃🎃🎃
    You are a gentle and sweet soul 🍁💮🍂

    Hugs and Much Love 💕

  3. I love seeing your happy and smiling face! Glad you took some apples to your granddad. Happy Halloween, hugs, Valerie

  4. A very Happy Halloween. I am sure your grandfather loved your visit. And the apples.

  5. I'm glad you had a nice visit, it looks beautiful there. I love your happy smile! Happy Halloween wishes to you.

  6. What a nice gesture at the cemetery. We can only leave cut flowers at the cemetery where my parents are. The military has so many rules. I think your pictures looks wonderful. Such a lovely smile. Have a Happy Halloween

  7. Love that you left apples. Sorry he is gone. Mine are too.

  8. Happy Halloween, Stacy, and Samhain blessings to you!

  9. Have fun n enjoy .. "Happy Halloween"..

  10. Halloween and Samhain blessings to you crow-friend! I am so touched that you visit your grandfather. I do when I go home each year as well though, walking thru the old house every year, it seems to me that he is still there. . .

  11. Lovely to see your photo and your other pictures too.
    I think that was so nice to spend time with your Grandpa.

    Happy Halloween Wishes

    All the best Jan

  12. Yay Stacy, such gorgeous photos, those beautiful leaves, magnificent trees and lovely cemetary..sacred magic! You look so sweet!Wishing you deep magic and Many blessings!!

  13. Happy Halloween, Stacy! I'm missing all the little ghosts and goblins that I used to celebrate with at school, so I spent part of my evening talking with a friend and a sister ~ definitely fun! It's nice that you can spend time with your Grandpa! Whenever I get back to Smith's Cove, I always go to the family graveyard and visit generations of my family. It's very comforting. Have a good one, my friend!

  14. Thats such a cute photo of you. It looks like a lovely cemtary.

  15. Awesome!
    ╠╣αppy Ѽ ╠╣αlloween
    ┊ ┊┊ ┊┊ ┊ ┊┊ ┊ ┊^v^
    ┊ ┊┊ ┊┊ Ѽ ☻ ٩(●̮̮̃•̃)۶
    ┊ ┊┊ ┊☻^v^
    .....┊ ┊┊٩(●̮̮̃•̃)۶
    Ѽ ☻

  16. Looks like it's cold there, you are bundled up. Winter is near here also

  17. I hope you danced while you visited your grampa's grave. I did a lot of dancing yesterday, and it was good. Love the picture of the leaves...

  18. Hey Ms. Stacy, thanks for the photos of your cute self. (wind or not). Sounds like to celebrated the holiday in a perfect way. Much love, xoxo Oma Linda

  19. I wish I could look that way when I'm drunk... ;) Wind, it was the wind! Love those pics!

  20. I love your "drunk" picture! You are radiant , my friend, simply brilliantly loving the season!!! Happy Autumn!!!

  21. I loved reading about your visit to your dad. I take flowers to my parent’s grave on their birthdays and at Christmas and so on. I always like to give the grave a bit of a 'wash and brush up, and keep the grass around it tidy. I liked your photo very much, and you don’t look a bit drunk. Hugs Barbara

  22. Looks like a beautiful day to visit loved ones and remember them (minus the wind in your eyes, or course). Hope you had a great day. Mine was pretty quiet- but things have been so busy, that the quiet was much appreciated.

  23. How sweet of you to visit your grandpa and leaving apples there dear Stacy!!!
    i am fan of you sweet adorable smile ,it has some kind of magic which rises through your much alive face and love of life that shines through your smile


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