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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Hi Everyone!!!
Hope everyone is fantastic!
Thank you so much for all your amazing comments on my last post! Means everything to me!!!

I have some GREAT news!! Canada post has reached a two year agreement! It should be a 4 year contract, but I don't care, they came to an agreement! So they can't strike within these 2 years! Happy dance! Everything is back to normal!

Do you remember this painting?
Well, I told you, he would be coming back!
Let me introduce "Defender"!
Totally different canvas shape. The other one was a 9" x 12" and the new one is on a 10" x 20". I really enjoyed making him! So much so, I had to put him in my banner! Please let me know, if you think the photo is bright enough. I took so many again! The colours are true to the painting, so that's good!

Here is a sneak peak of something I have been working on. The background has changed 4 times already! Who knows what will happen to it! But, I think I like it now!
Have an amazing day!
Big Hugs


  1. You have an amazing way with crows - the style you paint them in - I just love it.

    I wonder, do crows visit you often. Maybe you are the crow whisperer. I haven't been coming to your blog all that long so maybe you have written about it somewhere. Anyway, great job on this. The painting looks bright enough to me.

  2. YAHOO...on the postal strike situation! Now you can open your Etsy store again :)
    Love the "Defender" and your GORGEOUS header!!!
    WOW, Stacy!!! What you refer to as a background I see as a finished painting of souls! Honest...I see souls and head stones...both eerie and beautiful!
    But that's just me and my imagination :}

    Lots of Hugs and Love

  3. I am so glad to hear about Canada Post!!! Yes!!! And I never tire of your art, I admire and appreciate your talent! :)

  4. I like Defender very much! A big, burly looking guy! And I'm happy about Canada Post too. Now my bills can reach me uninterrupted, LOL.

  5. Oh wow. There's something about that one - it looks like has more depth or something. The crow really stands out.

  6. I'm so glad to hear about the Post agreement! Your painting is wonderful. I love what you're doing with the colors in the new one too, it's already fantastic.

  7. They're gorgeous!!

  8. Yes Defender is a powerful piece of art. I love him in your banner too.

  9. They are beautiful!! Many many hugs!!

  10. I really like the look of Defender's feathers.
    And your new background is awesome!

  11. I enjoyed seeing your Defender crow. He is a mighty bird. Great texture on his feathers.

    The painting that you refer to as a background was amazing to me. The more I looked at it, the more I saw in it. Have you considered that it might be a "finished" painting, instead of a background painting. It has a mystical quality to it for me just as it is. Just my opinion for your consideration.

  12. Those photos show such charming character Stacy, I really like them.

    I heard some crows today when I was outdoors; I'm just waiting for them to greet me so I can grasp a photo take of them, for their one of my favorite birds.

  13. well that is some exciting news! loving the new painting

  14. Yay! for the post office working again.

    And I love "Defender". There is so much power in the crow's posture. It looks perfect on your banner, too. ♥

  15. Stacy....he is AWESOME!!!! such grandeur!! Magnificent :D XXX

  16. Defender is so strong! Love the background, too! You are doing fantastic work! And, yay for working post!

  17. Stacy! YAY for no strike! What a relief as it's just been hanging on and on!

    I want to say that the new painting, the canvas size/orientation is genius! I think the long, tall shape adds to the stature and prominence of the crow! It's such a simple thing but I really think it adds so much character and it appears more "door-like" which, for me, is something I always associate with crows. . . they're guardians of "other-worlds" and the doors between. So the title fits perfectly too. That is definitely one of my favorites you have ever done!

    And the banner looks AWESOME!

    Big HUGS!

  18. Defender is so handsome Stacy. Nice work! I am quite happy about the Canada Post mess being worked out for now. Big yay!

  19. Oh gosh, defender is such a darling!!! I really like your take on the backgrounds you have now. I can see you put a lot of work into them and that really pays off. The last one - well, it could be just as it is. So much life to the abstract work!!! You are so growing as an artist - keep up girl. See that you wanted to email me. I bet you have used my old email again. LOL!! Please use the one you find in my profile :-) Big hugs dear friend :-)

  20. Defender is beautiful!!!And I can already see two crows emerging from your new background. One is huge and covers the whole page. And in the middle is a small crow emerging from the heart area of the larger crow!!! The mail is working agian, yippy, fantastic!Now I can get my "fix"! Hugs!


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