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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Hi Everyone!
Hope you're all well!
As you can see, I've been playing around with my blog. I felt I should put "Crow Goddess Of Transformation"as my banner.

As I said to you all, the next few months are going to be busy. Amongst these past few busy days. I've been going through some things. We all do, don't we! More lessons and more healing! The universe is wondrous! We will get through everything, it's just to realize what is going on and be excited about change, about new possibilities!

I was reading a post from "Magaly's" Blog. She is an amazing writer! In this poem, the lines "Now with eyes open and opened again, I see" and "I will build true", really touched me!

Loving yourself, is major! I realized, just a few day ago, "I" kept calling to me! Yes, you say you love yourself, but are you hearing it? Are you understanding why you are saying it? Yes, I truly do love myself, but I didn't realize I was still holding onto so much pain! "I" need me!!! We call out to other people to hear you, but you are not listening to yourself! You have to listen to you! You have to be there for you! Without you, you have no one!

I hope I'm making sense and not confusing anyone! It's been one of those awakenings again. And, I feel good!

When this was all happening, I was looking at my "Daphne Bush". She is blooming beautifully and the smell is amazing!
At the beginning of Spring, she was roughly 3 feet tall, by 4 feet wide. I had to cut her all back. I was nervous, that she wasn't going to survive. They say not to cut Daphne bushes, because they don't like it, but she had too many dead branches on her. When I saw that she was coming to life again, at basically the same time, I was going through things, I took it as a sign. Many of times, we got to get rid of that "old" stuff, to bloom again! Like a rebirth!

I wanted to get some pictures of my "pet" chipmunks! I have 3 of them!
They let me pat them. I was trying to take a picture of me patting one, but he was scared of the camera, this is as close as I could get!
The baby robin is doing well. I could only get the back side of her/him!
I did manage to complete a painting.
"Listen To Your Spirit, It's Talking To You" (8" x 16" wood)

Big Hugs! 


  1. Your header popped out right at me, dear friend! I love your art! And your photos are beautiful, what a darling little chipmunk! Thank you so much for sharing, and I hope you are having a great week. Big hugs. :)

  2. The banner is perfect and yes I totally understand what you are saying. I had a moment of clarity today while out walking in the sunshine, I need to do more for me and less because of what others want. I absolutely am totally utterly in love with your beautiful Listen to your spirit' painting which is exactly what I am doing.. <3 thanks for your post dear friend xxxx

  3. Beautiful painting!
    Amazing you can touch the chipmunks.
    If we can't love ourselves, we can't love others. Good message to take to heart.

  4. I adore a that the rainbow has broken in through your Goddess' many colours to play with :D You made total sense to me. XXX

  5. Love the new look of your blog, your wonderful art, and the header is magnificent. Glad you are going through a phase of positive change, and your Daphne bush seems to be a sign for it - getting rid of the old to make way for new growth and beauty. You go girl! Hugs, Valerie

  6. You're on such an exciting journey of growth and transformation -- may it take you to new and exciting places!

  7. Your blog header looks great.
    Great to see your other lovely pieces of work too.

    So pleased your Daphne bush is doing well, the way you described it I could almost smell it!

    Your chipmunks look so cute and I think robins are my most favourite garden bird, so I really enjoyed seeing your photographs.

    Take Care, my good wishes

    All the best Jan

  8. Great post and wonderful message about loving ourselves and
    "renewing" our souls. It is difficult for some of us to do that but I am getting better I think, thanks to good, caring friends such as you, dear Stacy!

    Your chipmunks are adorable!!!

    BIG HUGS!!!

  9. I LOVE your new painting "Listen to Your Spirit"!!! We ARE the Spirit Guides for ourselves and others!!! You are so lucky to have little chippy friends, soooo cool!!! Hugs!

  10. I like what you've done with the place. A lot.

    The closeup of the chipmunk made me smile.

  11. Very good advice about being kind to oneself. Loved seing the view from your garden. The Daphne bush is beautiful. I've never seen one before. There are chipmunks all over my yard, but they run away if we go outside. How cool to be able to pet them. They are cute.

  12. The "Crow Goddess Of Transformation" banner fits perfectly well with the powerful message you share here "You have to be there for you! Without you, you have no one!" Your garden is tune too, blooming so nicely. Keep well, dear Stacy. *BIG HUGS*

  13. I feed all critters around me, sometimes too much.I feel the same about thinking about yourself first, it is a way to expand and develop in the world around you. It brings out the best in us all to meld with each other.

  14. It makes complete sense, Stacy. Not confusing at all. May times we say things, even to ourselves, but we are just talking and not listening. The moment we do listen our wings spread, our hearts soar, our eyes open... and we live.

    I love the banner, and the garden, and your relationship with the wild, and your new "Listen To Your Spirit, It's Talking To You" painting. The way the wings are just about to spread, as if in announcement of flight and new beginnings, is just perfect.

  15. Cute chipmunk and robin! We had chipmunks in the garden when we were kids. One we called Lancelot, the other Percival.

  16. Hi I like the way you blog looks. Not confusing at all. Your transformation of who you are has been fascinating to watch and quite inspiring. Wow that Daphne bush is amazing. Wild pets hmmmm your animal spirit for now? I love this piece of art too. You sound busy and that is a good thing. Growth always comes with a bit of pain. Hugs N

  17. This post is very meaningful. It is very personal, and also universal. Love that you can reach out and touch your little chipmunk friends!

  18. you have the magic touch in the garden! glad to see you on this wonderful journey

  19. I love this post, so positive and full of love. How sweet that the chipmunks let you pet them. I love your new painting, it is wonderful!

  20. Your new painting has a great title! Very appropriate!

    Your Daphne Bush looks amazing. So glad it bloomed again. :)

    You are right- we do need to believe in ourselves. I always think we that if we don't believe in ourselves than no one will.

    Wishing you a very happy weekend.

  21. Very wise words.... I like that rebirth at the same time as your Daphne bush. The universe speaks to us like that, I firmly believe. Your painting is beautiful and I like the title. And those chipmunks .... How cute ♥♥

  22. Perfectly said Stacy! We need to believe our positive self talk. :) The Daphne Bush is so pretty. Isn't is awesome when you give a shrub some TLC and it becomes happy again? I get nervous too when cutting things back. Chipmunks are adorable. It is so cute when they stuff their cheeks! Beautiful work with Listen To Your Spirit, It's Talking To You.

  23. I'm glad you love you, 'cause we sure do:)
    I can't believe you can pet your chipmunks. You're now the official Wild Critters Whisperer.
    Cutting back certain bushes can be stressful can't it? I'm going to have to cut back my butterfly 'bush' since it's now taller than I am.
    I love what you've done with your blog.
    Have a great one.
    We'll leave the light on for ya.

  24. Your chipmunk pets are adorable! Love the finished crow painting! And thanks for the reminder about loving oneself. You're awesome! Hugs!

  25. My Dearest Stacy, you are one of the most beautiful souls on this earth! You should love yourself and respect yourself, I know that I love and respect you dear friend 💕
    Your loved by your animal friends and your plants, too! Why? Because you care about and love them, too.
    Your new painting is gorgeous and your blog is divine!!!

    Lots of Love Always with Big Hugs 💝

  26. I deeply feel your sentiment of powwowing with self, and transformation is happening for a lot of us. How awesome to be able to pet the Chipmunks.

  27. i love your banner crow!! I have been going through this transformation so to speak myself, spending a lot of time in contemplation, meditation, walking, nature, etc.. I agree it's so easy to say you love yourself...but then the person one is hardest on, is themselves. So how can that be. I'm still figuring it all out. Good luck on your journey.

  28. Gary posted this on G+ and I came by to say, great picture. Then I found more on your site. Fun pictures.

  29. Those chipmunks are adorable! I want one!!! :P

  30. You are indeed going through an internal/external transformation, the journey to self. I can see it in your artwork and your words. It is always great to have communion with nature.

    Peace to you in your travels...

  31. hey Stacy! this thing called life is not so easy! so we just have to figure out our way through it, and it sounds like you are finding yourself, and truly accepting yourself. You are so right, who else can you totally depend on other than you? and who will never leave you? that's why the most important relationship in your life should always be with your own true self.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog with the nice words, like you always do. I so appreciate you! so spill the beans, did you get any good art supplies?


  32. forgot to say I love the look of your blog, it really changed over the years....and loving the new artwork and the message it gives.
    keep trying with the chippie, he will get used to the camera, may even try and get close to it, lol!

  33. You made perfect sense, Stacy. We do need to listen to ourselves because sometimes our selves have true insight into what we're doing wrong and need to change ~ If we'd just listen! Wow, I've never been able to pet a chipmunk. You must radiate calm and gentleness. I hope things ease up for you soon! Love your new header!

  34. Great and interesting thoughts, and nice photos. Warm greetings!

  35. I'm told that chipmunks only allow themselves to be patted by trustwothy people. Yes, that's a compliment. And here's another one: excellent painting.


  36. Stacy , So glad to see your still blogging . I got locked out of my blog years back and with huge frustration I moved on to Instagram . I have missed the in-depth shares of some of my blogger friends . Those chipmunks are adorable and you do have that animal connection ! Honey Bee and I just recently decided to come back to blogger and I had to stop in and say "HELLO"
    Huge Hugs,

  37. Love how you are changing your blog. And the chipmunk is so cute! Keep painting my friend. You bring joy in the world with your talents!

  38. Love the painting! I get what you're saying with the loving yourself, but for me that reliance lands on God. I'm too imperfect and flawed, but He loves me anyway, and that's where I take my confidence.

    Enough of that. Experiment away! Change is a good thing, and I hope that stuff going on behind the scenes ends up bringing you to a better place.


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