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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Hi Everyone
Hope you're all well!
It's been a crazy few days of weather! I think everyone around the world has been getting some crazy stuff!
We had 4 days of heavy rain. Sunday, a touch of snow. And for the past 3 nights, frost! But, through it all, the trees and plants are loving it!
Mom's "stinky" flowers are coming up. I show them every year. They are so pretty. They aren't in full bloom yet, but they are getting there! I don't know their real name. All I know is, they stink, to keep away unwanted pests! LOL!
I love gardening and yes, I do plant trees and flowers, etc, but I have to admit, I love to just see what Mother Nature wants me to see. So, I am a wild girl at heart!! And, yes, there is dandelions, clover and all types of things growing through my "grass". I don't know what these lovely wild flowers are coming up around my Goddess. Can't wait!
Mr. Gargoyle and Little Crow, are keeping safe under the evergreen tree!
Mrs. Robin, has had her baby, but the little one hasn't peaked his head up yet!
Do you remember this painting?
I thank you all for "seeing" the abstract heart between the crows, but that had to change. Because that is where the wing from the crow was coming around, to hold her close. Hope you like the changes.
"First Date" (12" x 16" canvas)
As I have said in my earlier posts, the next few months are going to be very busy. I'm going to try to post at least once a week! Talk to you all soon!
Big HugsπŸ˜€


  1. Yes crazy weather indeed. its the same here in NE UK . I love this painting the heart is a stunning part of the beautiful painting. Also got to mention I love your 'New born' crow painting in right side bar. Thanks for the lovely welcome back xxx

  2. Are the stinky flowers out front to keep away unwanted guests? You did say pests...
    Very nice! I totally missed the unintentional heart.

  3. I love this, dear friend! Lovebirds! :) :) Big hugs.

  4. I do agree the weather has been so topsy turvey no matter where in the world you may live!

    Just lovely to see all of your garden photographs, the flowers ... including the stinky one (I wonder what it is called?)to your Goddess, Gargoyle and Crow.
    Also aren't robins great, I think they may be my favourite garden bird!

    Your painting is gorgeous and I do like the changes.

    Hope the next few months will not be too busy for you - take time to relax every now and then.

    My good wishes

    All the best Jan

  5. Your painting looks great! The crows look lovely in their embrace.

    I am a bit of a wild girl too. I love to garden, but I also like nature to show me what it wants to show me. :) Your mom's flowers look interesting. I bet the smell helps keep the bugs away!

    We've been having weird weather too. No snow- but lots of rain and cold at night. Days have been chillier than normal too. But- everything is blooming.

    Have a great week!

  6. My dear Stacy, you sure have some lovely plants growing in your wonderful!!!
    Stinky plant is beautiful but I'll pass on one in around my house...thank you 😦
    I love the your painting and you still added a πŸ’“! Your style change is so wonderful and so you!!!
    Blog when you want to Stacy! There are no rules about the amount of time you must spend. We will love you always πŸ’•πŸ’žπŸ’

  7. I love the emotion in your paintings. I went around picking the wild flowers in the backyard at my parents house, my dad just yanks them out because they're weeds but I love them lol. I can't wait for warmer weather, the lows have been too low and now my sewing room looks like a freakin greenhouse because none of the plants can handle outdoor temps yet. >.<

  8. What a lovely garden.
    Aw, I love Abstract Heart.

  9. The stinky plants look really cool. I don't think I've ever seen anything like that.

    And First Date looks even better with the changes!

    I wish you the best with (and look forward to) the posting schedule.

  10. I love seeing what other's gardens are like. I should post some of ours here at our new home. And I LOVE your crows here. Hang in there and I'll be looking forward to seeing your weekly posts. xo

  11. Delightful! Spring looks fresh and sunny on your side.

    The First Date is stunning. I like the shape of the heart between these love birds. Keep well, dear Stacy!♥

  12. Love your dating crows. The painting is breathtaking. We have young crows here just now, I love watching them. Have fun in your garden, BIG hugs, Valerie

  13. Still seeing an abstract heart lol Absolutely love the "scratchy" backgrounds you are creating lately too. *my garden is full of wildflowers too :D* XXX

  14. Enjoyed the look around your garden especially the gargoyle. Hope you get a picture of the baby bird getting a glimpse of the world for the first time. Enjoy your busy time and remember to make time for yourself.

  15. Yes I think the world is having strange and different weather. We get a lot of rain here but this year we have a had more rain than we have had in 100 years. We are soaked here. I love your mom's stinky plant and all your garden art. I am always so impressed with how you create your crows. I do love the heart. Hugs N

  16. We have had wacky weather here too. Glad for a couple of decent days this week to begin getting the veggie garden in!

    Love the crows! I feel relaxed and happy when I look at that painting!

  17. This spring is crazy! The positive is everything looks amazing this year. I love how you let Mother Nature do her thing. Weeds are so beautiful when you take the time to notice them. I read recently to leave dandelions alone since they are sometimes the only source of food for bees. How adorable that you have a robin laying her eggs nearby! First Date is really sweet. :)

  18. LOVE the peeks at the season around you! Here the finches and sparrows are nesting and the Starlings as well. We decided to feed them from the flower boxes this year which has been a thrill. They quickly took to it and now we have birds fluttering right outside the window all day long. They've gotten used tour prying eyes and we all eat dinner together. We had several new (to me) birds join in this season as they migrated and I have yet to find them in the birder book.

    The painting is, as always, lovely. The heart may be gone but the love is still very much there! :)

    Huge CROW HUGS!

  19. Your painting it beautiful!!!And it still has the abstract heart and the wing too!Your garden pictures are lovely. Still getting frost and snow? Burrrrr, I would die there, I sooooooo love my desert heat.Hugs and love!!!!

  20. beautiful painting! and lovely to see your garden coming to life ... ours is too!

  21. Pretty painting! I just love your art! And we've had rain and more rain. Everything is green and growing much too fast! Have a great weekend.

  22. According to Google, Mama Crow's stinky flowers are called Crown Imperial. But you must continue calling them "Mom's stinky flowers" because I like that much better *giggles*.

    The weather is a bit crazy around here, too. But not frost thank goodness. Still, my blood orange plant and passiflora are outside, so I need to keep an eye on things... if it gets below 45 degrees Fahrenheit they must come into the house.

    I love the painting. And I think that even after the addition of the crow's wing, the abstract heart is still there, just a bit reshaped. So we get 2 hearts. :-)

    1. A link to Mama Crow's stinky flowers:

  23. Fabulous!!! "First Date" turned out perfect! We have had kinda crazy weather as well here ... one day it is cold and rainy with temps in the 50's then the next day sunny and 70 degrees LOL

  24. Big hug back at you, Stacy! "First Date" turned out really well! You're right about the crazy weather. We arrived in Phoenix, and it was 106ΒΊ F. The next day it was in the 70s. Then we're driving home on Wed. and Thurs. and it's raining bucketsful in the desert. While we were gone from our home, the temp. went from the 80s, to the low 20s with a lot of snow, back to the 80s again. I'm just relieved that our pipes didn't burst, because I had turned the furnace off during the 18 or so days we were gone. Your flowers are lovely!

  25. I love gargoyles! I only have a few small ones atop my bookshelf. I need a big one like that to put outside.

  26. We’ve had rain, sunshine and frost but no snow, thank goodness! I’ve been rushing out each evening to cover the tender plants and uncovering them each morning. I think it’s time they stood on their own two feet (or stems) now, if your plants can do it so can mine.

    The ‘stinky’ plants are called fritillaria. I've grown them from bulbs in previous years but not this year. The smell is pretty off putting, but they are beautiful. I love wild flowers too and have lots of them around the garden. I've also got things growing under and through the fences from other gardens – I welcome them all.

  27. PS.
    I wasn’t sure about the spelling of fritillaria so I’ve just looked it up and here it is;

    Fritillaria imperialis
    Other common names
    crown imperial
    crown on crown

  28. So nice to see spring pictures! The goddess in your garden is so cool! The heart is still there in your painting. You've done such a good job with it!

  29. I have to chuckle this time of year because everyone is posting about spring while I'm in full-blown summer. =)

  30. Hey there! Love the crows and the gargoyle. I adore gargoyles. By the way check my blog, it talks about crows tonight. Sort of.

  31. Oh, I loved the paintings. So much beauty in the crows. And thanks for all the photos of the garden.

  32. Hope you have a wondrous weekend, Stacy.
    And cleaning your mom's house for Mother's Day.....the perfect gift:)

  33. You weather is giving you varieties at least.our's is having one still shape can be define easily "long hot summer days "
    Found these plants beautiful. Stinky flowers are o pretty yet unique!
    I too prefer the mother nature over all other hobbies.
    Loved your first date so Much!

  34. Your garden is beautiful! The weather certainly hasn't been the norm. I love your embracing crows, what a loving and sweet painting!

  35. Those flowers stink? I would never guess that. The plant looks beautiful and exotic.

  36. You are so so talented, these are so beautiful. These would look lovely hung over a fireplace.

    Little Moon Elephant

  37. Awesome new header art. Fantastic!! :)


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