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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Hi Everyone
Hope you're all well!

So many times, when I explain to people how I take the time to go around blog land, to comment and see how everyone is doing, "I get weird looks". Basically saying, why are you wasting your time, they aren't "real" friends. I stick out my tongue to those people, in a loving sexy way! LOL!

I've made so many friends through blog land. People who have been there for me! Supported me with my art. We have laughed together and cried together!

I try to be as real as I can on here. Because, I know we all go through things and if I can help, that makes my heart smile!

Sometimes, you don't know how much you have helped or inspired another life, until you are told.

Last week I received a special gift in the mail. From Magaly 💝
Magaly is an amazing writer. She sent me a wonderful poem, that she hand stitched on paper.

"I am an irrepressible Wild Woman"

We fight, Fate and I,
while she's plucking words
that say she wants mad art
screaming at life:

"Be words of embryonic blood,
hurricane laughter in tradition's walls.
Be raw fearlessness."

I stretch my spine, bare
my teeth, give what pleases her
and me - I am an irrepressible
Wild Woman.
By: Magaly Guerrero

She also sent with it, a beautiful crow card.
Inside the card, it reads,
My Sweet Stacy
I've sent you a poem that was inspired by pain, defiance and self-love. Since you were the one who inspired me to turn my physical pain into visual art, I thought you should have one of the first three pieces I stitched.

Magaly deals with horrible pain everyday. Sometimes, the pain is so bad, she lays down on the cold tiles of her bathroom floor. (When she wrote about that one day on her blog, I started to cry, because when I was very ill, that is where I found comfort.)

Magaly knows, like many of you, my art was "born", from me being ill. Now this is how Magaly's art has began. To know I inspired this, I can't even explain in words how I feel!

To all of you! I am so grateful for you! Keep being you!! My blogging family is very special to me!!! 

Now, do you remember this?? (click on the pics to make them bigger)
Thanks for your votes! I kept it vertical! Here is the finished painting.
"On The Wings Of Spirit We Fly" (10" x 20")

Big Hugs 💟


  1. The poem and artwork are amazing. What a lovely gift you received. As in a It's a Wonderful Life, we never really know how many lives we touch.

  2. Love the amazing poetry and art you received from your friend. Pain and despair can really inspire us to fantastic creative work, I have experienced the same thing. How good that we can harness the pain and turn it into something beautiful. Your work is always lovely, I enjoy seeing the painting you sent me everyday when I sit here at my desk. Thanks for being YOU! BIG hugs, Valerie

  3. You are absolutely right, Stacy, bloggy friends ARE real friends. The story of you and Magaly shows that! What a perfect poem for both her and you, Irrepressible Wild Women!

  4. What beautiful words. I always love your honesty and realness Stacy. Those are amazing qualities. It is so wonderful how you have inspired Magaly in her art. Creating is so therapeutic and a great distraction from pain.

  5. I count you as one of my few friends of the blogosphere. Magaly is too. We and others like us are of a clan of Irrepressible Wild Women!

  6. A very touching and beautiful post, dearest Stacy.
    Friendship, whether distant or right next door is cherished and precious.
    I am sorry that you, Magaly and so many more are struggling daily with physical as well as mental distress and pain. The world always seems to be in turmoil.
    Both you and Magaly are very creative! Let your creativity help you both in your daily lives.

    Hugs and Love to You Both 💕💕

  7. I love the artwork and poem, dear friend. Thank you so much for sharing.

  8. I only lurk in the shadows nowadays, but know I read you and Magaly whenever you post. Seeing both of you loving, caring, juicy, wild woman makes me happy to be friends with both of you. xoxo Oma Linda

  9. I always love more pictures of crows!

  10. My blogging family is a big part of my life

  11. I am real!!! Honestly I am :D Your imaginary friends live on the canvas*but they are real too*. Love you and Love Magaly for being inspired by you.
    The finished painting and the title you gave it work magnificently :D XXX

  12. Powerful words and affecting artwork by both you and Magaly. I consider you both my blogging family, and very grateful for different ways you inspire and support me.❤

  13. Stacy you truly are and inspiration and we love the way you move us with your beautiful art and posts . I've been meaning to get back here sooner . Hope your Summer has been going well sweet girl.Love Honey Bee and Willow

  14. VERY inspiring and so awesome ... both of you!

    Big hugs!

  15. You are better than I me, when it comes to people saying that online friends are not real friends. It is true that many people are absolutely fake, but they are usually just as empty when we deal with them face-to-face. We shall let them be. In the meantime, we shall continue to be soul sisters... and goodness knows that this tribe grows and grows and grows bigger every day. It's a circle of inspiration, empowerment (and inappropriate cackling) that makes our world better. We are lucky to have each other. And for as long as we know that, we are unstoppable.

    Hugs and Kisses *and a happy dance*.

  16. I wish I could express my feelings about my blogging friends half as well as you have. Most of my ‘real’ friends live a long way away from me, and I see them rarely but my blogging friends are always there. I’m not sure that even makes sense, but I know you will understand what I’m trying to say. Thank you so much for your friendship and your blog. I love visiting you, and now I’m off to see Magaly. I don’t ‘know’ her yet, but I’m sure I soon will. Big hugs!

  17. What an amazing and beautiful gift from Magaly and how wonderful that you have inspired her. You are such sweet and beautiful soul, it comes through the computer and I feel lucky to know you and be friends with you. We may never meet, but you are a joy to know!

  18. Dear Stacy! What a beautiful poem! It´s so great to read about powerful women like you and your friend Magaly <3 Your painting is wonderful! Have a beautiful week!

  19. Love the poetry and art you received from your blogging friend.
    I think blogland is a great place and although we may never meet, I always enjoy my visits to 'see you' and read your posts. I also appreciate the visits you make to the low carb diabetic blog.

    Enjoy this last day of July and my good wishes for the new month of August ... I really don't know where the year is going to!

    All the best Jan

  20. What a wonderful, special gift.
    Big hugs to you both.

  21. Stacy, the world is filled with possibilities. Friendships, and the many forms they can take, are one of the most beautiful wells of possibility. In a world that seems hell-bent on reducing the requirements for "connection" down to common denominators such as likes and favorites and retweets, it's always been inspiring to me just to find souls like yourself who seek out the deeper connection of the written/expressive word. I have no need to visit the blogs of the many friends you have here to know that each one offers something from the heart in one form or another. Each is making their way too thru a world that often turns it's back to the emotive.

    You've built a community of supportive and encouraging souls. And you give back every bit as much as you receive. Now, I know you do not necessarily keep count and that's a huge part of what I believe others do not see when they think your time spent here in this way is silly. They are looking to be on the "plus side" of the give/take equation all of the time and they are not able to understand the depth to which simply sharing can open one up . . .

    The poem you received was very special. Every word of it a wave of emotion right to the last.

    And your imagery, as always, grows WITH you and that's part of the sharing journey too. We've watched you, and continue to watch you evolve and reinvent and go deeper within. . .

    Here, the first baby crows of the season are showing up at my morning feedings. Wavering unsteadily on the thin wires and cawing an octave above their parents. :) It's a magical time of year. . . so keep discovering YOUR magic!

    BIG Crow hugs (and baby crow hugs too!)

  22. I think when people don't blog they just don't get what the community is like. I am thankful for the blogging friends I have made all around the world. People I may not have ever encountered otherwise. I love visiting the blogs of my blogging buddies and seeing how they are doing and what is going on with them. :)

    What a fantastic poem! See! That is the perfect example of the friendships that can form through blogging. Plus- there are people we can relate to that may be far away from our regular lives, but their kindnesses and understanding will touch us.

    Sending hugs and smiles across the miles. :)

  23. I understand you, haha time spend in blogland is good time, like having a friend nearby ;) So nice to see your blog again and your beautiful crows! Nice poem and gift for you! Looove! ♥ Conny

  24. People who don't blog don't understand how real our blogging friends are. Blogging gives us the opportunity to connect with kindred spirits who are sometimes harder to find in the real world.

    The work of art that Malgaly sent you is beautiful and powerful. I haven't visited her blog in a long time, but I remember that she was dealing with awful pain. I must stop by her blog again.

    I read that you went with the vertical orientation which, in the header, I saw as horizontal. Regardless, this is the most powerful, compelling orientation, Stacy!


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