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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Hi Everyone
Hope you're all well!
We finally had a day with no rain. It's funny to see everyone go outside at the same time, to cut their lawns! LOL!

Two of my regular green hostas didn't come back this year, but my blue/green ones are doing amazing! This type is my favourite!
The primrose flowers and wild pansies are doing well!
I got my mom to draw for the winner of the giveaway, since it is her birthday. The winner is Valerie-Jael from Bastelmania!! Congrats Valerie-Jael! I will be contacting you soon!!

I will leave you with a painting I just finished.
It's 12" x 16".
"Of Sun And Moon"
Big Hugs!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Hi Everyone!
Welcome to Magaly and Emma's Beautiful Freaks Fest blog party!

The celebration of misunderstood monsters, misfits, outcasts and oddities of the world!
"Wednesday Addams"
"Inchabod Crane"
And... us!  And, yes, that means all of you! I was going to pick one of my favourite "misfits" and then I started thinking about all the wonderful outcasts in our blogging community. We all have something, that makes us odd to the world and I think that's wonderful!!

Did you know, for myself, until about 3 years ago, people around where I lived, never new what I "did"! I was a closet Crow painter! Then, when I started to tell people what I did, I would get all sorts of reactions. Many were not nice. Some people even laughed! Made me feel so insecure, that I even thought of stopping painting!

But, I got over that! Now I keep my head up high. If somebody says anything negative, I don't care anymore. I won't trade my authenticity for any approval!

For all of you brilliant misunderstood oddities of the world, keep being you!!
Embrace Yourself!
Accept your own identity and uniqueness!

I created a painting for the party. It's 8" x 8".
"I Am I"
I wanted to show the connection I have with crows in this painting.
I'm also giving this painting away for the party! All you have to do, is tell me in your comment, that you want it and you will be entered!
I will announce the winner on June 28th! My mom's birthday!
Have a great time at the party!
Big Hugs and keep being you!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Hi Everyone!
Hope you're all doing well!
It's been so long since I've posted anything!
I would like to share with you "one" of the things that have been going on.

When mom got the house, we are living in now, there was a "hot tub" room. We used it for like 2 years and then it sat, unused. This hot tub was from the 70's and there was a crack in it, plus the electricity, etc.

So, it has been roughly 12 years, this room has sat unused. Mom got the brilliant idea to change it into her laundry room. This is just off where we watch t.v, so everything is on the main floor.

I forgot to take a "before" picture. But, I do have some of the stages we have been going through. The hot tub was cut up and taken out. We had to keep the "step", because the foundation would have caved in. So, everything was stabilized underneath, before new tiles were put on top. The tiles we got, matched pretty good.
This is a picture going into the room. You can see the step to the right.
Where the washing machine and dryer will be going.
The ceiling was cedar as well, and it was peaked inside. It was covered and insulation was put in.
I said to mom, since this going to be "her" room, make it her's! Make it fun and pick a colour she would love. A picture of the room with the "primer".
Room now, with finished colour, ceiling finished with new lights and new washing machine and dryer in. Notice the bar on the wall? To help mom step up and down.
Next things to do. New white windows and doors. And, "setting" up the room!
I think it looks funky! I love it! 😀

I have a sneak peak to show you! It's for Magaly's Beautiful Freaks Fest! June 23rd-25th!
Big Hugs and I will be around soon!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Hi Everyone!
Hope you're all well!
For the past month and a half, it has been cool temperatures and rain, but next week, we are suppose to get record breaking heat temperatures! From one extreme to another! One good thing, I won't have to cut the grass as much! LOL!

I have finished two paintings. Both are 8" x 10".

Home Sweet Home
Embrace Yourself
I'll leave you with some garden pictures.
Big Hugs 😊