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Friday, June 23, 2017

Hi Everyone!
Welcome to Magaly and Emma's Beautiful Freaks Fest blog party!

The celebration of misunderstood monsters, misfits, outcasts and oddities of the world!
"Wednesday Addams"
"Inchabod Crane"
And... us!  And, yes, that means all of you! I was going to pick one of my favourite "misfits" and then I started thinking about all the wonderful outcasts in our blogging community. We all have something, that makes us odd to the world and I think that's wonderful!!

Did you know, for myself, until about 3 years ago, people around where I lived, never new what I "did"! I was a closet Crow painter! Then, when I started to tell people what I did, I would get all sorts of reactions. Many were not nice. Some people even laughed! Made me feel so insecure, that I even thought of stopping painting!

But, I got over that! Now I keep my head up high. If somebody says anything negative, I don't care anymore. I won't trade my authenticity for any approval!

For all of you brilliant misunderstood oddities of the world, keep being you!!
Embrace Yourself!
Accept your own identity and uniqueness!

I created a painting for the party. It's 8" x 8".
"I Am I"
I wanted to show the connection I have with crows in this painting.
I'm also giving this painting away for the party! All you have to do, is tell me in your comment, that you want it and you will be entered!
I will announce the winner on June 28th! My mom's birthday!
Have a great time at the party!
Big Hugs and keep being you!


  1. I love your painting! And I remember The Addams Family so well...The Munsters, too! Hope you are having a great week, dear friend. :) Big hugs.

  2. Your painting is wonderful, and I can't imagine any of us being so odd that they wouldn't want it - I would love to be included in your give away! Have a great weekend! Hugs, Valerie

  3. You know" I want it"....and I love your take on the event...from one of your weirder stalkers lol. Even my boys look at me like" wow she really went there!" mahahahahaha...get all their crazy from me. You keep being you sweet crowlady XXX

  4. I love your painting. It's so empowering. Well done.

  5. OMG!!! You're a "misfit"!!! I don't believe it!!!
    You are a talented, sweet, kind, gentle and loving friend who loves crows as I do!!!
    I am a "misfit" who loves all things that hold even a hint of magick like earth, wind, fire and water and I adore your painting and would love to be entered in your drawing!!!

    Hugs and Love Always 💕💝💟💞

  6. Hi, I loved this post and the images you've used.
    Great painting ... but I live so far away ... please do not include in me in your drawer. I do wish good luck to all who enter and the lucky winner too.

    Early Happy Birthday Wishes to your Mom for June 28th!

    Have a lovely Friday and a great weekend too.

    All the best Jan

  7. You're SO right, Stacy! Don't EVER stop painting! You have a beautiful and original visual style and voice. And now, thanks to the internet, many fans!

  8. It is actually crazy - we are all trying to be normal. But what is that? People laughing and bullying other people for their skills? This is such a wonderful post, Stacy!!! I love your painting!!! And I think I will join that party!!! LOL!!! Big hugs

  9. I am the title of this beautiful work Stacy! You have such a gift. The locals are just jealous that they are not talented like you. :-) Besides "normal" is so boring!

  10. Just ignore the negativ stuff! Jerks.
    We are all weird in our own way.

  11. Well, I just posted on another blog that if you offered me the choice of an evening with human beings, talking about the world, troubles, life etc OR an evening in a summer field alone filled with nothing but the magic of fireflies, my choice is fireflies. . . every single time. lol

    You are who you are. It's so much more than what you do, what you wear, how you look or speak. It's intricately wound around your heat. It's internal and eternal and nothing changes it. Certainly not the outside views of anyone.

    Painter of crows
    Creator of magic
    Whole and complete
    Just as you are. . .

    Big crow HUGS! :)

  12. Stacy, when someone laughs at your art just smile back and say ," You're jealous. You have no real talent, because if you did you wouldn't criticize or laugh." Just say that in your own form and smile. Hugs!

  13. This is great. Love your latest work. And it's great that you periodically give a wonderful piece away, says the woman that has a wonderful piece that was given away:)
    I think, in the beginning, most of us are too insecure about how our work will be received to share it with very many. The comment I'd get frequently was, 'Oh what a nice little hobby'. Uh huh:)

  14. Something that you might not know about me is that I've always wanted a pair of Inchabod Crane's freakishly fantastic seeing devices. Aren't they just cool?

    Almost as cool as the fact that we can Beautiful Freaks together, my sweet Stacy. I think we find power when we wave our freak flags (art something that speaks to our souls) and tell the world, "Bring it on! 'I am I'."

    Love the inspiration and the work. And have you ever known my greed for your art to say no to anything? It's a bit shameful, really. But I still want it!

    1. P.S. I'm going to add your link to the party post! *hugs and kisses* <--those are not for the party post, those are for you. :-D

  15. Yay kindred sister, we are partying together! What a beautiful post and I love your fantastic painting, beautifully done, so soulful! I loved what you shared..yes embrace your unique you, it is why we are here! I wouldnt have it any other way!

  16. Peculiar is the secret energy only we project to find others, as unique as all who have been drawn to this Event! I love how when one of speaks, know matter how long it's been, we pop in and say Hi! Never stop painting your magical crows, they are you! xoDebi

  17. What a beautiful post, I'm glad you're not letting any potential naysayers get in the way of your art. I would love the painting!

  18. I am so glad that you aren't letting any ugly words keep you from showing your talent! You know I adore your crowd, so of course, I want it!

  19. That painting is amazing!! As a fellow crow enthusiast I would love to have it. Here's to the misfits.

  20. Hey Stacy, your header is fantastic! Haven't been around for awhile! Your "I Am I" painting is wonderful, she looks so powerful, just like you! Don't let them beat you down, your talent will prevail! As an introvert, I've always been a misfit, and there's nothing wrong with that! Happy Summer!

  21. First up... Wednesday and Ichabod! Two of my all-time favourite misfits!! ❤

    Secondly, I LOVE our merry band of misfits! Good for you, holding your head up high and ignoring mean-spirited asshats. ❤

    Thirdly, your painting is fabulous... as they always are! ❤

    And last, but not least... A very Happy Birthday to your mom for June 28! ❤

  22. Love this, "I don't care anymore. I won't trade my authenticity for any approval!" Keep shining my dear friend. Big Hugs!!

  23. Your crow paintings are epic. I'm glad the negativity didn't make you stop painting. :)

  24. you have a beautifully unique style - good for you to not let that negativity get you down!

  25. I feel right at home in your post. I actually met Lisa Loring and my cats name is Ichabod ha ha

  26. Misfits are awesome people. You create such lovely work. This piece especially has so much power and freedom in it.

  27. I love your attitude! You have to be happy, so live your life however you want. I think your crow pictures are awesome!

  28. Gosh I adore that crow painting!!!❤️ Your attitude is contagious!!❤️

  29. I have a very strong connection to birds and I love this painting. I would love to be entered to win. You are so generous to be giving it away.

    I love this post and your attitude. I am the same way! I used to be concerned when people said negative things about me being different. I am who I am and I like who I am- and so do my real friends. Life would be boring if we were all the same. :) so glad you didn't stop painting!


  30. Simply gorgeous painting and those negative idiots who criticize have no imagination or talent.... I prefer being an oddity too. People never understand why I like making small atc art. The usual comment is 'but what do you do with them '? Lol.
    hugs June x

  31. You are a most awesome crow painter!

  32. I'm sorry that people are so ignorant sometimes, and am glad you didn't give up your wonderful painting.

    I love Wednesday and Ichabod ♥

  33. Your crows give me the feels every, single time.

  34. Oh yeah I have been a Beautiful Freak my whole life. I am proud of it. If people don't like me or what I do they can just keep on walking. Some people are just jealous and or ignorant. You my friend are such a Beautiful Freak and my honor to know you. Uhhh yeah I want to enter your contest. LOL Happy Birthday to Mom

  35. I love the idea of a beautiful freak fest:)
    YOU, enjoy the rest of your evening.

  36. Beautiful painting! I thought I would pop by and say hi! I haven't been in the blog world in a long time. I just came for a visit not entering. :)

  37. I'm probably too late to be in the drawing for the painting, but have to tell you how much I love the idea of "I am I." It's all we really can be, but so many seem to fight to be someone else. Wonderful post!

  38. I'm so glad you didn't listen to those negative voices! Never do, please. Your art, your painting, your crows are wonderful.
    I'm still trying to figure out the painting in your blog header. I love the face of the crow.

  39. Ahhh, I'm too late! But I love this post and your words are the trueth! <3 So good that you are no closet painter anymore, your crows are too good to hide! ♥

  40. Well, at least I can make Nina fell better, because I'm later than she! Your paintings are unique and fascinating, Stacy. I'm glad that you freed them from the closet!


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