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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Hi Everyone! Happy December!
Hope you're all well!
I started back at the gym, but not pushing myself. The first day I was back, I almost past out on the tread mill! Lucky I caught myself! LOL! It's amazing when you think you're feeling better, but your body is still recovering!

I've finished some paintings! The weather has been so yucky! Grey skies and rain! Lucky today, I got some photos! I have to admit, because I am so picky, I will be taking photos again, when the sun comes out, but these will have to do for now. Enjoy!

"Love Life" (4" x 4" canvas)
I really wanted to do another "3 Eyed Crow". This painting is called "I See". (8" x 10" canvas) My mom thought this painting was really out there! LOL! Some of you might think so too, but personally, I loved the way it turned out!
Do you remember me throwing away some art, on the wood panels? Well, the store I bought them from, weren't that nice! I found another art store and they are such good people! Anyways, had a long conversation with the lady and she gave me some pointers. So, I bought different wood boards, that I am proud to say, are made in Canada, and with her pointers, everything is working out perfectly!
"Goddess" (8" x 16" wood panel with 1" side)
Big Hugs!


  1. Love that first painting. It's so happy!!! I love this time of year at the gym--nobody's there. There were a few people at the walking track, but it's nothing like it'll be in January. I call them the "New Years Resolutioners." The crowd lasts about 2-3 months but it's at the worst in early January. I remember not even being able to find a parking space. I should snap a photo of the empty parking lot in December and one at the same time in early January to show the difference!

  2. Wonderful paintings and glad you're feeling well enough to do so! But please do take it easy returning to the gym. One cannot pick up where you left off the last time you were there when sick in between. :)

    I've been sick a lot. Had a chest infection and sore throat. It finally went away and a week later? It feels like it's returning. Grrr

  3. Wow Stacy! "Goddess" is GORGEOUS! Also glad to hear you are feeling better but yes, don't overdo it too soon! I know the absolute best feeling in the world is that first day after being sick where you feel fairly normal . . . but give it a bit of time my dear. Here's to hoping your December and Yule/Christmas/Holiday season is MAGICAL! :) XX Hugs!

  4. Take it easy! I love the three eyed crow! Supposedly we all have a third spiritual eye

  5. I love all your paintings, Stacy, and your first one is so happy and delightful...just like you! :) Take it easy, and I hope you will be feeling better as time goes on. Big hugs.

  6. Glad you are feeling better, but please give yourself time to recover. Love your crows, as always, and good that you have found a shop selling better boards to work on. Have a good weekend, Hugs, Valerie

  7. The first crow I think is the happiest one of all'! I love it!! Happy training, but take care !!! I too get often overexcited!!

  8. I think I heard a legend or some such story that crows are messenger birds. The 3 eyed crow is using the third eye chakra which leads to a higher consciousness. The Empress is very serene and Love Life just makes you smile.

  9. Glad you found a better art store with nicer people!

  10. Yay! for not quite passing out at the gym. I totally understand the feeling. Love the "I See" painting. It brews all sorts of thoughts... And I'm so glad you found a shop where people are kind and give good advice.

  11. I am glad to hear you are feeling better Stacy! I am just getting over the flu and looking forward to getting back to yoga. Hopefully Monday. :) The 3 eyed crow is quite cool. I really love "goddess". The subtle touch of color is so pretty.

  12. Hi! I know it's been a while, but it is good to check in on you again! I'll try and dig through, but what happened with the woodpanels? What pointers, and why the canadian brand (what brand?) Good to see your crows again!

  13. WOW! Goddess looks 3D..and " I See" is super luscious!!! :D XXX

  14. I love Goddess but also the other two - ...that top one makes me laugh. glad u are doing better and you found the perfect wood boards.

  15. I really like the two dark ones. Not far out there to me. The one on the wood is perfect.
    Glad you're doing better!

  16. I am glad you are feeling better and taking it easy! I hope you feel completely better soon. I love the paintings, I am glad you found a good art supply store. I love the piece on wood especially.

  17. Please take it slow returning to the gym, dear are still recovering from I'll health... don't rush it.

    Your paintings are wonderful and Goddess is gorgeous!!!

    Hugs and 💖

    1. Darn tablet did it again...that is supposed to be "ill" health not I'll...😣

  18. Outstanding work, Stacy! I really love the "Goddess". The way you used colours in the painting makes it look so graceful, and the wood panel works best. Isn't it wonderful to find a good supply shop!

  19. So lovely paintings. I love that smile - it makes me smile too!! A good thing you found another shop and you can buy canadian supplies. Bad service is not worth using your money on. Hope you get better and better - take care and do not overdo it. Big hugs :-)

  20. Oh I just LOVE LOVE LOVE these little beauties!!!
    WOW...and the three eyed Crow is stunning...reminds me of a spider for some I would have called him a Spider-Crow! LOL

    So glad you've found a better art shop.
    It makes such a difference when people you have to deal with are friendly, doesn't it? :))

    Lots of love, my dear Friend...and Big Hugs xoxoxo

  21. I love all of your artwork but I must say that I especially adore the third piece, Goddess. Glad you're up and about and feeling better. :)

  22. I love all of your art. The cute crows just make me happy. The serious touch my soul. The 3 eye is so special and titled perfectly. Goddess is just stunning. Hope you are feeling much better now.

  23. Hi kindred..these are all magical and gorgeous!I love them all but especially love the Goddess crow..she is powerful!
    Wishing you a magical and creative season...always wonderful visiting your enchanted world!

  24. Yes, sometimes when we have been unwell, our body just likes to remind us to take things steady ...but good for you for getting back to the gym.

    So pleased you have found a nice art shop, it's so nice to go in and chat with like minded and helpful people.

    Goddess looks wonderful

    Wishing you a great week ahead, and thanks for all your lovely comments on the low carb diabetic blog - it's lovely to read them.

    Take Care

    All the best Jan

  25. best wishes for your work out dear.
    hope you will share your photos soon when sun smiles on your sky.
    i found three eyed little scary.
    but loved the other tow .

  26. I have a tendency to over do it too. Slow and steady, and I'm sure you'll be feeling stronger soon.

  27. A third eye would definitely be helpful:)
    Love them both.
    Glad your wood boards are now working out.

  28. Still loving these pieces. In answer to your question, I spray my works on paper or panel or wood with Golden Glossy Varnish, the ones on canvas I brush with a mixture of Liquitex glossy and satin.

  29. Ugh, supply stores should be a place where you feel good and where the people are nice and all that :-( love the paintings though!


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