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Friday, August 26, 2016

Hi Everyone!
Hope you're all well! ( long post, get a drink!)
For the past week, I have been in an unsettled mood. Cleaning, donating, rearranging, you name it, I've been doing it! LOL! Change of the season coming? I don't know. But, I always feel, if you are getting a push to do something, do it!

I've been thinking about all that I have accomplished since January and I'm very proud of myself. Not only about truly loving myself, but seeing everything in a different light! Being in control of me, not others. Letting go! No fear! Understanding the way people act, is about them! Doing some major healing and vibing to my beat! LOL!

Yes, many people who are closest to me, don't get it and that's fine. We are all on our own paths. But, I have to tell you something, when you truly heal, love yourself, let go, put your affirmations out there, be grateful! The universe listens!
Sure, there are still somedays, that I get down and question what just happened!! Before, I would have let it drag on,  ( I learned, whatever you focus on grows!), but now, I get over it! Meditate, change and calm down!

That is a major thing, if you want change, you have to be that change!
"Ego says when I change everything, all those little things will fall into place. Spirit says, once I change one thing, I will change everything!"
That's right, just one thing, will change everything!
This is so true!!!

I think when I cut my hair, that was the first big change in my life. I know so many people still can't believe it! My hair was down to my butt, all one length.  When I looked into the mirror, before I cut it, I said to myself, what the hell are you doing Little Crow? I was going through a bottle of conditioner, every time I washed my hair and even then, it took me like an hour to get a comb through it! The only reason why it was long, was to cover up my thinning hair! The only reason, why I died my hair (every month), was to make it look fuller, again to cover up my thinning hair!!!

Why am I covering up my head? I love my head! Why am I so ashamed of myself?? Just to be validated by other people??? So out came the scissors and I started chopping! I haven't stopped chopping! LOL!

I would also wear hats all the time too! Now, if I want to wear a hat, it's because I think it looks funky!

The only person who has to validate you, is you!!!
If someone doesn't like you because of something, move on! Who cares if they don't like you! They are not part of your tribe, your life journey! Your tribe will be there for you 100%! Loving YOU 100%!

Remember, you can never be rejected, unless you reject yourself!

The one thing when I started loving me and healing myself, with different situations and people around me. I looked back in my life. As much as I could remember and I saw so many things, that repeated in my life!!! Of course, "I wasn't getting the messages" being told to me! Life will keep throwing you things, over and over! It's up to us to get that "Ok I got it moment"! If you don't heal, get the message, everything will keep repeating!!!

Even when you think you got it, other things will occur! That's life! "We are all works in progress! Even nature is growing! We are never finished! One step at a time!"


On a down note, Canada post still hasn't settled anything and the latest news, was that they put their notice in, that they could be going on strike in 72 hours, which would be August 28th. Even if they don't go on strike, we have been warned, that they can disrupt the postal service at any time, without giving any notice! (Before they had to give notice.) I really hope this gets settled soon! It has been dragging on for too long!

I will leave you on a happy note! Some new art!!!
"Little Crow" (4" x 5" canvas)

"The Witch Is In" (5" x 5" canvas)
Big Hugs


  1. Clearly, you are "coming into your own" as a woman, Stacey! I'm happy for you!

  2. Awww, the new art is so sweet! I am so glad you are happier with yourself, you are an amazing, sweet, kind, and wonderful woman. I am so glad to know you.

  3. Excellent post and reminder - you say everything i believe - and the ego can get down and dirty when it wants too..especially towards onself. Love your crows.

  4. This was incredibly positive and I needed that this afternoon.

    I sort of feel the same way as I start to get older. I used to worry more about how other people saw me and about how I measured up. Now I can more or less just do my thing.

    Having other people's approval never really made me feel better, so lacking their approval probably won't make me feel worse.

  5. You are very wise, "Little Crow"...I love this name for you!!!
    Is it possible that 2016 has disrupted so many of our lives and we are stumbling around trying to find answers to questions we never had before???
    You have truly found your way and I am so happy for you. I am getting closer to mine and feeling better about becoming the elder in our "tribe."
    I 💗 you dear are one-in-a-million!!!
    Your wonderful paintings cheer me and these two are adorable!!!

    Hugs and Much Love, Always

  6. Hi Stacey, firstly, I love your art! And I love to purge, organize and donate, too! It just feels good to do this and it keeps me busy in a positive way! I really like the way you express yourself, I find it honest and refreshing! Oh, and your paintings are always so lovely and cheerful, just like you! Hugs to you. :)

  7. Isn't it a rush to finally be able to take a deep breath and smile at the world...just because you can :D XXX

  8. Oh oh, that Little Crow is the cutest!!! So happy that you are not using energy to think negative thought about yourself. What other people think are really their problem - and mainstreem living and thinking is really just destroying us all!!!! Keep up your good work Stacy - and be you!! ❤️ Big hugs

  9. Dear Stacy,

    I love the crow in your banner, and I love your new haircut too! It sounds like these are some positive thoughts to have and I am glad that you are finding ways to feel lifted up. It's so important to feel good in your own skin!

    Keep on keeping on! And keep painting!!


  10. I am so happy for you! You have certainly done a lot of work this year. Sometimes it is hard to act on those nudges from the Universe, but when you do, it is always worth it! Love and hugs!

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  12. so important to feel centered, be yourself, and love yourself. And you've got that!

  13. I love your positivity Stacy! You are so right! One thing I love about growing older is having a greater understanding of how to be happy and what makes us happy. Cutting your hair was so symbolic! Your new crows are adorable. :)

  14. Stacy what a beautifully written post. :) You are SO right about letting go. My Zen teacher always spoke of those facets of life as being like the "hungry ghosts" of Japanese lore. They are never satisfied and never full. We feed them all the negativity we can muster and yet they never seem sated. The only solution is to let them go other wise WE become the hungry ghost and that is something that most people do not want to be around. Of course, we can also become the feeder for other peoples hungry ghosts by giving too much of ourselves to those who aren;t doing the work themselves.

    What I love is that you have taken that responsibility and taken charge of you. Your reactions, your actions and your perspectives. You're rewiring your brain to see the world and yourself thru a new lens and it is one that will ultimately make you happier and more true to you.

    Lovely new crows too!

    Have a magical weekend . . . .and BOO Canada Post!!! :)

  15. Greetings, Stacy! Great post and very wise words from a very wise crow gal!

    As usual, your artwork is gorgeous! Hope all is well and I apologize for being away for so long. Been quite busy helping my mom these days.

    HAVE A BLESSED WEEKEND, my friend!!!

  16. Oh Sweetie...such a wonderful, wonderful post!!!
    You have no idea how much you have inspired me today. As you know I have begun my new course...and the work is SO difficult!
    Well, you know me well enough to know I would begin to question my abilities (confidence has never been my strong point! lol)...but, honestly, this post has SO inspired me to reach deep within and find the strength I need!!
    Thank you, my dear, so much!

    And how I LOVE your artwork...oh always, sheer genius!!! :))

    All My Love & Hugs xoxoxo

  17. Whatever you focus on grows- seems obvious, but it's tough to know it works on both the negative and positive things. That's a good one to practice. Also, being grateful. Focusing on recognizing even the little things, especially the little things, to be thankful for- that's a path to calmness and peace. Ask me how I know- experience!

    Thanks for sharing your wise and vulnerable thoughts. Big hugs and happy painting!

  18. Few things are as gloriously empowering as seeing ourselves in the mirror and loving who we are and not caring if others can't see us the way we know we are. Once we see us, accept us, and love us... the rest will follow... and it doesn't? Oh well, too bad for them. We are all good and yum.

    Love the crows!

  19. I am glad you're doing so well with the self love! The paintings are lovely!

  20. I really like what you said in your post – you have the right attitude and the right philosophy of life. Your little The Witch is In is so sweet … too sweet to be a witch, maybe just a baby witch.

  21. Hi kindred, I loved everything you wrote and shared, and totally agree, and yes it is amazing what journeys we go on in life and all the gifts waiting for beautiful for sharing your journey kindred!! Love the new art too, gorgeous little souls, love the witch of course!!
    HUgs and blessings..wishing you magic always .. keep shining on!

  22. What a magically positive post... I think it is a journey that will lead you & inspire others to 'just do it' xoxox

  23. wow i am kind of speechless dear

    what a mesmerizing writing JUST LOVED EACH WORD OF IT

    agreed that what matters above all is to LOVE yourself if you are satisfied and happy with yourself you can built healthy and beautiful world around you

    but i love your long hair as i dont have as long but i am glad you chose what pleased you dear

  24. Hair. Isn't it amazing that we use it for many inner reasons. I also had hair way past my butt. I used my hair to take away from my body. I was always complimented on my black, thick, long hair since I was a kid. Then in the 1990's after some good teachings, I cut it off. It was the best thing I ever did. First, 9 pounds of hair was cut off and donated. My head felt so light and I could actually feel the wind in my hair. That one change was the best. I now keep my hair very short because of lupus. It is still very freeing....

  25. Stacy, you sweet and wonderful friend. We are so alike! All of us seem to go through this agian and agian. We try so hard to get the approval of those who we see as "not liking" us. Even on FB it's all about getting "liked"!But it's really all about liking and LOVING ourselves and not needing that validation from others to see our own worth. Your new art is gorgeous by the way. Keep being the beautiful you that you ARE! And, as it says on your side bar, "Never dim your Light for nobody" !!! HUGS!

  26. Its good to hear you being so positive. I think you may have turned a corner. Good on ya kid

  27. True, the more you try to live with YOU the easier it will be to live with others :-) wishing you good luck on this journey and yes, you did a great job, according to your writings, a lot has changed to the better! <3


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