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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Hi Everyone!!
Hope you're happy and doing well!
Do you remember this background?
I know there is a lot of detail in this painting, and I respect many of you, that thought I should leave it as is, but I couldn't abandon my crows. I did that before. As much as I liked doing my abstract paintings, to me, there was an emptiness without my crows.
I thought this background was very mystical. A spiritual mystery and fascination.
I named it "Veil".
Hope you like it. I did a different technique with the crow. I kept playing with the paint, that the feathers almost looked smudged. I hope that makes sense! LOL! I think he fits in well!

I'm working on another piece. The photo isn't that great, but I think you get the idea!
Talk Soon!
Big Hugs!


  1. Absolutely love the reworked looks to me like a tree in the centre glowing blue light through a dense mist...beautiful! :D XXX

  2. Beautiful, dearest Stacy!!!
    To me he is blending with a waterfall...he becomes a part of the "veil". This is where he resides. He is earth, wind, fire and water~

    Big hugs and much loveđź’—

  3. Very beautiful my dear Stacy! Big hugs!!!!

  4. I like how you went with the crow but brought it into the picture in a different way than usual.

  5. A magical canvas for a very magical crow! Perfect pairing!

  6. Veil is so mysterious. I love it! The feathers are very cool.

  7. I love what you have done here, Stacy! Lovely! :)

  8. You are right. The crow set it off perfectly giving it a measure of magic.

  9. The crow is your signature! It must be present!

  10. They are beautiful! I love the blue!

  11. Hey Girl!!! It's been a while I know and I will be getting an email out to you today. I LOVE "Veil"...mysterious, haunting just like the crows who are the only ones who can pass between the veil. It's great that you went with your gut and not popular opinion. My work suffers when I do what I think others will like.

    Your new sketch looks awesome as well, I am excited to see the finished painting!

    Stop by my blog. I will be announcing a giveaway next Monday Sept 12th and the winner will be announced the following Monday Sept 19th! About time right? Miss you and big hugs. Hope all is well in your world.

  12. I love the painting. The first thing that came to mind was a blackbird walking through a waterfall, so "Veil" is a perfect name to it.

    I love your abstracts. I'm looking at one as I write this. But yes, you are the crow goddess, the idea of you leaving your crows behind would be inconceivably.

  13. well both crows look great and i love the abstract behind him (or is it a girl)... You're the artist and if the crow speaks to you and wants to be included ya gotta do it.

  14. Oh WOW! That is simply beautiful! It truly lives up to its' name "Veil."

    Brightest Blessings!!!

  15. Hi Stacy,
    Guess what. The HH got me a copy of Eddie The Eagle;)

  16. Oooh these are wonderful Stacy! I love them, they're very powerful.

  17. Love both, really <3 but the second one especially makes me think I should take a look at your shop once the moving part is done (aka around new year LOL)

  18. Oh wow, these are both gorgeous! The crow fits in perfect in "Veil"! And the new one is spectacular too!!!

  19. I'm really loving seeing your art/painting growing leaps and bounds. Keep it up!! :)


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