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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Hi Everyone!
Hope you're well!
My eyes have went cross eyed, from all the reading I have been doing on line with these different companies. I really truly wonder, if people read all the fine print? Especially if they don't live in the country where these companies are placed.

Red Bubble, a real funky Australian company. Their prices are already high, so, your profit margin isn't going to be too much. Also, I have found complaints going from 2012-2017, from people that have had their shops suddenly closed and the money owed to them never paid. You own the full rights to your art, but I didn't like how it was stated that your art is "archived".

I looked at two more American companies, Society6 and Threadless. It would be the same tax issues, as I explained before. Society6, there is some kind of fee that you have to pay, but you aren't told how much until your name is verified. Threadless you can put your items on there, but they say you should have a shop with them, which you have to pay for.

So, I am back to looking at Art Of Where. Which I know they don't have plus sizes (yet), and they don't take returns, unless something is really mixed up, but at least it is Canadian and it is something to start with, right? I also can sell Art Of Where clothing/articles on Etsy. They have been approved. So, that is something I have to verify with them. Can things be returned through Etsy?

I also have found two t-shirt companies that will do printing for me, in Ontario Canada. The only thing is, I purchase from them and then I sell the items. I couldn't sell them on Etsy, it is their rules. I only can do that, if they have ok'd the company. So, I would have to make up a new website to sell the t-shirts!

I told you, my eyes are going cross eyed! No wonder I have been getting headaches! There is actually even more infomation, but I don't want to bore you!

Remember this painting?
I finished it! "First Kiss" (8" x 10" wood panel)
For those of you who have been following my blog for awhile, know that I collect many stones and crystals. I started going through and polishing. It takes me awhile to get finished. My first two plates are finished.
I also like to share the guardian of my room, where I paint. She has been with me for a long time. 20 years plus.
Big Hugs 


  1. Stacy, I love your art, your brilliant and sweet personality shine through it! I also love the guardian of your room, too! Big hugs.

  2. Oh, not easy to find the right company, I guess. I wish for you, that everything works well! The "First Kiss" is sooo cute ❤ Have a nice week!

  3. I didn't realise it was so complicated to sell things! Good for you for checking t all out! Love your very lovable new crow painting, and your stones and crystals look great, as does our 'guardian'. Have a great week, hugs, Valerie

  4. So many companies and so many countries. Sorry it is so complicated.
    Painting turned out really well!

  5. How cool that you collect stones! I've got a bowl full sitting in the house:)
    Your head is no doubt spinning trying to figure out the best company. I agree Art is a good place to start. Can't wait....

  6. These companies hope you don't read the fine print. You really should seek legal advice to advise for copyright as well as taxes. So you know what your rights are and there are no surprises from the tax man later on.

    the stones are so pretty. And "First Kiss" is very cute.

  7. not sure if my comment came through. I like how you show technique in your before and after painting.I collect a lot of stones and need to find who has the polisher. I give lots away to children. I handed one to a 2 year old and he said,"Its a rock" and threw it across the room narrowly missing a huge pastel covered with glass.LOL

  8. This sounds so complicated, but I know you'll make the right choice for your art as you've done plenty of research. I love your polished stones and guardian ☺

  9. I am so glad you art reading fine print. Most people don't As for Etsy you set your own return policies so yes you can take returns. Etsy is always changing. Before when it was just for hand made and supplies it was much better place to sell. I also collect rocks and stones. I don't however have a polishing machine. Always wished I could get one. I love this finished piece and your guardian. Hugs and have a great week.

  10. That is cool that the Canadian company allows you to sell the items on Etsy too. That sounds like the way to go. Since Etsy allows returns, you could accept the returns yourself, then try to sell the returned item on your own since the company does not allow it. The chances of someone wanting to return an item is so slim if the item details are accurate like sizing.

    First Kiss is very sweet. :) I love your guardian. He looks very regal and in charge!

  11. I'm very disappointed to hear that Redbubble is so bad. I was looking forward to starting something with them, but now... Well, it's just too bad.

    Love your stones, especially the one with the crow. And your guardian is fabulous.

  12. You poor soul...all kinds of rules, regulations and legalities before you can even get started selling your beautiful and darling crows on clothing!!! I wish you the very best on this new venture that you are contemplating, dear friend!

    I absolutely love how you finished your painting!!! It is fantastic...LOVE IT!!!

    Your stones are beautiful especially the ones with the art on them.

    I adore your precious! Reminds me of an Egyptian protector.

    Great Big Hugs

  13. You are VERY wise to check all of the "fine" print. I am sure not enough people do so and I would imagine later regretted it.

    NO worries, I know you will find a company that suits YOU and your art. I have faith.

    LOVE the "First Kiss" aceo ... so sweet and adorable!

    BIG HUGS!!!

  14. Awww, "First Kiss" is so sweet... I'm glad you're reading all of the fine print. I think your art would be so charming on clothing, I hope you find something that works for you.

  15. BTW, I really love your big cat statue, it reminds me of Bastet! <3

  16. Ahhh the fine print. I never do read through it, to be honest, but I do pay VERY close attention to online reviews when I'm considering buying from a business.

  17. I love rocks and stones! I have a collection to and I think yours are so pretty.

    Reading all that fine print can definitely cause a headache. I think it is great that you are going through everything so carefully. Definitely important. Good luck!

  18. Love first kiss, and you have wonderful stone collection. I also love your cat. I have a little troll that sits where I paint. She is my muse. :-)

  19. I wanted to start an etsy to sell crafts but after all said and done there would really be no profit for me. I hope the perfect company comes your way. I"m a collector of stones, shells, pretty much any nature item I can hoard. "First Kiss" is so romantic with fresh sprung love.

  20. Although it is proving a headache, in more ways than one, I think you are doing the right thing and thoroughly researching things, including the small print!

    I do love 'First Kiss' - one of my favourites - it is just great.

    So nice to see all of your stones and your guardian.

    Have a good week

    All the best Jan

  21. First Kiss is soooo adorable!!! Wow you have done alot of research. It's not boring at all to me because some day I want to do more of that too so this is really helpful having you scope it all out. I love your guardian and I am honored to see my rocks happily surrounded by all those beauties. Hugs!!!

  22. LOVE First Kiss. I don't envy you the headaches of finding a good path to sales. Such a headache, but you're becoming savvy about what's out there, and it's definitely better to go in with eyes wide open than half closed and end up in trouble. Here's hoping a solution presents itself that is just right.

  23. OOw Owww and OOOOOOW! Very interesting info on shops...but totally went out of my head when I started looking at your lovely art and yummy stones :D XXX

  24. Hi there,how did you polish your stones, I would love to know. As you know, I have a load of stones.

  25. First Kiss is so sweet!!
    I would get cross eyed as well! You have to pay so much attention to so many things, and yes, it's the fine print that you really have to be aware of. I applaud you for doing it all and hope that you will find a good company to work with.


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