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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Still can't upload any pictures!
I have tried Google Chrome and Firefox! I have a MacBook Air. When I choose pictures from my computer to put on my post, the little circle comes up, then that goes away, and it looks like the picture is being uploaded, but then no picture appears. It just keeps trying to upload the picture. Going to Staples tomorrow. Could be the new Anti Virus they put on my laptop!

"Canada Post", latest news, from August 16th to August 25th, they are a loud to give a 72 hour strike notice! Meaning if this happens, there could be a disruption in the mail! So, my shop is going on vacation mode again!

Full Moon August 17th!

Mercury Retrograde, August 30th- September 22nd.

I'm still smiling! LOL!

Big Hugs!


  1. Oh my, I hope your computer get fixed and the postal issues get resolved. I miss my updates of your crow art! I'm glad you're still smiling. You have such a great smile.

  2. How frustrating!
    We'll all have to go out and look at the moon tomorrow night.

  3. Seems IT world is in retrograde at the moment lol,my son had to uninstall windows 10 to get rid of the hideous lag while gaming...sometimes they just upgrade for the sake of it and overload our poor puters XXX

  4. I think my home laptop might be dying, so I feel for you.

    But I'm going through crow withdrawal.


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