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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Hi Everyone!
Hope you're all healthy and doing amazing!

Just to let you know about the "wood boards". They came pre-gessoed. The surface was very smooth. After I finished the paintings, and didn't like them, I did try to gesso over top, but it became very lumpy. I guess the only other thing I could have done, was to buy a satin varnish, but I was finished with them, so, I did throw them out! I did try, but they didn't work for me. Thank you for all your suggestions!

We got our first snow fall a few days ago, but it is gone now. It warmed up a bit, but now, the Autumn coolness has settled in and the winds are blowing.

I did get some paintings finished!

"Fiore" (Flower in Italian) (5" x 5" canvas)

"Peace" (6" x 6" canvas)
I am working on "Love".  Here is a sneak peak of her.
I have sketched out in my mind, an idea for a larger painting and I can't wait to start it! I hope it turns out. It's calling to me!

I received a very cool book, from a giveaway I won.  It came all the way from Wales, from the lovely Yvonne at Melancholy and Menace.  I got some other extra treats, like a cute rubber bat!! Love him!
Love everything! Thanks Yvonne!
Tomorrow is Halloween! I will go to the cemetery and leave some apples at my Grand-pa's grave and visit. If the weather is nice, I will take some pictures. Have an amazing Halloween everyone!!!

Big Spooky Hugs!


  1. Fiore is gorgeous. Happy Halloween!

  2. Congrats on your win, enjoy! LOVE the new crows, Fiore is gorgeous and Peace very reminiscent of the wild 60ies! Have a good start in the new week, have fun! Hugs, Valerei

  3. I love your new pieces, especially Fiore. Congrats on your win! I'm sorry the wood didn't work out, sometimes not everything works, it sounds like you gave it a solid try.

  4. Congrats! Loving your new art projects! Have a wonderful and fun Halloween!

  5. Ohhh, I love Fiore. Happy Halloween!!

  6. Halloween happiness and hugs to you sweet lady, xoxo Oma Linda

  7. How wonderful, Stacy...your first snowfall!!!
    You have painted some more of your fantastic crows...they are all so adorable!!!
    Congrats on your new lucky girl!!!

    Have a spooktacular Halloween tomorrow~

    Hugs and Much Love

  8. more beautiful work and I can;t wait to see what you paint next! Its lovely that you leave apples at your Grampa's grave,,Happy Halloween to you and your Mum,,

  9. I LOVE Fiore! That crow is up to something sinister...just waiting for the right moment! I know why Peace is so happy, he's stoned right? Just kidding but the 60s and that huge smile...makes me wonder. And I am excited to see Love come into her own.

    I am also excited to see your large painting go from your head to the canvas! And look at all the goodies you won! With your decorations you are certainly ready for Halloween. I looked at the pumpkin a couple times before seeing the kitten inside, too cute! Have a wonderful day tomorrow and hope the weather holds up for you to be able to go visit your dad! Big hugs and lotsa love!

  10. That's so nice that you are taking apples to your grandpa's grave. I love these crows, especially Fiore.
    Rebecca is a classic. A great book. Wonderful giveaway.
    Great post:)
    Happy Halloween, my friend;)

  11. They are all wonderful, Stacy, especially Fiore! I love this one the best! We got some snow here in Quebec as well...however, Quebec City got it and it skipped us in Montreal. For now. It will come, though! Happy Halloween to you, dear friend. Hugs. :)

  12. Caaaaaw We loves you too :D BLessed Samhain Sweet Crow XXX

  13. When something doesn't work for us, after we've tried and tried and tried, the best thing is to move on. So yay!

    Love the colors of "Fiore", but you probably already knew that. And "Peace" is such a looker. Can't wait to see more of "Love".

    I hope you enjoy Rebecca. I love it!

    Enjoy your time at the graveyard. Have a dance with your grandpa. I'm going to cook, to write, to listen to music... and invite the memory of my little brother to join in.


  14. Great job. Those are so fun! Especially "Peace." I feel happy just looking at it.

    It's been crazy-warm here in Nashville. In the 80s...and it will be until Wednesday. I'm ready for fall weather, but it looks like we're going to go straight from summer to winter this year!

  15. Great start to my week looking at your crows. Thank you.

  16. OOhhh I love that crow on Red!!! Fabulous! All of your art is so full of life this week. Hmmm wonder why? That is a great win of prizes. The weather is cold, wet, howling wind, Ohhh wait that is how it is all the time here. HA ha ha. Last night was something wicked though. I am sure there are tree down. Happy Halloween to you.

  17. Very "cool" new art and very nice giveaway gift. I am so happy for you!

    We did not get our fist snow yet, but we have had our first frost here.

    Have a Happy Halloween and a Blessed Samhain, sweet sister!

    Love and hugs always, Kim

  18. Happy Halloween Stacy! Your new works are fabulous. I am loving Fiore! The novel Rebecca is such a great read. You will love it. :) Fun idea leaving apples for Grandpa.

  19. So nice you are taking apples to your Grandpa's grave ...

    I love the new paintings 'Peace' is so colourful.

    "Big Spooky Hugs!" to you too.

    All the best Jan

  20. A Happy Halloween to you, lovely lady. I'm glad the packaged finally arrived and I just know you'll enjoy reading the book.

    I love that you take apples to your grandpa's grave. You're such a sweetheart ♥

  21. Love all of your new paintings! No snow here yet. Have a spooktacular Halloween! :)

  22. i love your new paintings.
    I've done that before too..sometimes the canvas itself has an attitude and will not accept my idea..I throw it out!!lol
    I hope you're able to take photos.
    Snow! wow, we were lucky to be in the 80s here today.
    Happy Halloween!

  23. Oh gosh your new art is so full of life, joy and happiness. I love it!!! Sorry about that canvas!!!! Keep up you dear Stacy. Big hugsxxx

  24. Lovely work Stacy! So sorry to have been out of touch but the season is already so busy here. : ) Hoping your Halloween was a delight! Big hugs!! nicolas

  25. Bringing Apple Offerings to your Dear Grandpa and visiting during this very Special time of year is so Sweet. Your Art brings a Smile to the face... I too Love Crows and Ravens. Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  26. Love your artwork. :)

  27. Cute Halloween pics,beautiful art and I ADORE "Peace"!!!!Peace and Love to you my friend!!!


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