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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Hi Everyone!
Hope you're all well!
Thank you for the response to my last post and being there for me! I'm very grateful for you all!

I'm setting up my profile to get the "day bags", designed. They have just added notebooks, so I thought that would be fun too! I will also be designing some new stickers! I know I have asked you this before, but please, if there is a "specific" painting, you would like to see on the bags, or anything else, tell me. Even if you don't remember the name, just describe it. Thanks!

I want to thank Valerie, for a surprise happy mail. It came at the right time! Sent all the way from Germany, a beautiful postcard! If you don't know Valerie, I would go say hi. She is a special lady, who creates amazing art and her photos are beautiful! Thanks Valerie!
I love what was on the back of it.
I have finished some paintings.
Here are some progress pictures, of one I just finished.
Finished piece.
"She Whispered" "I Am Here" (12" x 16" canvas)
I also would like to show you some baby crow aceo's. (2.5" x 3.5")
"Marshmallow Treat"
"Grocery Shopping"
And, I have one more thing before you leave!
It's my birthday month, so I thought I would have a giveaway. I'm giving away a set of my stickers. You will get all the ones I showed. If you would like to be involved with this giveaway, please make sure to say, "I Want To Be In The Giveaway". My birthday is September 18th, so that is the day the winner will be announced!

Big Hugs 😁


  1. "She Whispered, I Am Here" is MAGNIFICENT, Stacy! And I hope you celebrate your birthday ALL month long! Isn't that the Ukrainian way or has My Rare One just been pulling my leg all these years in order to get more presents?

  2. Your painting is magnificent, love everything about it, and those baby crows are really something to crow about! Glad your postcard reached you safely, thanks for the shout out! I would like to be in the giveaway, too! BIG hugs, Valerie

  3. The marshmallow one gave me a good giggle

  4. I really like seeing the progression of your work.
    That was nice of Valerie to send you a card.

  5. Stacy, that new larger painting is going to be outstanding!!!
    I always love your baby crows. They cheer me and make me smile.
    That was a lovely postcard from Valerie. She is very sweet.
    Happy (almost) Birthday my dear and sweet friend!!!

    Big Hugs and Love 💕💞💕


  6. Your painting is fantastic, Stacy! Warm love and hugs to you. I love all the images you have posted!

  7. Giving things away for your birthday? You folks really do things differently up there...

    "She Whispered, I Am Here" is great. I really like these feminine spirits you've been putting in your work.

  8. Oh I love the babies. And I enjoy the pre products. They look like little albinos. So cute and fuzzy.
    If I didn't have a painting and if I wasn't in the states I would add my name to the stickers. But I do and I do:)
    Hugs, birthday month girl.

  9. Exciting to read your paintings will not be on various products. Yay for you! :) And I LOVE your in progress paintings. Eek. Can't wait to see them finished.

    Alexandra xo

  10. Another impressive painting and reassuring message that goes with it, Stacy! I can here her (a guardian angel, perhaps) whisper, "I am here." Sending you love on your birthday month and always.♥♥♥

  11. I love the progress shots...would never have thought you added white after black on the baby crows!...and the Goddess whispers perfection :) Lovely happy mail too :D *ummm always want to be in the giveaways lo...I am your favourite stalker* XXX

  12. I got that postcard, too. Your paintings are wonderful, and the baby crows just adorbs. Please enter me in the giveaway!

  13. What a sweet postcard from Valerie.
    The progress photos are really neat! I am looking forward to seeing the finished painting. :) Totally cute baby crows too!
    Happy birthday month. I would love to be entered for the giveaway!

  14. Thank you for sharing your artwork! "Happy Early Birthday"

  15. Ah, your new painting "She Whispered..." is FABULOUS!!! I love the new aceos too. It's so fun seeing the process. Those baby crows even look adorable in white! And yes " I want to be in the givaway"!!!

  16. so so cute!love the baby crows!! they are all adorable, but the grocery shopping one is amazing!lol!!
    Happy Birthday month!!!

  17. First of all, I'm sooo excited by all the art (and new ventures) you are sharing. I'm loving it! Then, and of course, "I Want To Be In The Giveaway" (like my Stacy-art-greed would let me stay out).

  18. Love all you art in this post!! Of course "I want to be in the Giveaway" - so cool to get art from you. Happy Birthday month to you.

  19. Hello my dear friend, Stacy !!!
    Thank you for your words again! I have you in my thoughts always, I hope to return soon! Love u!

  20. I like the crows white. They looked like baby babies. :)

  21. I agree ... love the baby crows white :)

  22. Such beautiful art my friend! Those baby crows are so sweet!

  23. What enchanting heading photo dear Stacy!!!

    you are getting better and better every day .
    loved your finished and last two baby crows can be used on post cards ,they are so loveable!

    I want to see a crow with spirituality peeking through the moon to dim earth

  24. In advance "Happy Birthday to you my dear friend!
    also liked the words on back of Valerie's mail,so true

  25. Wow! Beautiful! Happy birthday to you!

  26. What a great idea with a printed day bag - I love that your art is being out there in a totally new way. Happy birthday month Stacy, I love that we have the same month. And I have to say: I Want To Be In The Giveaway
    Big hugs dear friend!!!

  27. wow, so magical, these are all such beauties, I am loving the blog header! Yes i would love to be part of your giveaway( I have already been lucky to have your art, so i hope I am not being selfish!) Wishing you a most magical Bday. Yay..wishing you many new magnificent journeys ahead..filled with deep blessings and beauty!!

  28. I really do love She Whispered, especially the little guy in the front. You perfectly captured the way they settle in with those little feet extended. And I love the blue bird and the patch of yellow. Just enjoy it thoroughly.

  29. She Whispered is so touching. I feel the love in the painting! Happy birth month! :D

  30. Oh Sweetie...SO beautiful!!!
    I am truly in love with your stunning paintings.
    Such an incredible talent!!

    And Wishing You the Happiest and Most Magical Birthday ever...I will be there, sharing your big day in Spirit!:))

    Lots of Love & Hugs xoxoxo

  31. Hello Stacy

    I do like your new larger painting and I especially like your baby crows...they are just great.

    That was a lovely postcard from Valerie.

    Have an especially nice day tomorrow - Happy Birthday Wishes.

    All the best Jan

  32. Happy Birthday, Girlfriend. If you have a moment pit-stop by.

  33. I love that you got the post card from Valerie. I adore her blog and her work. :)

    Love your new pieces. Grocery Shopping has me smiling.

  34. It's fun to see how your pictures develop, Stacy. I just love "She Whispered" "I Am Here." I noticed that it was your new header. I can't imagine how you do a painting that is 2.5 X 3.5 inches. I can barely write my signature in that tiny of a space. Your art is delightful! Big hugs to you!


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