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Monday, January 23, 2017

Hi Everyone!
Hope you're all well 😊
I didn't realize I hadn't posted anything on my blog for awhile!
I'm almost finished my painting for Finland and in between that, I've been still doing lots of research!
On top of the other places I have mentioned to you, I've also checked out, Red Bubble, Society 6, cafe press and Merch Amazon.

I've been looking at everything! Customer service, where merchandise is made, complaints, etc. Some people might think I'm crazy doing all of this, but I want to make sure if I'm putting my art on something, I want it to be the best and I want to make sure my customers are happy!

Through my research, I like Zazzle and Red Bubble the best. They have merchandise that is made in Canada and the United States. They carry plus sizes. The reviews are pretty good and they offer exchanges and returns.

I noticed many people will put their art on everything. I'm not going to do that! Only things, that I think are good quality! I like that both these places carry "different" things.

Merch Amazon, I have read amazing reviews on, but it's only by "invite".

Just a little advice, (when purchasing from these places), make sure to read the description fully before purchasing anything! When I was going through comments on the reviews, so many times people would be saying, the t-shirt fits small. I would look in the description and it states, t-shirt fits small! Or, image not bright on silk scarf. Again, looking at the description, it states, art on silk scarves not bright, due to fabric!

I have one more thing to tell you, which I am very happy about! I found a Canadian company! Happy Dance! Called Art Of Where (from Montreal)! I love the clothes they make!  The only two things are, they don't carry plus sizes, yet and they don't offer returns. (If something is really off they will, but not because you changed your mind.) My question to all of you is, would you buy from a store, that doesn't offer returns? Would really like to know!

Sorry for having two posts about this! You must be bored! Hopefully I will make my mind up by the end of January and get started!

We haven't had sun for like 10 days now! Not good for picture taking! So, I will leave you with another sneak peak 😀
Big Hugs


  1. Your artwork is so cute...It sounds like you have done your research. I am sure you will find the right company to showcase your artwork.

  2. Stacy, you are really being thorough in your research into these various companies. I am sure that you will choose the one that fits your expectations.
    To answer your question...No! I would not purchase from a company that has a "no returns" policy.
    Love the peek at your art piece 💟

    Hugs and Love👼

  3. Stacy, your artwork brings me such joy! Your personality shines in your art...beautiful and brilliant! :)

  4. Important about doing research. You also might want to contact a lawyer about copyrights and intellectual property just to cover all the bases. I have bought t-shirts from Red Bubble and have been happy with the artwork (mostly Doctor Who) and quality of the shirt. I would never buy from a place that doesn't offer returns either for poor quality or buyer's remorse

  5. Not boring at all...with all the groups vying for unique art it is good that someone is doing this research :D XXX

  6. Love that cheeky crow. I don't like buying from places where there are no returns. I Hope that you find the right place to market your wonderful designs. Hugs, Valerie

  7. So exciting! I've used Society6 for my photography in the past, and there isn't much profit to be made there unfortunately, but their site is pretty straight forward.

    From past experience, when selling clothing, some people would buy, wear the item and then return it for a full refund (clearly worn and smelling of body odour half the time) so I completely understand the 'no returns' policy, unless the shop made a mistake.

  8. I think I would want everyone happy with your product, and not feeling bad because of a no return policy.

  9. It is very smart to do all this research first before making a decision. I love online reviews for choosing whatever it may be! I like to see a return option whenever I purchase something just in case so that is definitely a drawback.

  10. The photo looks great as does the art. I am so proud of you for doing thorough research. I don't buy clothes on line because I have have to try it on. Same sizes are not always the same size. LOL However, my mom order online for clothes all the time. She said never order from someone who will NOT accept returns. I think that leaves you holding the bag if the item is not want you expected.

  11. I don't blame you for being careful and doing your research. I've ordered from Zazzle and think they have good quality stuff. I will admit, if a company says no returns, I'm not likely to buy from them.

  12. We don't bore easily around here, so no worries. Love your baby crow. :)

  13. Sounds like you have been busy. Buy from an online retailer with nor returns depends on the cost for me. If it is something expensive no- otherwise I may (often returning by mail doesn't happen because I don't have time anyway). ;)

    Good luck with your decision!

  14. Crazy? Not at all. I think you are extremely brilliant to be doing all this research before you compromise.

    To answer your question, I don't think I would buy clothes from an online store that does no refunds. Descriptions, even when accurate might mean different things to different people. Sometimes we order something described as "very dark" just to find out that is not dark enough for us.

  15. Oh gosh, you put a lot of work into this. And that is such a good idea - better to be safe than sorry. I really hope you will end up with a company you are pleased with, Stacy!!

  16. I prefer stores that offer returns. It makes me nervous when a company won't sand behind their products like that. I do my work through zazzle, and I have been meaning to get redbubble going and just haven't had time (you could make a full time job out of the online stores and marketing.)

    On the amazon stuff, be careful. I don't sell through amazon at all for a lot of reasons.

  17. Research is the key to success. =) I'm glad you found some companies that will work! I personally wouldn't buy from somewhere that doesn't do returns, but I also don't buy a ton of stuff, so...

  18. Sounds like you're getting closer to choosing. I've done book promo stuff on sweatshirts and coffee mugs and such--always through CafePress, though, so I probably paid too much! I just did one for me.

  19. These crows would be awesome on anything!

  20. I think you are very smart for doing so much research. I have only dealt with Zazzle's products in the past and I have to say that I do like them.

    Huge HUGS!

  21. Sounds like a good company. And yes, if they do returns than its awesome.

  22. I think returns are pretty important.
    I'm enjoying hearing about your journey on your new life adventure.
    I'm Worthy looks so striking.

  23. I've bought stuff I couldn't return, but generally I've seen it in person. I think it's very smart of you to be doing all of this research, you want to make sure your art is well represented and I think this is important! The sneak peek is very cute!

  24. Research is key and you are doing a lot which I think is so wise.
    I would prefer to purchase from somewhere that offers returns!

    Loved the sneak peek!

    All the best Jan

  25. As someone who always buys the biggest size and then customizes the clothes she bought I nearly never have to return something, always find a way to make it work.
    Its great that you do so much research!


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