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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Hi Everyone!
Hope you're all well!
Spring has for sure sprung around here! It's cooler today, but still very nice! I can't believe the month of April is almost gone!
Now, before I show you my latest painting, as I said in my last post, I feel my art changing again. And, as always, I'm going for it! I always paint from my soul! You have to be true to you!! Many of you have seen my art grow in all different directions. I love getting your reactions too! Some of you might not like something and some might think I'm crazy, but it's all good!

I had a question from one my good blog friends. She asked about why do I put "red lips" on some of my crows! She said it reminded her of those candies you used to get around Halloween, with the red wax lips and everyone would wear them afterwards. I started laughing! LOL!

I have painted many different types of my "Crow Gals".
First I have to explain, when I paint one of my "Crow Gals", she is to me, half woman, half crow. And, I am seeing me in these paintings, because I have such a connection with crows. When I put the red lips on, that is power, strength, that is feminine, that is sexy to me, that is our life force that flows through us. Now, I have to admit, I don't know why, when I paint the face looking forward, why I haven't used red lips? That hasn't "called" to me.

My latest painting is a 12" x 16" canvas.
"Crow Goddess of Transformation"
I know there is a lot going on in this painting, but I hope you "get it", in your own way, what I've created.

I have a sneak peak of my latest piece. When I looked back at my "face on" crow gals, all the eyes were shut. Now I am painting them open! (Like the last one, that is in my banner.) To me, the universe is telling me "I'm ready"!
Sorry about the long post!!
Take care and I will be around soon to say hi!
Big Hugs 😀

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Hi Everyone
Hope you're all well!
Do you remember this painting?
Well, I finished it! I really loved the way it turned out. I hope you enjoy it! I feel my art doing a little twist again!

"They Call Her, "Little Crow" (8" x 16" Gotrick wood panel)

Big Hugs 😃

Friday, April 14, 2017

Hi Everyone!
Hope you're all well!
I wanted to wish you a very Happy Easter 😃

On this special day, I would like to share a great picture I just received in an e-mail. Do you remember the BIG Baby Crow special order painting I did for Finland? Well, "Litha" is now framed, in a floating frame. When you walk through the front door of their home, my painting is the first thing you see.
I am so very touched!!! Thank you!!
When you create, and know your art is being cherished, it is the greatest feeling!!

I will leave you with something I am working on.
Have an amazing weekend!! Big Hugs 😀

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Hi Everyone
Hope you're all doing well!
I'm 100% now! It was for sure the Chicory Root, that was making me ill. It wasn't just affecting my stomach, it was affecting my entire body! I really had a bad allergic reaction. I'm back to the food I know, like boiled eggs and spinach! LOL!

Remember how I said things kept being delayed, well, not anymore! I know I said April was going to be a busy month, now I think I will be busy till July. I'll post as much as I can, but know, I'll probably be a few days behind in blog land, for reading!

Remember this?
I'm finished!
"Mother Of Crows" ((9" x 12" canvas)
Big Hugs 😀

Friday, April 7, 2017

Hi Everyone
Hope you're all well!
I'm doing a lot better! Like 95% better!!! Happy Dance!
I promise to be around soon!

I have something to share with you and I think it's important.
I've written on here before, in the last 6 months, that I'm sick with the "stomach flew". Well, I will be honest, I haven't been feeling 100% since October 2016. Now of course, I haven't been sick everyday, but I have felt "off" a lot!

When this last spell started to happen, I thought, I am going to check what I have been eating. As you know, since the middle of September of last year, I started the gym and have been trying to eat more healthy. Not that I was ever a junk food addict, but, just to introduce more nutritious items.

Looking at my protein bars, cereal, teas, coffee and even sushi, I have found one of the main ingredient to be "Chicory Root". When you start looking, you won't believe the food that it's in.

So, off to the internet I went!
What I discovered...... many people are having the same reactions as me!
Gas, belly bloat, abdominal pain, gut rumbling, etc.

Another thing I discovered, if you see this ingredient, "Inulin", it is derived from Chicory Root!

So please watch yourselves around Chicory Root and Inulin!
Not saying it's bad! Just saying, you might go through what I did!!!

I will leave you with something I'm working on 😀
Big Hugs 😃

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Hi Everyone
Hope you're all well!
I had to do a quick post and let you all know, that since sunday night, I have been sick with the stomach flew! Yuck! I will be around to say hi soon! I hope! LOL!
Before I let you go, I have to share this beautifulI image I found. Please enjoy!
"Catching Crows"
Big Hugs 😀

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Hi Everyone!
Happy April!
Hope you're all doing well!
April is going to be a busy month for me! I have a list of things to do. The first thing is taxes! Fun stuff! I'm letting you know this, because I might not be posting a lot, but I will for sure continue to come around to your blogs!

Do you remember this painting?
Well, I've finished it! (12" x 16" canvas)
"Soul Power"
"Move, get ready, give thanks.
Imagine and let go. Act and have faith.
Persist. Do what you can, when you can, all you can."

I think this will be my new blog banner!
Take care!
Big Hugs 😀