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Friday, September 22, 2017

Hi Everyone!
Hope you're all well!
Happy Autumn! The most wonderful time of year!!

I've been busy creating! Bags, notebooks and even a pair of leggings! Not sure if I'm going to keep all the designs, but I really wanted to experiment and see how everything would look. It was disappointing that I couldn't use a lot of my art work on the bags, but maybe I can use them on something else.
I need some help from all of you. In your spare time, if you don't mind. Can you please tell me, which is your top 3 designs from the bags and please tell me if you like the notebooks and leggings.

The only way I could show you everything properly, I had to make an "Art Of Where" store. I will give you the link. When you go there, press on the titles, like Books, Bags or Clothing and it will take you to the articles. When you place the arrow over the moving pictures, you can turn the articles around. Like for the bags, you can look inside, on the sides, and on the bottom. I also made two bags, that don't have any crows. I took pieces from the paintings I liked and used that. Like I said, I have been experimenting.

The Books, make sure you look in side! You will get a surprise on the first page!

Here is the link!

Thanks for taking the time! I appreciate everything. From your reviews, I will decide what to do next!

I forgot to show you, my label! You have to imagine this folded. This will be my "clothing" label.

Big Hugs☺😀

Just to let you know, I changed the articles around a bit, from when I first did this post. There are no more leggings and the designs without crows, have been deleted. My crows are me!


  1. This sounds VERY exciting. I will look at the things later when I am properly awake. LOVE your label! Great photo, too. Hugs, Valerie

  2. OMG they all look amazing! I'd definitely have to stop and look at them if they were in a shop window, very eye-catching. Love the Breath of Life bag especially :D XXX

  3. They are all fantastic, Stacy, and I also love that bag. Gorgeous photo, too!

  4. The Breath of Life, She Whispered, and Be You for the bags.
    Definitely Be You since it matches your logo!

  5. So very cool. Everything looks great. All the best to you.

  6. Stacy, I just had time for a quick peek this morning but they all look amazing!! The tights too! I couldn't imagine when I read the word "tights" above, what it would look like but WOW!

    Love the label too. I actually like that as a branding "card" that I could see being inserted inside your artwork packages when mailed. Like a Moo Mini card, you know? It's clean, features the "heart" of your art and sums it all up with "Be You".

    Keep moving forward my fine feathered friend! SOOOOOO proud of YOU!! :)

    BIG crow hugs!

  7. I looked at everything on your site. My favourite items are the ones featuring a big strong central crow image: "Shine Your Light/Be You" and "Listen to Your Spirit." I would definitely buy a notebook and a bag of either of those designs.

  8. OOOO its defintly a great time of year and everything sounds like such a wonderful opportunity so fingers crosssed. Big hugs.

  9. These are good. In the bags, I really like "Listen to Your Spirit" and could picture a couple people I know carrying it. It really works as a bag design.

    And they're all good, but I think "Be You" and "She Whispered, I am Here" work really well on the bags, too.

    I like the notebooks as well, particularly, "Lady of Crows." I'm more indifferent to the leggings, but I love the fact that you used one of your backgrounds on clothes!

  10. Love the cute label! I'll take a look at the site! Hugs girl!

  11. You have room for another Collection at the top, please make it Baby Crows! I love your two Baby Crow bags, and would love to see those on journals. I also love the Be You collection. More on your Baby Crows, down the road think about those cute seasonal themes you've done with them, they are so adorable and would appeal to any age. You know me I crave cute! I'm so proud of you Stacy! ~ xox Diane

  12. I went to the site. I love the leggings. I just wish I could wear them. My legs are way too fat. i also looked at the bags (love em) and the notebooks (love em too) and I saved the site for future shopping when I have the money.

  13. Fantastic dear Stacy...I am so proud of you!!!
    You are a talented artist who has carried your creativeness one step further!!!
    Everything looks amazing and very professional!!!
    I wish you the very best of success my sweet and dear friend~

    Big Hugs

  14. This is fantastic, Stacy! I LOVE the bags especially!


    Love and hugs, Kim

  15. What an expansion of your ideas, sounds like you never stop working.

  16. Everything on your store is so beautiful, I even love the clothing label. Well done, your creative talent keeps growing from strength to strength.
    Autumn is the most wonderful time of the year, indeed. Happy Autumn!

  17. How lovely hi, I missed you. I'm trying to find all my friends, and having a bit of problems but eventually,I'll find all, and how artistic have you been, congrats also love the haircut, cut my to my shoulders, shortest they've ever been my new blog: so glad to be back

  18. The site looks great Stacy! My favorite of the bags is Lady of Crows although I see Breath of Life as a great seller! Your art is so fabulous that it is hard to choose. :) The books and leggings look great too! The tag is perfect. Great design!

  19. Oh wonderful Stacy! Absolutely love your logo and the bag "Lady of Crows" ♥ Conny

  20. That's a very unfair question, because, well... I LOVE them all. But, if I must choose, these are my favorite three bags: Listen to your spirit, Be You, The Breath of Life. And, Stacy, the notebooks are magnificent!

  21. This was not an easy task, because I loved all your designs, Stacy, on the books and bags.

    I love beautiful notebooks with rich paper, and yours looked lovely. I'm not big on branding and labels, so I liked that you put MCL on the back on the notebooks. The inside illustration with a positive message was a special touch.
    #1 Listen to Your Spirit (Red is my favorite color, and I loved the richness of this.)
    #2 You're special (Bright, cute, happy ~ Can see it for a girl or boy who likes to draw or write)
    #3 Lady of Crows (Gorgeous colors, and I don't mean to be drawing attention to race, but it's awesome to have a beautiful lady of color featured!)
    #4 Let Your Light Shine (This was my first choice for first, so it was hard to rank this last. It's colors reminded me of the colors on Anasazi pottery, that I love. Initially I would have put You're Special last; but it seems to me that if you're selling products, you would want a span of colors and messages, and I thought this would appeal to people who are younger or like a bright palette.)

    I loved the bags! They could be conversation starters. Perhaps I missed this, but I didn't see the dimensions of the bags, or the books for that matter. I think that is an important piece of data. Again, I loved all the designs. It was very hard to pick a top three.
    #1 They Call Her Little Crow (It's largely black, and black is the color of many of my shoes and basics. Also for everyday use, it would likely show fewer spots).
    #2 Lady of Crows (Gorgeous palette, gorgeous lady).
    #3 She whispered (Liked having 2 different sides to the design ~ one cute, one mystical ~ although I wasn't sure at first what the non-crow side was. Perhaps a bird being whispered into being. Then I saw your header ~ Duh!

    Just a thought, I'm not a logo, label person. I felt the placement of MCL was jarring in the middle of the yellow Breath of Life which is the focus of the drawing. And in Be You, the MCL had the same weight and size as the message words which detracted from the message. But that's just me and a personal bugaboo.

    Sorry for running on! Sending you big hugs!

  22. This is very exciting! :) My top 3 fave are Breath of Life, Be you and She Whispered, I Am Here.

  23. Oh Sweetie...such a difficult question...I LOVE THEM ALL!!!
    I guess, though, if I had to choose three favourites...they'd be:
    The Breath of Life,
    Be You,
    and Lady of Crows!

    Happy Autumn, my dear Friend!

    Lots of Love & Hugs xoxoxo

  24. Stacy don't click on my name click on the blog or copy and paste :

  25. It's ok if you click on my name it will direct you to google a bit down is the name of my new blog. thanks sweety for the e-mail

  26. Everything is just gorgeous as is your Etsy page. I’m wishing you loads of luck with everything and am sure you will do really well.
    I was looking everywhere for the leggings which served me right for not reading the entire post before going off to look.

  27. I just wrote you an email and your blog answered my question. Everything looks amazing. I am so proud of your accomplishments. Well done my friend.

  28. I didn't know you almost passed away. I'm very grateful you didn't! You are a very nice blog friend, and a very talented lady. Your web page looks great!

    (My favs are breath of light, and let your light shine.)


  29. I absolutely cannot decide at all! everything you create is beautiful and how cute to have a bag or notebook with your awesome artwork on it!!?

    can't be of help I guess..all of your designs are amazing!

  30. First of all: I love your clothing label!
    If I really have to choose: for books my top 3 would be: Be you, Breath of life and Listen to your spirit
    For bags: Be you (what can I say? It's my favorite .... ;-) ), Breath of life and Listen to your spirit. Yes, the same top 3 as the books :-) But I like the other ones as well!

  31. I wish I had the creativity to do stuff like that. They all look great!

  32. Happy autumn to you too! LOVE the crow picture.

  33. Your bags and books look great! My favorite is the Breath of Life books. I think I like the larger one best because it shows more of the beautiful head dress in your painting. I love that painting!!!

  34. Hi Stacy - your bags and books do look very good. My favourite is the Breath of Life bag ...
    Love how you've done your label.

    All the best Jan

  35. That's an instantly recognizable label, which is excellent and excellent it is. Did you say... a pair of leggings?

  36. Bravo! Your pieces look beautiful and they really pop. So excited for you- and for shoppers. :)


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