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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Happy Autumn!!!
Hope everyone is having a beautiful day!
On tuesday, I got my butt kicked by my trainer! I told her, she is not a sweetheart! LOL! I was making everyone laugh in the gym. She wanted me to look in the mirror, while I was doing the exercises and I said, I look like a tomato. I was sweating so much! She said, that's good, I am getting all the toxins out of me!

She wants me to eat more, if you can believe that! Eat more in-between meals with healthy snacks, especially after exercising. She said that is the one mistake everyone does, they starve themselves and then the body holds on to the weight. So, while I was with her, she asked me, what are you going to eat, after we are finished. I said, PIZZA! She said NO PIZZA! Everyone was laughing again! LOL!

If you would have told me, I was going to be doing lunges, with 8 pound weights in my hands, a year ago, I would have told you, you were crazy!! But, I'm doing it!
She gave me a brownie recipe, that has avocados and black beans in it! When I make it, I will let you know how it is and share the recipe!

I finished two aceo's (2.5" x 3.5")
"Autumn" (It was hard to photograph this one because of the orange/red background.)

"Autumn Love"

The next painting I have started, is something totally different. I think I like it, but I'm still thinking!
Big Hugs!


  1. You're going to have you and everyone in your class laughing off those calories, Stacy!!! You are probably a breath of fresh air for all who meet you...I know you are and were for me :)

    Love your new autumn paintings and wow, can you go places with that third one!!!

    Happy Autumn, my dear and lovable friend~


  2. Hello my lovely friend..Gorgeous art..I love them all, both Autumn themese are stunning..but I am mesmerizing by the abstract style of the final one ,woah...deeply magical!
    Yay, conrgrats on your workouts..good for you! Keep shining! Yum, you will love the recipe , I make them too with avocado only with white beans, or garbanzo beans..or whatever beans I have. they are deliscious! Enjoy!
    Wishing you all the best on your new journeys!
    Shine on!and Happiest Autumn Blessings to you!

  3. Send me the brownie recipe I will send you a chocolate cake with beet recipe. I am so proud of you for working out. It will make you feel soooo good. I love these pieces but I truly love that new style. FABULOUS!!!

  4. Good job at the gym Stacy! Keep up the good work! There are so many healthy eating ideas on online to try. I eat all day and maintain my weight. It is all in eating the right things in moderation. :) Your autumn paintings are very sweet. I am curious to see how that new comes comes out!

  5. Lunging with eight pound weights! OMG. I bow to you:)
    Love the new paintings:)

  6. I definitely want to hear about the brownies! I met with my trainer today and she had me looking in the mirror too. I hate it! Oh well, it will get easier.
    Happy Autumn!!

  7. YAAAY YOu!!! problem is that I don't exercise between meals...the snacking is not an issue lol
    Totally loving these "wise old birds" that you are creating of late :D XXX

  8. Hi Stacy! How wonderful you started gym. I am sure you will like it more when you see the results. Our bodies need a kick!
    All the best :)
    The cameos are so nice, I love the autumn one - because I am in so much Autumn mood :))

  9. Hi Stacy, I echo Jan's comment. You are a true joy and definitely a breath of fresh air, and your radiant personality shines through in your beautiful paintings! :)

  10. Hi sweet Stacy!! Best of luck on your fitness journey!! I wish we could work out together!! The autumn aceo is majestic!!!

  11. I meant the autumn love! I just love the marshmallow's idea!!

  12. LOL!!!! I bet you are making everyone smile Stacy. I mean, I smile when I think of you and you are spreading so much joy and light around you. Good luck on the training - you are amazing!!!!! I love your new art and is very excited to see that last artwork progressing. Big hugs dear friend. Hope you got my email.

  13. Feel the Burn! Good for you! I love your new stylized painting! Xoxo

  14. Wow, Stacy, you make working out sound fun even if it's kicking your butt!!Oh the brownies sound soooooo good, I have to try making them. I just adore your new Autumn art! And the last one, wow, I can't wait to see what you do with it because it's spectacular already!!! Big Hugs!!!

  15. NO PIZZA! That's awesome. Almost as awesome as brownies with avocado and bean. Wow!

    I've been taking a break for the last couple of days--I have a cold. But it's going away, so I shall be back on the exercise horse tomorrow.

    Love where the last painting is going.

  16. Good for you taking your class! and that last painting - I LOVE ... it is very Aztec

  17. Happy autumn! For me it starts with September but by the equinox it is official for everyone. I love the pictures especially the first one.

    Regarding training I know one loses weight by eating more meals, but smaller, in a day.

  18. Oh Sweetie...I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new art!!!
    These are so stunning...:))
    Bravo on the workouts...I try to keep going too - and sometimes it just about kills me! lol
    It is a lot of fun though.
    Oh yes, please do share that brownie recipe...I just adore brownies, but every one I eat clings to my waistline.
    The notion of a lower calorie one really appeals to me!*smiles*

    Have a Fabulous Sunday!

    All My Love & Hugs xoxoxo

  19. Autumn Blessings, my dear sister!!!!

    Love ya!

  20. I love these pieces! They are wonderful. Congrats on your workouts!

  21. I go very red at very little exertion! Damn pink undertones in my skin! Glad everything is going well!


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